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  1. What a day... What a day... What a day... Good reminder today that I’m only human, and make errors. What. A. Day.
  2. Man Undershooter I trust your college football knowledge. But what the heck is this game control stat and who came up with it? Sounds very ESPN(ish)...? Ps: I know what game control is on the big picture, but how do they get the stats? And does it work out for all games that teams win?
  3. This is going to be an interesting one. I am curious what my clubhead data will be with the Mini Driver with a 43.5” shaft. I am guessing in the 100mph range...? I will be getting my data in sometime this weekend. Boats in Cape May, and at the home place are broken. Been driving back and fourth.
  4. I notice that every time this gets revived how bad I am at keeping a routine. It’s almost time for a whole new year of push ups, and I didn’t complete this one... time flies.
  5. It is one of the good rivalries for sure. If you remember I said I grew up in south western Michigan, just north of K-Zoo. We always got the ND games on the bunny ears, and sometimes couldn’t get the Michigan games. I liked the gold helmets, but my dad said he’d disown me if I were a ND fan... [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Had to drive around and listen to the games in my dads work van. Fond memories of hearing that FM static and “Touch Down Michigan!” Weren’t many haters then, they didn’t have to worry about who was tweeting what.
  6. Not a betting man. But I’m willing to guess that the Michigan vs Bama game gets more views than some of the other Bigger, Better, more Championshipy Bowls do...
  7. Just have to take the shovels out of the sand at Augusta... [emoji6]
  8. Yeah. One of those gut wrenching moments as a dad. I’ve had a few in the past 13 years, but this one takes the cake. I was distracted for a few seconds when my wife asked me a question, I was about to move him away, but luckily he is in good spirits and only has to do a round of eye drops twice a day for a little while. I can’t imagine any other outcome, I already feel guilty enough, anything worse...
  9. Sí. It’s sickening really. Social media and the “ESPN” news has ruined college sports. Too many talking heads and opinions. As someone said it is starting to lose its allure. Might shift to watching Ivy League ball. Could be fun yeah?
  10. 9-4 season upcoming. If old Harbs beats a Bama team that got absolutely embarrassed by the committee on selection day... I think the Haters should zip it. How do they have Georgia at 5? No disrespect meant. I just don’t get this selection process.
  11. It was a Oh NO... [emoji6]
  12. Yeah, I am not sure how the palm on the left hand would hold up. But you can get a pair fairly cheap. Maybe some with leather palms would be better for long term use.
  13. Glad to have you in the test! Can’t wait to read your review! Let us know if you have questions along the way.
  14. My guess for the 4 are 1. LSU 2. Clemson 3. OSU 4. OU Then: Clemson vs LSU for the Ship Unless Wisconsin brought the super A game... but they did get shut out in the second half. Ready for Michigans bowl selection to see how much they’ll be embarrassed.
  15. Who else? I was trying to figure that out earlier. Bama?... [emoji848]
  16. Extremely fortunate and grateful today. We went to see some festively dressed up horses and farm animals for the kids. My youngest took a Goat horn to the eye socket area. So thankful he just has a little shiner. Could have been much, much worse. I don’t think I’ve ever been so sick to my stomach, happened in a split second... No farms for the Shanskters ever again. Tell your children you love them everyone!
  17. Learning Spanish at “Trienta y Seis Años” is a big B word.
  18. Learning Spanish at “Trienta y Seis Años” is a big B word.
  19. Man. Georgia got handed some serious injuries in this game. Tough sledding, overall a great season for them Dawgs! Can’t complain with a 11-2 season!
  20. Playing out as I expected.
  21. Makes you wonder if he “actually” won Rickie’s Masters...?
  22. Utah is a fraud. Can’t wait to see how the rest of the games shake out.
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