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  1. The Osprey has landed!!
  2. Just stopped at the Oakmont Plum Travel plaza, closest I’ll ever get to playing Oakmont CC.
  3. Going to take a bit to get used to 8:30 sunsets in summer. Darn near the same sunrise time as the Yoop, but a hour less at night. That’s a whole hour less of golfing!!
  4. Should be parked by 4 tomorrow. I’ll get those pictures of the seam for you all then.
  5. Shankster

    Glide 3.0

    Wonder if the Eye2 will have full face grooves?
  6. No... been visiting family in the Petoskey area.
  7. T Minus 1 hour until the rubber hits the road. Kids camp is over, I am over driving all over the county to visit people. First stop Pittsburgh.
  8. BAD... I do like that versatile grind. Have you named them about science?
  9. Palvord - what is the current barometric pressure under your driving cap? [emoji6]
  10. Good news. I need to get somewhere that I can test a bunch of wedges with different grinds and bounce options.
  11. One of my favorite shots. Had one yesterday playing with my dad. Came up 10’ short but he was amazed that it stopped dead about a foot from the pitch mark.
  12. Nah. That’s plenty of club.
  13. This is awesome! Probably the coolest testing op I’ve seen! Alan - Currently a gypsy (MD soon) Stratton and Calder age 8 and 5 (They’ll share the set) Mixed set of US Kids clubs. 8-11 Year old set. Fun facts: My son Stratton loves Tiger Woods, and crushes baseballs. Is awesome at art, the ukulele, and math. Put a dent in my mailbox with a stinger driver. Calder is the baby of the 5 kids, and practices short game with me in the yard regularly. Also learning how to play the Ukulele. The golf season is so short in Michigan I didn’t get a chance to take them out as much as I’d like, they’ve only played about 9 holes total.
  14. Just got to see a set of the Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Black irons in hand and up close.... [emoji7] That is a proper set of sticks right there.
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