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    On an one plane journey as of late. A modern traditionalist, quiet please, respect the history of this great game!

    Fishing, chess, and learning are my next hobbies in order. Almost finished with my Degree, only to start the Masters.

    Carry on.
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  1. I’m still around fellas.  Just not much golf to talk about with the feet of snow on the ground.

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    2. tony@CIC


      That's why they make yellow/orange golf balls - so you can see them in snow. 

    3. Shankster


      @JohnSmalls true, but The snow came earlier this year, normally I might be able to at least hit a few chips in the yard at this point.  On little patches of grass.  Not so much since early Nov this year, just sucked the golf right out of me.

    4. JohnSmalls


      @Shankster man I bet that is tough.  I am sorry to hear it.  FWIW, we just had snow in SC in early Dec. for the third time in recorded history (not sure on accuracy).  I am not about this snow thing.  Glad you're back amongst the living now.

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