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  1. Got a few full speed driver swings in today. Hitting a foam ball, but hey you gotta do what you gotta do. Going to go full Bryson mode for sure. Trying to talk the boss into a few sets of the Super Speed system for our gym at work. There’s a handful of “golfers” and two of us that take it pretty seriously. Returning to my workout routine and running this week, hopefully be able to get out on the course next week. Can’t wait to put this swing back to use where it belongs.... on the golf course. I’ve got a few horseshoe trophies, maybe I’ll have them replace the hot shoe guy with a golfer guy... [emoji57]
  2. Yeah, I’d only want the BK colors. Looks like I’m SOL.
  3. Sadly... only black available. Those went super quick.
  4. Got the word that the BK Nike’s were for sale. Checked the site... sold out in my size... bummer.
  5. I like the look of that hole. Aim at that single tree on the slope on the left. Hammer a nice fade up there.
  6. Phil did very well with not much help on the front 9 besides the hole out. Another fun event. Needed a few more pros in the undercard, definitely fun for golf though.
  7. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in months. [emoji23][emoji23] That was worth it.
  8. Haha. Tom throwing some shade on Tennessee. Love it. Could work for Michigan too.
  9. Got 37 years on mine. A few scars here and there. But overall I think they’re holding up well.
  10. Not too bad. Thankfully Peyton is a part time comedian.... [emoji848]
  11. Oh, mostly just for yard work and embarrassing my wife and kids when the neighbors are around.
  12. I hear you. I almost took a break. But if i did that it would be a permanent one. I’ll be done this time next year. Luckily almost all of my remaining classes share the major focus stuff... Been putting off a math class, my most dreaded subject for too long, fall semester will have some math... [emoji22] But once that is over I’m on the home stretch... but the Masters Degree starts Ricky Tick after the BS is over. [emoji15][emoji23]
  13. Never realized how annoying personal watercraft are. Nothing like a half dozen of them flying by your house at 50+ mph all dang day.
  14. I will say Rick. I’m seriously considering a PING Greens Keeper hat.
  15. It’s the birthday hat from mom. And my poor attempt to make it look like it’s floating.
  16. Worth the $? I was considering one.
  17. Digging my new PING Floater hat. Floppy rope hat. Wife says I look like a hipster. My response was the international “you’re number one” sign, but over just one.... [emoji23][emoji23] Whoops.
  18. He just so happens to be an assistant Dean... according to his signature in emails. At least he’ll keep me on my toes.
  19. Awesome!! Congratulations Penny!
  20. ... my new English class Professor is the Chair of the English Department... Not getting away with any errors this go around.
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