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    Hitting fairways, fading everything, and chasing that elusive automatic golden putter.
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  2. Hey Bones, I'm from Evansville! I live in Indianapolis now and went to school in Bloomington. Been following MGS on social media for awhile now and finally got around to joining up. Love it!
  3. Hi everyone, My name is David and I'm a big golf fan from Indiana. I started playing when I was very young and spent a couple years on my high school team. Other things came up during college (see: college) but I get in about 40 rounds a year now. My index is the lowest it's ever been around 3.8. Last year I had 2 aces within 30 days of each other. My first and second ever. The first was with my father and father in law and the second was with my bosses. I'm pretty sure that means I'm done on the hole in one front. Recently I've come to love everything about golf equipment, fitting, and customization. I love to tinker and try new combinations and am always chasing that #perfect set up. I like to fade everything. Mostly I think it's easy to control and looks cool but also because I'm terrified of the dreaded snap hook (that I can't hit). I say "watch this" way too much and am the definition of a streaky putter. Thanks for having me! David
  4. David Shelton (Yeah, I'm new here. Thanks for having me.) Indianapolis, IN Strengths: Soft, high flops and touch shots. Did you say favorite or best at? Pretty accurate with 3/4 shots from 70-90 yards Weaknesses: Not the best at bump and runs. I struggle with club selection and "trusting" the roll. Average bunker player with basically one type of shot. Full wedge shots are difficult, I tend to slide/flip when trying to get too much out of it. Specs: 50* SS (1* up), 54* WS (std), 58* ES (1* flat) Dynamic Gold X100 Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G - Black +2 wraps
  5. Daylight savings = official start to golf in Indiana!

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