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  1. Not sure how I played. I made it thru 5 holes walking in 2 hours and decided the groups ahead were just too slow to wait any longer. 25 min per hole is just too long for me.
  2. I have both. I prefer my spikes for my morning rounds as the ground is much wetter and the spike less for the afternoon rounds. Each has it's pros and cons. Wetter courses I use the spikes and the drier one most certainly I can get away with the spike less.
  3. So I wonder!! Saudi's cut back on production of oil and gas prices here have gone up a bit again lately. I wonder if that means course rates will soon be increasing?
  4. McNealy had an interesting perspective. Yeah, there is a lot of "we don't know all the facts" going on. There are some very emotional aspects such as "where" the money is coming from. I do suppose a lot of this decision was due to the upcoming trials and potential of "information coming out that some don't want out". Hell this reminds me of "we have to stop Communist aggression in SE Asia" and where we ended up. Hey "what about all those weapons of mass destruction" and who was really responsible for 9/11, where the money came from etc. The draw down and get out of Afghanistan quick moves recently. We only see such a little bit of the info "they" want us to see. 1984, Solent Green, it is just sad that that kind of political money grabbing greed and dishonesty has entered the field of golf. Sad for sure.
  5. Congrads to all you all testers on the Clicgear 4.0. I would like you to keep in mind durability in uneven terrain especially side hill maneuverability please. That is a biggie for me. Oh yeah and MGS MPR, how does it track in the snow please. Have fun all.
  6. I played in our league this AM. I don't like early morning tee times particularly. But, cool, mid 50's lots of wildfire smoke in the area blocking the sun, even though the winds were in the upper teens. High altitude I guess. Shot 45 for 9. Up and down. Hard time getting any consistency. I did debunk one myth this morning. Trees are not 90% air. All four of them were wood.
  7. Did that exact thing today. Was about 25 yards from the pin, it was tight grass. Used my 52* and got lucky. It stopped 3' from the pin and I 1 putted for a par. I'm happy with that result.
  8. Yes, I have and do maybe 3 or 4 times a year. It gives me a different perspective of the course and I get to use clubs I usually don't use normally. Now that the grandboys are getting close to heading out, I'm sure I'll be hitting from forward tees a bit more...until they start to beat my butt. Wait!, I'll move them back and just stay put.
  9. Weather is somewhat windy most of the time being so close to Lake Huron. Par 72, 6800+ at the tips. Surprising amount of water scattered throughout makes this a challenge for average players. Fairway widths are generous and rough isn't real rough. Generally not crowded unless a scheduled outing. Reasonably priced.
  10. For some reason I recall that stored balls really retained their oomph for up to 5 years. As long as temp extremes were not involved. After that efficiency loss was something like 2-3% per year. At that rate I don't really think I'd notice any degradation until 15 years.
  11. I would without a doubt use my 52* wedge and use a putting stroke to hit it low and get it running. 60 feet is too iffy for me to use a putter on.
  12. I've worn glasses for 60 years. Played baseball, football, hunted, fished, fought and now for the past 20 years with progressives. I guess I've just gotten so used to them it doesn't really bother me when golfing. Even putting hasn't seemed an issue. Like a CPAP, once you get used to it you can't live without it.
  13. 1. Practice. Sure equipment has some impact but I think the most cost effective aspect is practice. 2. I don't believe DTC overall will ever match the OEM. Too much money spent on tour pros free equipment just to try and convince me I should buy theirs. It is hard for me to understand much less accept that we are paying for their freebies. Heck they are the ones making the big bucks. Doesn't matter the sport. The amount we pay for them is out of this world. 3. I mentioned $40 earlier.
  14. I agree. $40 bucks is my max amount for balls. I don't play well enough to justify spending more. Being retired has it's advantages but rolling in the dough isn't one of them. We live comfortably and happy to spoil 6 grand kids, but there are limits. Paid for dinner on the run for 5 at an arches place and paid over 45. OMG. When did that go up? Anyway, I live within my means and that involves golf as well. Heck, I'm just happy I can still walk my rounds.
  15. Mr. O, welcome to the forum. Hope you find the info you are seeking.
  16. Tom, welcome to the forum. Hope you continue to use it and share and absorb. Hoo Ah!!
  17. Jack, first off welcome to the forum. You've found the right place for opinions and advise. Welcome back to the game. While in the military I also lost track of my love of the game and found my senses many years after. As mentioned, costs have increased, dare I say sky rocketed. So set your budget, then get fitted to see what feels good. As others have mentioned you really need to hit to see what feels good. Don't be afraid look into used clubs. A number of reputable places are available. Good luck and have fun checking stuff out.
  18. It is situational dependent...and my mood. Serious rounds always putt it out. Messing with friends gimmes 18 inches or so are OK. Our league doesn't have an official stance, but between 4 somes basically decide. There are 2 teams I can think of that I usually allow gimmes almost as soon as they get on the green. They are very slow and deliberate and elderly. 90+. I'm just happy they are out there. Absolutely no way they could beat me so to speed up the game I'm very liberal.
  19. I have settled on mid sized. I'm a large cadet glove but because of arthritis I feel best at this point. Jumbo was just too big. Have started to regrip myself. I have been reading that the GP's CPX grips tend to wear out quickly. Any truth to that folks?
  20. By my sense of feeling, I seem to play 2-4 strokes better at a mid day playing time or twilight than early morning tee times. I'm stiffer usually and the amount of dew has things slowed down a bit. But!! I prefer the general weather at early morning though.
  21. Raining today so hit balls into the net in the barn. Verified that lie angle was good with the sharpie test.
  22. I have the same issues, but for making camping reservations in Michigan State Parks. You're allowed to make 6 months out. Sooo hard to actually get a good site playing by the rules. What I've found out is that people are making their reservations for a desired site 15 days before the date they want to actually arrive, 6 months in advance. Then when it gets close to the date they cancel all the previous reserved days just prior to the date they arrive. Just about ready to give it up and sell the camper. Not fun anylonger.
  23. No way. Not for me. I don't think Tom Kim will be either in the future. Just sayin...
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