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  1. Who closes a range after a lot of rain but has the course open...? Does not compute....
  2. Oh man... I complain about reading 3 textbooks... 12?
  3. I’ll have to vote for the Bible as well... especially lately I’ve been in Acts what an adventure that is. Love it. Other book is the old man in the sea. Seems to be a common pick, just a great book.
  4. Kind of off topic, but one of my favorite shots last fall was a 7 iron from 100 yards, a bump and run I suppose. Low, bounding shot. Going to go do that this afternoon.
  5. I’ll get a video next while I’m in Florida. Just have to find a course without any nearby homes with lots of windows...
  6. Nice. Can’t complain with those numbers. And it does look pretty danged good too.
  7. Man... that makes the PING look like a long nosed driver from the Tom Morris era. What was the carry #?
  8. That settles it. I’m swinging for the fences every time I step on the course...
  9. I know nothing of those colors. I will say that “red and gray” do look good together. Just not when they are playing the team up north.... looking forward to the annual butt whippin this fall... can’t wait to her what Harbaugh says this time...
  10. I have the T-100•S and recently picked up a SM8 48° wedge to fill the gap. I don’t use it for anything but full swings usually, so I kind of wish I went with the 48° I’m from the set.
  11. Oh no... I did what I thought was another bracket for fun and it took place of my real picks... oh well... Lets go Cam Smith!
  12. More words of wisdom... if I can’t control it then it is not controlled at all. Just seems odd swinging all out all the time.
  13. Planning on it. I’ll be touching the 120+ on course that way... hopefully I don’t ever have to say... “shouldn’t have been standing there...”
  14. A “controlled” swing as they say. Coming out of my shoes isn’t something I normally practice. Haha. True words of wisdom right there.
  15. So, I noticed something today... when I swing like an absolute animal with the driver it goes straight. If I baby it at all who knows where it is going. I’m talking 110% full out and some swing gets the best launch and performance. my guess is the ill fitted 460cc bubble attached to a stick... so I’m just going to step on it full time now. All gas. What gives?
  16. Went to the range.... hit almost an entire bucket with the driver. I couldn’t help myself... laser beams, all of them. Short though. From my view they were just covering the 250 mark carry. Time for that Epic I think
  17. Shankster


    Take out the real stinky ones and I’m looking at 308 average... you could take 10 off the bottom and I’d be happy. 15 even.
  18. Yeah, it’s a no from me man... Definitely one of those things in the eye of the beholder... some people just don’t like the “tactical” look. 1. PING 2. Titleist 3. Taylormade 4. Cobra 5. Mizuno 6. PXG
  19. Sparty or Maize and Blue? My family is from the Mt. Morris/Flushing area.
  20. Very odd picks by Shankster... Rahmbo for the win over Bryson. A precursor to the Ryder Cup Sunday...
  21. I have the 2021 Thread Primed and ready to post... just want to make sure @fixyurdivot doesn’t have anything planned before I send it... full send mode...?
  22. I remember both Hole in Ones. A few of the chip in eagles, and some bomb drives... oh, hitting the stick a few times. A huge putt I made last fall, walked it in Na style from a different zip code. I don’t remember them all, but nothing gets the heart rate up like sending a short iron on such a line you think it’s going in... the stuff dreams are made of. I only remember a few bad ones. Like shattering a dudes window... with a Shankeroosky. A few of the wayward drives that I had to trek halfway up Mt. Everest to find... (clearly a little sarcasm)... Plenty more good than bad, an
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