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  1. Yeah. That sucks, sorry you had a bad run in with him.
  2. The Blue Wahoo’s need a facility manager. Walked by there and every alarm in their pump room was going off... sounded like the electric light orchestra. Give Bubba a shout...
  3. Definitely adds some flare to the game, unlike some of the blander players out there... like I can’t get excited for golf when Kuchar, or say Xander are in the lead... it’s just dry, boring golf.
  4. Bubba is a misunderstood dude. Gets a lot of bad press for being passionate about the game.
  5. Nothing wrong with Pink... got this bubblegum shirt the other day.
  6. I’ll be driving tomorrow... and Sunday.... Too bad I don’t have a Tesla, I could watch...
  7. Played the front 9 on kiva dunes today. Pretty nice course, but not worth the chunk of change they are charging... 6 over, no lost balls. Not a bad day.
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen... my pre-draw swing is back.......... baby fades all. day. long. Driver needs work, but the 4 iron stinger fades...
  9. Or “Hello Friends, Jim Nantz along with my good friend Tiger Woods.” ???
  10. I played amazing today, but on an unfamiliar course I ended up taking waaaayyyyyy too many penalties. Lots of read stakes at this place, and who knows what was lurking in the grass so I didn’t even attempt to find them. Overall, my ballstriking with the irons and wedges was top shelf. I had one good drive that carried probably 280... but I didn’t know there was a marsh in the way so it was useless. Tight course had the 4 iron seeing primary tee shot duty, and man if it wasn’t point/aim/fire. Lost another ball with a scorched 5 iron that went about 230... down wind that I couldn’t
  11. 26 yard bunker shot to save par... yessir.
  12. Swing by Bubbas Sweet Spot today, picked up an autographed tin of chocolate covered peanuts. Tee time at 4 at lost key, looking to play Kiva Dunes tomorrow.
  13. Heck yes! Been waiting for this thread... a little late though @fixyurdivot... I would have had it our back in November... oh wait. My “money” is on Brooks... it’s time for him to shut down the haters again.
  14. There is a thread somewhere that I said I don’t think Jordan will ever win again, and that I hope he proves me wrong. Today can be that day, and I’d be happy for the young chap.
  15. Made a swing by the Blue Wahoo’s park today... if you ask my kids there are plenty of Poké stops around the grounds. Golf Monday.
  16. Hmm. I tend to leave the face open a lot... maybe this would work, I’ve been wondering for years why wedges are stuck in the Stone Age. Yeah there have been a few “advances”... but this seems to be the biggest. Too bad they don’t have a way to move it up too, for the ability to move the COG up.
  17. Made it. I’ll give some reports on golf at some point.
  18. Brutal day on the road, two large delays... goodnight.
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