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  1. Hmm... I definitely was swinging for the next county... but dang, I had no idea I could move like this...
  2. I’m going to see what I can do today... with my 4 iron. My guess is 97 tops... shooting for 122 though, that should motivate me into swinging the 97 that I’m thinking.
  3. My shoulders hurt just thinking about trying to move that fast... probably my back too, and every tendon attached to every muscle included in the golf swing... ouch.
  4. Got a little sauce in there eh? 109 4 iron... it!
  5. Never played in a match play comp. But I had the most fun playing with the boss in match play. He was scratch or better and I could hang with him in match play...
  6. Weird.... this place is rather saturated. And they say it rains a lot in Washington.
  7. Making the pilgrimage to Bubba’s Sweet Shop, and the Pensacola Golf Center.... Looking to play Lost Key, and whatever they have on NAS Pensacola. 3 days hopefully that I can sneak out, as long as the weather holds up. Might end up being Lost Key all 3 times...
  8. Who closes a range after a lot of rain but has the course open...? Does not compute....
  9. Oh man... I complain about reading 3 textbooks... 12?
  10. I’ll have to vote for the Bible as well... especially lately I’ve been in Acts what an adventure that is. Love it. Other book is the old man in the sea. Seems to be a common pick, just a great book.
  11. Kind of off topic, but one of my favorite shots last fall was a 7 iron from 100 yards, a bump and run I suppose. Low, bounding shot. Going to go do that this afternoon.
  12. I’ll get a video next while I’m in Florida. Just have to find a course without any nearby homes with lots of windows...
  13. Nice. Can’t complain with those numbers. And it does look pretty danged good too.
  14. Man... that makes the PING look like a long nosed driver from the Tom Morris era. What was the carry #?
  15. That settles it. I’m swinging for the fences every time I step on the course...
  16. I know nothing of those colors. I will say that “red and gray” do look good together. Just not when they are playing the team up north.... looking forward to the annual butt whippin this fall... can’t wait to her what Harbaugh says this time...
  17. I have the T-100•S and recently picked up a SM8 48° wedge to fill the gap. I don’t use it for anything but full swings usually, so I kind of wish I went with the 48° I’m from the set.
  18. Oh no... I did what I thought was another bracket for fun and it took place of my real picks... oh well... Lets go Cam Smith!
  19. More words of wisdom... if I can’t control it then it is not controlled at all. Just seems odd swinging all out all the time.
  20. Planning on it. I’ll be touching the 120+ on course that way... hopefully I don’t ever have to say... “shouldn’t have been standing there...”
  21. A “controlled” swing as they say. Coming out of my shoes isn’t something I normally practice. Haha. True words of wisdom right there.
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