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  1. Did you all miss me? I owe you a review on the LAB Putter. Didn’t forget, or bail. Been deployed, good to be back on land. Give me a week or so to catch up with the fam and I will be posting the review.
  2. Our excursion is complete. Made it to the crows nest. (That’s what I’m calling my house) it’s on a steep hillside, hopefully I don’t end up like that house on TV in Yellowstone… It was a heck of a 30 day stretch. Was sick for about 8 of the days. Ill be working on finishing up my B.2 review, planning on getting it posted tomorrow night, but waiting for my internet to be hooked up.
  3. I will be available to play in Astoria from July 23 - July 30, not sure what’s going on after that.
  4. Sitting in Palmer Gulch, South Dakota. On a new phone. My old one became a permanent resident of Minnesota a few days ago. RIP iPhone 7+ you served me well… along with it, my pictures of the B.2, and my write up went. Working on some new photos, although they won’t be on a golf course… Thinking about signing up for the Rodeo, I could get used to thus place.
  5. Was at the most pathetic Independence Day parade yesterday. Since when did yesterday turn into who can fly which ever side of the aisle they like louder? More cheers for a certain flag than veterans going by from WW2, Korean, Vietnam, etc… pathetic. I need a vacation from the current state of the news… and I don’t even watch the news. Mods. Feel free to delete if you so choose.
  6. Yeah. I’m going to save it for late fall probably. Found a different place in Idaho we are going to spend the extra time at.
  7. This new driver is amazing… clear upgrade, drove several greens Today on my old track, and it rained buckets last night. Could have had 2 more if it were dry. averaged 285, including the ones severely up hill, long of 323. I’ll take it.
  8. Whatever Mr. Watson had in the bag in 83’
  9. I have a 2 iron. Here is a little bit of info on them. http://www.trainweb.org/rahwayvalley/route_customers_maplewood_kroydon.htm
  10. If you have never been stung in the ear by a yellow jacket… you are one lucky SOB. Probably the absolute worst ear pain/headache I’ve ever had in my life. Welcome home to Michigan…
  11. I used to care what the bottom said. In all honesty as our good friend @jlukes said “who cares”… I am playing the T100S with a 44° “PW”, it’s more like a 9 iron in “traditional” clubs, but as a high ball flight guy, the launch conditions can’t be beat. In fact, I’ve been in contact with my fitter asking what his thoughts on me going into the 620CB. And he said that he’d recommend if I did that I had them bent strong to match the T100S… which makes no sense to do. For me, it is the thinner sole throughout the set in the CB that I’m looking for. Which against my better judgment and recommendations I will probably end up with in standard lofts. Your PW at 42° would most definitely require the next club down to keep your gapping manageable. 46 or whatever it may be to fill the gap between your gap wedge.
  12. It was super dusty this afternoon when the Shanksfam departed our beach house. It is rough… when the roots finally start to take hold, it’s time for a transplant. As my kids are getting older, it makes it harder and harder for me to justify doing this anymore. Super dusty, and I don’t even like Maryland. This one stings a little. We will be on the road Saturday morning to see our parents for a week before we are off to Oregon… I might be radio silent for a few days.
  13. Alright ladies and gentlemen, I have been mulling this over since my fitting last week. The bag will be different than what I thought, only because I am looking at the spin rates I was getting with the 620CB vs the T100S. Using the V1x last round out I saw a significant jump, and ballooning with using a higher spinning ball. With the CB vs the T100, there wasn’t a ballon, the trajectory was nearly the same but it was a few yards shorter. So I am going with: Driver: Rogue ST Triple Diamond 2H: PING G425 DI: TM UDI 2° Flat Irons: 3-PW 620CB (Project X LZ 6.5) 2° Flat Vokey: 52°, 56°, 60° (project X LZ 6.5) 2° Flat I will probably regret it, but i much preferred the CB off the face.
  14. Today I went out to redeem myself after playing like garbage with the Bro Dudes the other day…. The first 6 holes I played a complete game, best golf I have ever played from tee to green. Very tidy, and professional like. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time on the course. I tried using the V1x today. The control around the green was amazing, but full shots had way too much spin. 1: Center cut drive, 5 iron to the fringe, chip and 2 putt par. (Should have been a bird). 2: 3 iron to center fairway, 54 to 15 feet, 2 putt par. 3: 9 iron, 2 putt par. 4: 2 hybrid to left rough, 48° to 12’, 2 putt par. 5: 3 iron to center fairway, 9 iron, 2 putt par. 6: 8 iron, 2 putt par. 7: ….. bogey (into wind) 8: Bogey (wind) 9: Bogey (wind) Back 9 was more of the bogey golf. Some pars, and a record drive on 15. I need to channel those first few holes and stay with it. The bogey’s started coming when I changed my strategy, and a chunked chip on 7.
  15. Don’t get along with the sole. It seems that the grind on the Titleist irons fits me perfectly. Read entire thread. You’ll see the reason.
  16. I tried the stealth at DSG. Hindsight I wish I would have tried the PING range, and the Mizuno as well… oh well.
  17. I would have. But they didn’t start acting like college kids till the first green.
  18. A few new faces on that page. Don’t remember the last time I looked at it, but GolfSpy MBP was still there for sure.
  19. Didn’t a forum member win a driver like 2-3 years ago? Also, who is Bennett?
  20. You should see my line of work. “WE ARE GONNA CHANGE EVERYTHING FOR NO GOOD REASON.” But… ”IT WILL WORK 110% BETTER THAN THE LAST.” But it wasn’t broken to begin with, and we are going back to the late 80’s technology. ”GET ON THE TRAIN OR GET RAN OVER.” This happens pretty much every year. It’s wonderful. Changing something just to change it has never worked, and it usually only benefits the few people, or person that came up with it on their next eval… Not saying that’s what’s going on here, but adding to your comments a smidge.
  21. Hope he turns it around with a 58 today. Top of the leaderboard is not my favorite group to watch.
  22. After todays experience on the golf course. I don’t think I’ll be agreeing to be paired up with any randoms in the future. I am a sailor, and have a spectacular vocabulary… but these guys made me blush. Had some time to digest it, and it was almost bad enough for me to take a break from the game. These are the type of guys you see jumping carts into sand traps. It was terrible. They made us share carts and the guy I was with smoked, and I seemed to always be downwind when he lit up. I ended up walking a bunch to keep my space. I don’t want to be any part of a party on the course. I feel bad for these guys significant others….
  23. Sorry to hear. Hopefully you find some solace on the Cape. I always enjoyed that area when I used to go as a kid. Here if you need us.
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