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  1. Totally agree on the SIM hat. Who in god's name designed that thing?

    Also, on the khaki front, I think Adidas did well here to move closer to the cream that Nike has sported the last couple of seasons. The curmudgeon in me will not allow a hoodie on the course to look good to my senses. Can't do it. 

  2. Not exactly the same, but I have the white Ping DLX cart bag from 2016. The white holds up really well. I give it a quick wipe down when I clean the clubs and that’s about it.

    Wouldn’t avoid white unless maybe you’re a one bag and always carrying kind of guy.

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  3. On 7/30/2018 at 12:50 PM, NiftyNiblick said:

    Here's the thing, GJ.


    If they offered sets with 5º increment gaps, playing with fourteen clubs would be more fun.


    They don't, so fifteen are required (well, preferred).


    Also, the Dukes of Decrepitude TUES-THURS-FRI Morning Seniors League, which has surpassed both the USGA and the R&A in prestige as a sanctioning body, observes a disturbing number of "local rules."

    I can't tell you how much I enjoyed all of this post. 

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  4. On 2/22/2019 at 10:13 AM, edingc said:


    Reminds me of when my wife's grandmother passed away. She was an avid golfer up to a few months before her passing. When we went through her golf bag, we found she had purchased a Hammer driver from the late night infomercial on the Golf Channel.

    My mother-in-law still has the club. I should borrow it sometime this summer for some range fun.

    So how has she adapted to being able to hit 450 yard drives? Has it made golf too easy for her or what? 

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  5. The single blue stripe or the four blue stripe?

    Looks like the free towels they have out for caddies to take provided by the course. Two links for similar varieties







    EDIT: Noticed I missed "red" in your post - the picture wasn't working so took a shot from memory. Same towels can be done in red.


    EDIT2: Yes, Towel Hub is safe for work....

    I guess it depends on how much you like towels...



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  6. Can I ask what is it about the towel that piques your interest?

    As I imagine most guys on here are, I'm pretty obsessed with what the guys on tour are using. That's especially so for all things Tiger. I tend to be the guy who notices little things and can't let it go until I have answers.


    Also, triple word score for spelling “piques” correctly. H/t



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  7. Kind of an obscure question, but does anyone know who makes the towels that Tiger uses? The picture below is of the towel from the 2008 US Open, but he and LaCava are using the same kind now (usually red stripes)



  8. Would honestly suggest just buying a boxed set to start, a Wilson or whatever, maybe replace the putter immediately and then slowly replace each item (Driver, wedges, fairways) as they improve. If they never really take up the game or put the time in, a boxed set is more than adequate.  

  9. Now, granted I'm a 10 handicap, but on the contrary I would happily buy different colored shafts depending on the set I'm using so long as the shaft itself didn't produce a negative effect. Honestly, much like golf balls, I can only really tell the difference in shaft when I don't like it, so all things being equal, I would love the opportunity to buy different shafts and finishes. 

  10. As a group we buy/sell/trade a lot of gear on a regular basis, time to show it off. So what have you bought lately?


    I picked up a Carnahan St. John's putter in the bargain bin at 2ndSwing for $8. Took it home and reshafted/gripped it and put in some new paintfill.


    attachicon.gifIMG_2679 (Custom).JPGattachicon.gifIMG_2680 (Custom).JPGattachicon.gifIMG_2681 (Custom).JPG


    Next up is the possible replacement for my SLDR. I really wanted it to be a G30 LS, but the numbers just weren't there. So hit this bad boy and spin dropped almost 900rpm and ball flight straightened out. I'll have to get it on the course for a side by side comparison before I determine if it makes a spot in the bag.


    attachicon.gifIMG_2682 (Custom).JPG

    Just picked up a 915D2 myself. Immediate improvement.



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  11. There are SO many good balls available today. When i was coming up there was Titleist and.... uhh... yeah there was only one good ball available and the rest were some kind of Rockflite.



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    Couldn't agree more! I'm trying to find that new go-to ball. It could just end up being the Vice balls after all, but we'll see.



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  12. Kirkland if you can find them at a decent price. It's a great ball, but if you're paying ebay prices then it loses appeal.


    The Snell MTB is my other go-to ball and absolutely love them. Played the new Srixon Z-Star (or XV) and it performs great.


    You may want to keep an eye on the Vice Pro/Pro Plus reviews once those start getting posted as well.


    It's both a great thing to have choices, but can also be overwhelming when trying to pick. But there are so many great tour level balls out there right now that don't require spending $50 a dozen. Srixon z-stars, Wilson FG tour, Vice Pro/Pro plus, Snell MTB, Kirkland, Cut golf, Strok golf etc


    But my first recommendation would be to try the Snell MTB.

    I've loved the Vice Pro, but being Canadian and paying the exchange, moving up to the Tour hasn't made sense for me.


    Definitely going to give the B330s a shot, probably the Z-star too...



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  13. Looking to try a new ball. Have been playing the Vice Tour's the last few seasons. I'm a 12 handicap who prefers spin and feel over distance. Price matters — I usually can't stomach the $50 a dozen — but isn't most important.


    I've thought about Bridgestone or Srixon... anything else I should consider?



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  14. Experimenting with different size grips and different number of layers of tape under the right hand is something I tend to do until I find the perfect combination. I recommend experimenting on your favourite wedge with a midsize grip. Remove it after the initial install and test, then build it up for the right hand until you find the feel you are looking for. Then go ahead with the remaining wedges to match.

    I like that the new Hogan wedge grips are longer than standard to allow for gripping down for half shots.


    Yes, this is the same with the Ping grips, but the Ping grips have cut down significantly on the amount of taper. After using the Ping grips for a few rounds I decided that it was the lack of taper, not the extra length, that I loved the feel of (I choke down on the grip, but don't require the extra 1/4" to do it.) Long story short, I've added five wraps at the bottom of the grip, up to one at the top to even out the grip's natural taper. Looking forward to trying them out, but the feel in my hands is fantastic. 

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