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  1. Strange... with a name like Hook DeLoft, ida thought you duck hooked them? Amazing. Best one liner I’ve heard in years.
  2. You know I’m out of the loop when I miss a wedge launch.... wow. Those *new* Raw HT Wedges from Taylormade have Shankster written all over them...
  3. Check out Sergio’s method. It works wonders, and it’s easy.
  4. Nice work @sirchunksalot, my guess is you will see a significant jump in the coming weeks. Keep grinding Sir!
  5. Sorry man, I didn’t see the part about family matters until just now. I apologize about my facetious comment about going to Columbus.
  6. The fun zone: I have been playing these all knocked down. 70 yards either a 48° or a 52° For a stock one. It depends on what you are trying to do really. Do you need to go high and stop quick? Low zipper (my fav)? Under 50 is the 58° 90% of the time, and that 70-60 range... shot dependent, but I’d probably go with a 52°... although my wedge game is marginal at best right now. It is usually my beast quality.
  7. To cover up those Valyrian Steel Club heads.
  8. Speaking of vacations... we head out Thursday morning... please send prayers or whatever you believe in for my sanity... 7 people in a SUV for two days...
  9. Yep. I’m convinced that this thing was lying to me. About 50 all out swings today and I didn’t break 120 once with the driver... but I was swinging the 3 iron 119...? this thing is broken.
  10. That is not even right.
  11. Sorry to hear that...
  12. Tell him to leave the Shankerooskies to me... no one deserves to experience their nasty word.
  13. Just finished a Philosophy Exam... or did I? What the actual... 25 questions, some 3 of the same, some two... and I managed to get one wrong. What. Was. That?
  14. What... no 160? I don’t believe you. Edit: challenge accepted by the way... I need to get in the gym. I’m 196 pounds... haven’t weight that much since................. nope never. second edit: not happening, I don’t trust this thing. Only hit 121 today... but I am feeling rather cementish. 3rd edit: not sure if it matters but you have that thing set to baseball mode. Still... that’s freaking fast.
  15. I was looking at that Kiva Dunes, looks interesting.
  16. TS4... at $350 it seems like a logical purchase. Just have to find somewhere that still has the fitting head.
  17. The torso and legs are rather sore today... can’t imagine why.
  18. Not always centered... but the miss is slightly low either toe/heel. I have a PXG 0811x Gen 1 with an Aldila NV orange 75 X. 3/4 swing is a block, or a hook. Have to swing like a beast or I’m in the junk.
  19. Good question. I’ve been trying to figure this out myself. My swing has to be super inefficient, and they are seriously going into the cloud layer, launching at 20° I would guess. I don’t have a monitor for that, but it has to be spinning like a 8 iron.... I did catch one a little skinny and it probably got out to 280 in the air into the wind, but the rest of them were competing with Elon’s Space X program. edit: that or this radar is messed up... and reading incorrectly. We will be getting the sky track set up at work soon. I’ll see what it has to say.
  20. Shankster


    I’m 37 for a few more months. But man, it does sound like you found “the one”! Glad to hear it, and thanks for he positive note on the driver. Hope you keep hitting Bombs!
  21. Looking like Augusta... oh that reminds me....
  22. While I was at the range today, a guy next to me broke an iron. I thought he chopped the ball in half, very strange noise. Luckily I had eyes on it because he never saw it land. Saved the day, but... it’s an older PING and it broke off in the hosel... good luck.
  23. Yep. Didn’t go anywhere though. Hitting into a 12mph wind... they were going so high I couldn’t see them... haha. I’m guessing around 4-5000 spin. Just taking off way too high. edit: also, there is no way I’d do that on the course. I felt like I just went 12 rounds with Ali.
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