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  1. Love most TaylorMade products, especially their M2 and SIM wood lines. But WAY over valued and anyone forking out two billion $$$ will likely take a bath in red ink once the next golf industry downturn occurs.
  2. I am 60 and feel fortunate to have been retired for several years. Living in Southern California, I am usually able to weather wise and try and play 2-3 times a week. Have played around 75 different courses and around 150 rounds per year if you take my 2018-2020 stats and average them. There are few courses within 50 miles of anywhere I have lived in my adult life that I have not played at some point. Am now consciously trying to work in more high end destination type courses while I can still swing somewhat decently. While I hope I'm still around and playing in my 80's, I want to play so
  3. Have played about 25 rounds with my 2020 0211's so far. Started with the MMT 80 Graphite stiffs in the 2020 0211's. After about a dozen rounds, thought they were too light and maybe too whippy for me. Changed to stiff Elevate 95 steel's, like the feel better. I played Pings for 45 years before these. Like many, I was enticed to try the 0211's after extreme price cuts. Glad I did. They are a club shorter than the Ping G700's I was playing on near perfect hits. However, I find them to be superior on even slight mishits, and my circle of long/short hits is much closer on the PXG
  4. 5 Wood all day long. Easy to hit and get airborne, good recovery club. Played a 5W for decades from the 1970's until roughly 2000... not sure why I went away from one? Recently went back and glad I did.
  5. I got 2 sets of the 2020 0211 irons. First set was from PXG Express in 11/2020 that was rated Excellent, almost like new. 4I -LW. After trying them did not like the MMT 80 Stiff graphite shafts, so traded them out for Stiff Elevate 95 steel shafts. Second set new from PXG in 12/2020. Stiff Elevate 95 steel shafts, 4I -LW. I like the look and feel of these irons. Also got a PXG wood set with the new iron set. 0811X Driver I like. HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60 stiff shaft. Seems to be consistent. Maybe not as long as the TaylorMade M2's I was playing, but miss hits seem to be consi
  6. - Your first name: Nick - State/Province/Country: California, USA - Your current iron/shaft/flex makeup: Steel/Stiff - Your 7-iron distance: 167 average, Chart all rounds on Arccos. Have played Pings since the mid 1970's, this is my 3rd set. Currently play Ping Raptures. 9.6 index. Play 3-5 rounds per week. Review all rounds played on both Greenskeeper.org and Golf Advisor. Screen name Nickesquire
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