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  1. Stumbled upon this thread after putting my nickent hybrids back in play. its sad to say the bad far outweighs the good but here we go. the good 1. zodia 53 wedge i paid too much my go to for anything chipping. I'm sometimes tempted to foot wedge long puts off the green because i like it so much. 2. 1976 Wilson staff irons an ebay find for 26 bucks shot my all time low score of 2 under with them and they look just sexy. 3. This could be off the list in a year but just picked up the sim driver 9 degree and loving the results. 4. The aforementioned nickent 3dx hybrids trying to figure out why they ever left the bag. 5. The cart tek electric cart. Why did i wait so long? the bad 1. The calloway rouge sub zero. For some reason got the pulls with this driver and messed up way to many rounds. 2. Any putter with paint on it I'm not really ocd but putters with paint chipping drives me crazy. 3. Krank drivers i have bought 5 models imho the original was the best. 4. Driving irons they have never let me hit a 230 yd stinger into the wind. insert shocked emoji here 5. Have to ask the wife which one of my 50 plus putters belong here.
  2. Dan in Seattle Handicap 9 My putting has gone from the weakness of my game to solid but still room to improve. Current gamer is a Bettinardi BB1 with a mid slant and a flatso counterbalance grip. Currently own over 50 putters, everything from the 8802 to the latest Scotty Cameron offerings. My preference would be to test the heel shafted #7 model.
  3. Hello from Seattle I'm going to be in Ireland the first week of May or from the 4-13. Any recommendations for golf.
  4. Greetings from the great Northwest,Seattle that is. My name is Dan I play to about a nine handicap. I have never hit a shot in a divot. Oops I meant from a divot!! Putter junkie!! Sick of the rain
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