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  1. No more 45,000 quote responses to weed through? @Golfspy_CG2 you must like that idea.
  2. I just need to go see a professional club fitter. Went to the course today and asked if I could demo something in the driver that can lofted down to 7°... dude asked me why, I said well because I hit moon balls with my current set up. Not sure if I have a flip or what, but full out swings with anything south of a 8 iron just take off sky high. My 58° nearly goes up my nostril, but still goes 100 yards. Everything else launches too high too. Leasons would probably help a lot too.
  3. Range session today... long irons, trying to work the 3 iron back in, and get rid of the hybrid. Had a few beautiful shots, traveled about 235 in the air and went halfway to the moon. Might need to add a 2 iron again, and look at an even lower launching shaft than C-Tapers... does that exist? Had a few really nice drives, and some clean 3 woods off a tee. I am noticing that if I feel like I take a John Daly swing everything just seems to time out better. I feel like I’m overswinging, but it works nicely.
  4. If you zoom in on this photo you can clearly see they were 32’s.
  5. I asked Javier Ballesteros what Seve played in his last open. They were MP-32’s... Love your username Sir.
  6. I thought it was going to crack my driver. It’s like hitting a piece of granite.
  7. Looks like Thursday’s and Sunday’s are open.
  8. Yeah, I never played magic. Collected the cards over 1995-1998... unfortunately I missed all of the editions worth something. I never really heard of Pokémon till that game came out a few years ago and people were walking around like zombies. I knew it was there, just not much about it.
  9. Not that I know of. I had my mom check back home too. They are sold out everywhere I checked. I refuse to pay $10 for something that was $3.99 from the manufacture. I have two huge boxes of magic cards from my childhood, but they are not interested in those.
  10. So my kids decided they wanted to get into collecting and playing Pokémon.... They are impossible to find not on eBay where the “lovely people” bought 5000 packs are are tripling the price...
  11. Im going with the Dude... Jason Dufner. It’s time for a W. Secondary choice is Cam Smith.
  12. Well. 206 in driving distance... he’s giving up a lot!
  13. Henrik Stenson only used his driver 9 times in the Masters by my count. Over 72 holes.
  14. I just spend the last hour watching the 2016 Open documentary about Phil and Henrik. I remember watching that final pairing, but I forgot how dang good both of them played. Best final round of a major ever? Discuss.
  15. I am used to it. Happens all the time in my line of work. Something comes up that has a ridiculous time constraint... I think I produce better work under the pressure... but I have nothing to compare it to. Haha.
  16. Vacation really messed up my rhythm with my course work... nothing like waiting till the last 3.6 hours to get an assignment done.
  17. Calling it now, a right handed player wins next year.
  18. Congrats Hideki! Srixon going to see a little bump in profit this week.
  19. I hope Hideki pulls it off. Out of the -7’s, Rose and Leishman wouldn’t be bad... if not one of those 3, Jordan would be the only other player left in the field that If like to see win. Except Stenson, but he’s too far back.
  20. I remember an interview from a while ago, he said they always talk to him with a translator but he can speak English well. I think...? Maybe it was someone else
  21. Fully onboard with a Heideki Green Jacket.
  22. Man.... T’was the night before the Masters... and I am pretty darned excited. Going to listen tomorrow through the app. Makes me want The Open to happen next week since we didn’t get one last year.
  23. Really thinking I should get a pair of those Nike Air Zoom Masters version that BK will be rocking all week.
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