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  1. I play primarily at Valley View GC outside of Saginaw MI. Nice course, easy on us walking seniors, just over 6200 and very easy on the pocketbook as well. Family owned and most of the relatives can be seen working on the course daily. That kind of a family operation.
  2. Dweed

    Maxfli Tour

    As I remember, 9 or 10 years ago DSG used to have PGA card members working in the golf area and then they eliminated them as a cost saving measure. Since then they really haven't had decent folks in most cases in the golf dept. At least that's my recollection.
  3. No matter, just have fun and don't let your walk be spoiled as they say.
  4. Dweed

    Maxfli Tour

    Congrats on the big accomplishment! It's no easy feat to keep it in play for all 18. Now you know you can do it, so do it again!!! Great job. Celebrate those successes jared52..
  5. Dweed


    Well said oh sage one. Some take the game so very seriously and others are totally for fun regardless the score. Do what makes you happy...and what you can afford. Golf started to be affordable a while ago but now has gone again to the expensive side of things. Just look at how "Golf" mag and the facelift it took on a year ago. Read most articles about equip, food, drinks "where to play", it isn't affordable by the avg golfer.
  6. He did mention that they do have issues with the fiducials coming off the face. Please help us with less capable golf vocab to understand the above please. Thanks
  7. Worst case scenario, the needle nose pliers is what I was able to use to unscrew those difficult spikes.
  8. I have a Ping G400 SFT and have used it for many years. A good choice and easily found decent "used" sites.
  9. Yes sir. I generally do. I have been trying more this past year not to let mishits mess my mind up. Same goes for the "thoughts". One thing that has helped me is after getting a hip replacement a year ago Sep 90 % of my rounds are walking. That extra time walking to my ball you'd think would fill my head with all that garbage but enjoying the world around me has help relax me. I think that is the key for me. Better relaxation.
  10. I used to walk tons. Had to stop 4 years ago as my hip and knee just couldn't handle the pain. OTC drugs did very little. My avg drive was 180 and I was OK with that at my age, 68. I had hip replacement surgery last fall. I was able to walk again and as I extended my range was able to start golfing again walking. Totally love it. Oh and my knee pain vanished as well. All because of my hip. Best medical decision I have made since quitting smoking. And my avg drive is now 225. I can actually get weight shifted to my left side now. It gives me time to think about my next shot...and how I screwed up the last one. Oh well. Good with the bad.
  11. Read they are introducing Epic Max Star clubs for us older folks. $700 for a driver? $429 for fairway wood? $349 per iron? Whoa.
  12. Yes, it is a sad fact...but, even though you have a last year's model, (still new), come this spring there won't be any THIS year models available, so are still ahead of the curve. Good luck and try to have fun regardless.
  13. I have a tendency to use lines that the mfgr has or the triple. I believe it has helped me in that I concentrate on hitting the ball to see the end over end result. That concentration is what is helping.
  14. Well, budget is a concern. I'm a feel person. If it feels good I'll use it. I don't really have easy nor inexpensive access to see exactly where my numbers are or should be. I really wish retailers and mfg's would market 2 pack samples so you could play on course and see how you like them. The mfg's are not really going to loose out dollar wise. I would be willing to pay a little more for the opportunity to spend less. If I like a brand I'll by them.
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