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  1. The TS line is solid and will probably find it's way into my bag at some point, but for now the F9 is just too good.
  2. I know this isn't a new topic, but the original didn't seem to get a large response from people using their equipment...I'm over my PXG experiment and looking for feedback on the Scott Golf clubs, specifically the SG-03. Are they all 100% forged? Couple of playing partners switched from Miura to Scott for the sake of playing American made and I'm looking to do the same unless it's a truly inferior club relative to most of the modern blades ( as we know there's very little separating modern blades from one another minus paint and very slight CG changes, no real tech or engineering innovation). Looking mainly for manufacturing quality and feel feedback from anyone who has experience with the clubs! Thanks!
  3. Etch and Prep (Phosphoric Acid) can be found at home depot and removes the black or copper based finishes in less than two minutes. Coke and Vinegar are not nearly as concentrated acid content and take much longer to strip the finish. Just clean the wedge thoroughly, soak the club head to just below the ferrule for 120 seconds, remove and apply baking soda to neutralize the acid, and it's all done. Be sure to wear gloves/goggles while handling the acid. It can be reused as well. Good luck.
  4. I spend a lot of time practicing and with my SM6 wedges (on a fairly rough range) as well as playing 4-5 rounds a week after work and generally get one season out of my Lob wedge. (Most used by far) and two years out of the sand and gap. I find the SM6 don't wear very well compared to a forged offering like Callaway or PXG (this is counterintuitive I know). But that's my 2 cents, takes me a month or so to get back in the groove with new wedges. I'd rather never replace but on firm surfaces I need all the spin I can get. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. Well said, I looked those up and I'm in a state of shock and awe.... as far as the lamb putters being boutique my simple assessment from playing with people who have them and looking into it myself is they seem to be much more custom built and individualized, that being said my comment about Scotty's just being over priced putters with "custom stamps" just be just as applicable to Lamb. So I guess I've undone my own argument in a more emotional than rational argument for something that quite frankly I couldn't make sense of. But people obviously collect all kinds of strange things for far more money than these putters. I'm just used to this site being more objective about clubs and values but that clearly is not the purpose of lamb or putters listed in the Scotty Gallery.
  6. same for me performance wise, I continue to hope they'll do it for me but I can't say they've done anything ground breaking for. Not even a marginal performance improvement from anything I've owned in the production line relative to others on the market. Part of the reason I can't imagine owning a $5,000 (essentially production) model with Circle T stamp collectible or not. But apparently they've found their customer base and they keep coming back for more.
  7. I can appreciate that, I can't say I've ever felt a sentimental attachment to my clubs (as they never stay in the bag long), but couldn't rationalize them as an investment so couldn't make the connection. Thanks for the response. Feel pretty dumb and petty for starting this thread now but don't know how to remove it.
  8. That makes sense to me. In all honesty it never occurred to me that some might view them as collectibles as I've never thought of clubs that way. Thanks.
  9. How does the Scotty Cameron Gallery continue to carry a fanbase of people willing to pay $3,000 all the way up to north of $8,000 for putters that are essentially mass produced and stamped with "TOUR USE ONLY" or using a welded neck with ZERO technology? The price of his ball markers is insulting, $750 for a ball marker with terrible welds and craftsmanship for a ultra premium price similar to my William Henry or Tiffany products that are so far superior in quality it makes me wonder why anyone would even consider Scotty? His putters are NOT boutique putters like Lamb, and don't even perform as well as Scotty counterfeit putters as noted in MGS testing! Anyone on here care to enlighten me? (not looking for a testimony of how a Scotty took you from a 40 HC to a 38, looking for real justifications of the price relative to the competition that is available to us today.) Note: I gamed Scotty's for years and own 10+ that have been to the custom shop, but after seeing the prices people pay for his Galley putters and ball markers I couldn't take it anymore. They don't even market progressive or innovative products, simply new paint schemes from the house of smoke and mirrors year after year. After exploring the market and what else is available I can't justify continuing to support the Cameron putters, I know MGS has some very passionate people and enthusiasts so hopefully someone can explain this to me. Thanks and look forward to the discussion.
  10. Cleveland wedges...full shots no matter the shaft and bounce combo always balloons with zero spin. Every other major OEM wedge suits my game just fine.
  11. Slightly overwhelmed and confused with all of the golf ball literature available...I'm High swing speed (115) and have traditionally played Pro-V1X because that's what everyone around me has done. Which ball is going to provide better green side spin? Higher compression Pro-V1X/TP5X or lower compression Pro-V1/TP5...? Thanks for any insight and I am well aware this is a redundant and common question, just looking for a short concise answer.
  12. Driver is always on the hotseat...Anyone on here compared 2017 M1 440 head to head with Cobra's offerings? Seems like guys who play cobra absolutely swear by them, curious what it's all about?
  13. Caden, Nevada PXG 0311T DG Tour issue Onyx X100 $-Taper X-Stiff Yes, Standard Length, +1.5* up 7 Iron 200-205 Need to find something to replace DG and these look money!
  14. Has anyone on these forums done any extensive testing themselves with the single length irons? I'm just curious what their yardage gaps actually end up being, and if smaller odd yardage gaps are more playable than the currently large gaps?
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