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  1. I don’t buy it. But you all can. Anyways, crazy college football season so far. Can’t wait to see what happens over the next month.
  2. I bought the AdBlock Pro app. It’s $9.99 a year I think, and you can use it on multiple devices. Well worth it, not only for the forums, but it gets rid of all sorts of ad’d and unwanted junk.
  3. I think it is too big of a game. like I mentioned in my last post. Bama can get away with scheduling South Eastern Bama Tech of the Bamaneers in week 8. why put a costly potential loss for either team on the schedule? I would schedule something easy, if the SEC can get away with it, everyone else should be able to as well.
  4. I hope the CFP decides to punish Bama Georgia and anyone else who does it for scheduling cupcakes so late in the season sometime in the near future… while the rest of the conferences are deep in conference play. Nothing like a scrimmage right before key games.
  5. Nope. Schedule is hard enough. Baby steps. Make it past NW. Then Sparta…. Then maybe, maybe they can March into Happy Valley and make some magic… if, and a big if that happens….I still won’t believe until The Game. These are all games they “should” have won. Need to make a statement by actually doing the thing… you know what that is.
  6. Have fun Tom. Sounds like a good time.
  7. Sounds like they want you to cook with Crisco. Right @ole gray?
  8. Not yet in a house, but my wife wants some carpet tile(like) rug or something when I get all of the new floor in. I’ll see if I can get the website from her and post it up here.
  9. I won’t make it either. Don’t feel bad. I have super long arms… I maxed out at like way less than 100 when I was in good shape. Too much distance to cover.
  10. I was just doing 100 per day. But for you, 100 in a row…
  11. Seems like an offset compact fairway woods… call it a hybrid so the traditionalists don’t raise the flag on the offset/draw bias? Where is the 15°?
  12. I am about to watch my hard work maintaining a 4.0 gpa go out the window tonight with a B in math… math has absolutely nothing to do with my major. A little bitter about that right now.
  13. I think you brought up some good points. Unfortunately, most of the other conferences focus on other sports. Like in what world should Illinois or Rutgers be in a Power 5 football conference? Baseball? Basketball maybe.. football, no. SEC colleges seem to focus on the big sport of football. This is just an observation, and I may be wrong.. but I think they need to take a serious look at realigning the conferences for football. I know ND joining the ACC last year was weird, but why couldn’t Illinois join the Mac for football and still be a big 10 team for Other sports. Its 2021, anything goes nowadays… right?
  14. It is going to continue this trend too. Sucks for the rest of the country. I mean they play great football, but some variety would at least make it appear like other teaMs hold a chance.
  15. Yeah. I’ll prep for that one later one. Probably by not watching.
  16. Not ready for the remainder of the season. Something seems different with the Wolverines, but I am still holding on getting too excited. A W against PSU then I might get onboard… Crazy week.
  17. Cincinnati wins out…. Are they left out of the playoff again?
  18. Working on installing the new floor in our bedroom…. Feel like I went 22 rounds with Mike Tyson… successfully smashed my thumb, and my back is feels like it has been ran over by multiple semi trucks. Good thing this looks good, some would call it torture.
  19. This is the biggest mess I’ve ever seen. Wanted me to go off with 3 other guys at 9:45 instead of my 9:10 tee time that I Made. F this. Maybe it’s a sign. Weekend ruined.
  20. I’m waiting, but it is going to be a show out there. No turning back now. Just fired some shots on the range. All systems go.
  21. 5 holes… first group hasn’t even made the halfway point of the 1st hole yet.
  22. There’s people here now. But I could have been done with 3 holes by now. Completely out of the way.
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