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    I like golf. Wedge game is my thing! Classic style! Traditionalist!!
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  1. Shankster

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    Better yet, move them to Escanaba and name them Da Yoopers. Then all the Green Bay fans will be conflicted, here in the Yoop anyways.
  2. Shankster

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    The Lions? They need to move that team to Kalamazoo or GR, and rename them the Kittens.
  3. Shankster

    One Sentence Story

    And he was dressed like Bryson Dechambeau..
  4. Shankster

    One Sentence Story

    So he chucked it into a nearby swamp, where Sasquatch was hiding...
  5. Shankster

    Combo sets

    Wish they made that Titleist Phil Mickelson set in RH. Now that was a combo set.
  6. Shankster

    One Sentence Story

    That’s a place in Alaska right?
  7. Shankster

    PING Bubba’d his G410

    They should do a 3W with this treatment too. And give that man some new irons, make the new iBlade more like the S55, something.
  8. About time they Bubba’d his driver! Glad to see they still have his back with all of the new blood. The G400 looked the best Bubbized IMO.
  9. Shankster

    One Sentence Story

    He is speaking gibberish, something that sounds like Gunga, Gungagunga
  10. Shankster

    One Sentence Story

    He’s ready, no he’s not, he’s ready, no he’s not, here we g... he’s getting one more, no make that two..
  11. Shankster

    Your ideal golf weather

    Only in the UP. Early spring. Haha
  12. Shankster

    2019 Official MGS Fantasy Golf League

    Hang in there pal. I’m in the same boat. Patch the holes. Shore up the decks. Not time to set GQ yet.
  13. Shankster

    Your ideal golf weather

    38°, 22mph wind, 149mph gusts, snow, rain, and hail. I’d settle for 70’s-80’s with light and variable wind, 70% humidity (helps with air density readings), all of the grass cut and growing away from me for extra roll, light cloud cover.