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Status Updates posted by Shankster

  1. Taking a few days off.  Stay healthy everyone.

  2. Love going to work twice while on vacation...

  3. Checking in OG!  We miss you around here!  Hope all is well with you and your family.

  4. It’s time to hunt for the Red October... I need a 71 this month... 

  5. May the Fourth be with you all... Locked in my room with 6 hours till my paper is due... iPad crashed last night, lost most of it.  Gonna need all the help I can get... 


    1. tony@CIC


      That's a shame - good luck getting it finished. 

  6. Roads... Where we’re going we don’t need any roads.

    1. Kenny B

      Kenny B

      A harbinger of things to come?  

  7. No Ball Sh*t please. 

  8. A journey awaits.  

  9. I’m still around fellas.  Just not much golf to talk about with the feet of snow on the ground.

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    2. tony@CIC


      That's why they make yellow/orange golf balls - so you can see them in snow. 

    3. Shankster


      @JohnSmalls true, but The snow came earlier this year, normally I might be able to at least hit a few chips in the yard at this point.  On little patches of grass.  Not so much since early Nov this year, just sucked the golf right out of me.

    4. JohnSmalls


      @Shankster man I bet that is tough.  I am sorry to hear it.  FWIW, we just had snow in SC in early Dec. for the third time in recorded history (not sure on accuracy).  I am not about this snow thing.  Glad you're back amongst the living now.

  10. Where are you Mr. Smith?? We miss you around here!!

  11. Guess who’s back, back again, Tigers back to win again.

  12. Bubba swing in full effect!

    1. knightsofnii


      hah! I will periodically take a "Bubba swing" from the tee, just to see what happens!! Every now and then, BOOM!!

  13. Someone please make a sub 400cc driver. 43” shaft, please.

    1. Undershooter


      I've got one I'll sell ya cheap. :)

    2. Undershooter


      Seriously, check out the mini drivers from Tmag and Cally over the last few years.

  14. Days are getting longer! Only a matter of time!

  15. Winter... why do you exist?

  16. Hey look I’m a 5 Star poster.

    1. Undershooter


      Meh. 4 star on rivals :D

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