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  1. 4.5 dreaded golf-less winter... I hate winter! But, as long as the course is open I’m down to play. You only get one shot at life, golf when it’s 33° or 73° it sure beats not being able to golf at all.
  2. I would. I liked everything about the last model expect for the lack of bite with wedges. These were stopping as fast as the XS...
  3. I waited till 11ish to tee off, I might be from Michigan, but it was too dang cold... it was hovering around 45° and warmed up slightly on the back nine.
  4. Working on my one round review of it. I wanted to like it last year, but it wouldn’t spin around the greens like I needed it to just like most of the complaints. This model though, I had a hard time finding anything wrong with it. They did a heck of a job with the new model.
  5. [emoji23][emoji23] It’s that stupid mini driver. Mini driver = Mini Distance.
  6. Now why in the heck would BAD smash the heck out of the green? Come on man, set the example.
  7. Agreed. Just waiting for it to show up...
  8. Yeah. I just played 18, AVX vs XS... If the -V1x is truly better it might be “the ball”. The new AVX is no joke. It surprised me today.
  9. Forget music. This is a real dilemma!
  10. 3 of my least favorite things on a golf course. 1. Music 2. Inconsiderate People 3. Slow Play All happening right now... come on people
  11. Alright, I just picked up the new AVX... and I found a place to get the -V1x online. A Shankster version of the low spin low launch vs the low spin high launch ball up coming in the future. Going to wait till it gets a tad warmer, and the new driver shows up.
  12. Hopefully heading out in the am... 28° it says for the Frost Sweepers... Need another round before I get my review up. Wish me luck.
  13. Trying to watch this on TV... How many commercial breaks can they fit in a hour? Un-consumable coverage.
  14. I hit moon balls off everything, so I think the AVX tamed that a bit and why I liked it so much. My favorite ball remains the 2015 W/S FG Tour. Very similar to the AVX. Lower flight, mushy feel, but spun like mad when needed.
  15. Probably true. I liked the AVX, definitely going to give the new one a try.
  16. They’re mentioned in the blog post about the - V1x right here on MGS. Midway through about. https://mygolfspy.com/titleist-prov1x-left-dash-golf-ball/
  17. Yeah, that’s not an option. They won’t sign a guy named Shanks... bad publicity.
  18. Read through the blog post again. If anyone knows how to get the Left Dot V1 or the V1* please let me know, DM me if needed. It’s for an experiment, and part of the BStone review. Thanks in advance.
  19. I may be ignorant to the topic. But where/who/what/why are they getting this information and why do they care anyways? It seems like social media “brands” and complainers are influencing golf more and more. No I’m not talking about this wonderful place.
  20. After watching the TXG video yesterday with the V1x and the -V1x... good grief, I’m surprised they can modify a ball so much to gain 13 yards in the same line... that’s insane.
  21. You guys are really trying to convince me to buy that 54° D grind in Brushed Chrome with a KBS 610 Shaft, and a MCC +4 Gray Grip in my shopping cart aren’t you?
  22. For once I’ll agree. I just don’t know if he (JS) has the drive like he used to?
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