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  1. Met a neighbor today while I was out checking a few things before we close. Kinda bummed, they are putting rip rap along the shoreline sometime in the near future. Good for erosion, bad for beach loving kids. Kind of the reason we bought it.... and it’s going away. Wish they’d told us about that one, might have thought twice. Oh and he showed me a picture of the last storm. Was a bit wet around that area... I expected that though. Not very much above sea level. That’s what insurance is for.
  2. Well since Rahm is out of the picture... [emoji51] I’ll take Duff Daddy and his almost full baggie of Cobras.
  3. There’s plenty of time to get that ball rolling.
  4. Got that right. I find myself wishing I’d hit the sand more often around the green, just for fun. I’ve been practicing bunker (beach) stuff more this year. Fun times.
  5. Had another thought. To me it looks like Henrik has a death grip on the club, and absolutely clobbers the ball. Definitely looks like almost full out on drives and iron shots. Doesn’t look to be much extra in the tank. (I am sure there is reserve if he needs it) That’s in response to the tension stuff. I find myself gripping too hard from time to time and it definitely makes for a poor shot for me. But maybe not for the Ice Man?
  6. New view starting tomorrow. Still in shock.
  7. I don’t have an official handicap. But I’m usually a smidge over par, 76-78 ish for 18, and the occasional WTH rounds where nothing works and the score is bad. Not on the last round though, . Only second one out for the year, Jekyl and Hyde round. I’m a more iron and wedge oriented guy, so they’ll get the accuracy test from me. And of course the Bubba test too. I can’t wait to hear every ones thoughts, great mix of style, speed, and character in this one. Love it!
  8. Woo! This is gonna be fun! Great group! Thanks MGS and Snell!!
  9. I just wanted to take a second and commend you on your forum name... it’s amazing. Carry on.
  10. Does this count? Somewhere in Chicago. Chisag can you name it?
  11. Smooth so far. Enjoying my seat at the USO in Chi-Town right now. 4 hour lay over.
  12. Headed out to warmer weather. Closing at 12:00 Friday. 22 days left in the UP.
  13. Looks like I’m over a hour away from the closest one.
  14. That’s awesome Plaid! I am hoping to get my kids involved more with golf in Maryland. Haven’t checked for a First Tee chapter yet.
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