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  1. 6 hours ago, Chip Strokes said:

    @Shankster @Lacassem @B.Boston @edingc

    radar came in yesterday, but due to my wife packing our house up last month, i didn’t have batteries. ran out this morning to get some and put it to the test....

    i apologize in advance, these images can be disturbing to some viewers

    getting warmed up:


    keeping Shanks company:


    LET IT EAT!!!:


    What... no 160? I don’t believe you. 😂😂

    Edit: challenge accepted by the way... I need to get in the gym.  I’m 196 pounds... haven’t weight that much since................. nope never.

    second edit: not happening, I don’t trust this thing.  Only hit 121 today... but I am feeling rather cementish.

    3rd edit: not sure if it matters but you have that thing set to baseball mode. Still... that’s freaking fast.

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  2. 3 hours ago, twyatt700 said:

    How sad would it be if it’s the ball speed 🤣🤣 but in all seriousness, that’s some impressive speed! I would see where you’re making contact on the face, maybe try a 3/4 swing with a smoother pace. The more speed you have the more spin you’re going to get. What driver are you using?

    Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

    Not always centered... but the miss is slightly low either toe/heel.  

    I have a PXG 0811x Gen 1 with an Aldila NV orange 75 X.

    3/4 swing is a block, or a hook.  Have to swing like a beast or I’m in the junk.

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  3. 8 hours ago, twyatt700 said:

    So how can I swing it 105-110 and hit is 260 too? emoji848.pngemoji848.pngemoji848.png

    Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

    Good question.  I’ve been trying to figure this out myself.  My swing has to be super inefficient, and they are seriously going into the cloud layer, launching at 20° I would guess.  I don’t have a monitor for that, but it has to be spinning like a 8 iron....

    I did catch one a little skinny and it probably got out to 280 in the air into the wind, but the rest of them were competing with Elon’s Space X program.

    edit: that or this radar is messed up... and reading incorrectly.  We will be getting the sky track set up at work soon.  I’ll see what it has to say.

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  4. 21 hours ago, TMAG-FIREMEDIC said:


    I'm twice your age probably and nowhere your speed but I'm seeing very similar gains over my past few drivers...... 

    Had original SIM 10.5* that was very steady and in the 225-240 range......problem was the occasional quick hook.....so the quest went on and next up was the tsi2 ......extremely steady and removed the hook but lacked pop......

    A friend gifted me a gbb 10.5 epic and there were noticeable 5-10yd gains but spin was higher and into the wind I'd get killed. 


    Went into superstore and tried the LS head and seemingly it was doing quite well....... on the monitor.  Had a demo that I took out and it sounded horrible and flew erratically. 

    In despair, I went back to "try" the Speed head......same footprint as gbb epic 17 .

    After just a few swings I could see the potential.  Made the adjustments to -1D setting and it came alive.......I nearly drove a downwind par 4 320yds .....finishing 10yds short of front edge.... 290ish?  It has continued we loads of 260, 270, 280yd drives especially downwind.....an xtra gear that I haven't seen or had in a long time....

    For me , this is a reincarnation of my all-time favorite driver the R510 non-tp 330cc from 03-04......look, sound/feel, flight and footprint......with Speed being bigger, more forgiving and more stability......I've found MY unicorn......Tensei 65R AV blue 💙 D3 swingweight......20210308_152331.jpg.1d95e1ead8d008ef4b554117465baeb8.jpg20210308_152413.jpg.53937794e7fe29232351ba043cabd04f.jpg20210308_152324.jpg.9beaacdb7688cf00fce1c3541784e4d0.jpgScreenshot_20210309-105814_Google.jpg.95284c9e7ca173a29f1ccf883b9bb498.jpgScreenshot_20210309-110308_Google.jpg.33ba32508a07b6b14cd9e8099cfb6fea.jpg

    I’m 37 for a few more months.  But man, it does sound like you found “the one”!  Glad to hear it, and thanks for he positive note on the driver.  Hope you keep hitting Bombs! 💣 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Lacassem said:

    This is from last year but hopefully I can get this fill I got to green right up. For March the yard looks pretty damn good lol.

    Looking like Augusta... oh that reminds me....

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  6. While I was at the range today, a guy next to me broke an iron.  I thought he chopped the ball in half, very strange noise.  Luckily I had eyes on it because he never saw it land.  Saved the day, but... it’s an older PING and it broke off in the hosel... good luck.

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  7. 30 minutes ago, Lacassem said:

    Dude 141 come one.....put it away! I guess that’s why it’s so many factors together to get the ball out there.

    Yep.  Didn’t go anywhere though.  Hitting into a 12mph wind...  they were going so high I couldn’t see them... haha.  I’m guessing around 4-5000 spin.  Just taking off way too high.

    edit: also, there is no way I’d do that on the course.  I felt like I just went 12 rounds with Ali.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Lacassem said:

    1 shy, it’s all I got.....I probably won’t feel it as bad as you though 😂.....again this is a balloon shot swing so this will NEVER happen on course but fun to turn up the heat63CDDA67-4F0B-4D61-8ED6-BF42E78F3A27.jpeg.d32616f54903cf271fe0e67b3b76e4fb.jpeg

    First round out... I’m going to do my best to reach 131 on the first tee.  It’s wide open in all directions... might as well see what happens...

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  9. 3 hours ago, Shankster said:

    Grand Canyon sized unrepaired divots... 100%, sand filled or “healed” deal with it.

    I was being a touch sarcastic gents.  In all reality, I only remember being in a divot 3 times in recent years.  They were all like 1” deep... tried to hit the first one, topped the heck our of it.  The other two... I moved them out of the divot 🤯, luckily I don’t keep an official handicap, nor play on tour.  So to improve my enjoyment... I made my own “local rule” to whatever cart number I wa driving that day.  

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  10. 1 hour ago, Lacassem said:

    Sounds like me this time last year. 

    I’ve been struggling to shallow out the downswing since my shoulder surgery a few years ago.  Might just have to learn to play with the outside in swing, and take advantage of hitting moon balls.

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  11. 1 minute ago, Lacassem said:

    Colorado is my happy place. Traveling from Great Lakes to San Diego I was trying to get to Vegas to spend 8 of my 10 travel days there. I got to Colorado and stayed 3 days, that state is just wow

    Denver Airport is the closest I got to experiencing it.  But if it is anything like Montana, Wyoming, and Northern Idaho... count me in.

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  12. Just now, Lacassem said:

    There are some really great veggie snacks out there (I’m assuming you meant cheezits) veggie sticks are fantastic and to replace cheese curls called “vegan Rob’s” puffs are fantastic.....I’ll eat a whole damn bag 

    I’m a Kale chip guy... what, I spent 2 years in Washington.  That place really rubbed off on me.  Actually hoping to get back out there.  That or Oregon, I did not take advantage of the fishing out there.

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  13. Finally!  I talked the wife into the Mediterranean / Pescatarian diet.  Still going to eat chicken and lean turkey.  But ridding the house of chezits and other things, replacing them with fresh veggies.  Never been happier... with our menu.

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  14. 4 hours ago, Shankster said:

    I will feel it tomorrow....  my guess is all of these would have been a partial duck hook.

    Feeling it now... had to put a few more swings in.  Had one of the kids video me.  I do not like the way the swing looks.  Flat backswing, and what looks to be a much steeper downswing.... nasty looking.  Definitely would produce a bunch of pull type shots.

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  15. 2 minutes ago, Lacassem said:

    Glad everyone is getting out to throw their back out today!

    @Shankster I think swinging like this can be helpful, 1) helps you realize what you can get up to and 2) I was playing around with yesterday what I felt comfortable with getting up to, for me 104 felt pretty good and could be a crisp shot, range time hopefully to tell. That 131 is impressive, I might have to get out of my office in a few minutes and see....Post to come....

    @edingcnice work there, how did you feel swinging all out with it? I found a couple times getting a wider base helped me feel a little more stable and could potentially if I really wanted to crank it up on course.

    Anyway I am hoping that since I dont have the SS sticks this could atleast help me get up that speed again.

    I will feel it tomorrow....  my guess is all of these would have been a partial duck hook.

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