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  1. I guess "chilly" is somewhat multipurpose description of temps less than 45*. But the sun was out...sort of. Despite tense muscles, still managed to hit 7 fairways out of 7 fairways and 5 out of 9 GIR. Putting and chipping could have been better. Too many worm holes and corn cob pieces???. Yeah! The county mosquito control effort has started. They infuse a certain bacteria that kills mosquitos into small pieces of corn cobs, about the size of kitty litter pellets. Anyway, they contract out with local crop duster pilots to fly over the county and drop these pellets everywhere.  Of course they were flying over the GC today at noon and lots of corn cob pellets on the greens. Amazing how putts bounce off.  Thought I was shoot pool with some of the bank shots made.

  2. Robert. Sorry I can't help with any constructive advice!  But I do want to welcome you to the Forum. You have asked in the right location. Welcome sir.

  3. Great time today. 80*, gentle breeze, very low humidity, almost too fire danger low.  Walked 9 holes between two different gold teams practicing, so it was a bit slow, but so nice out. I was actually striking the ball decent. Hit 7 greens in reg, 5 of 7 fairways, down side was I had 2, 3 putts. But you know, I saw some positive stuff today and saw some stuff I need to work on as well. That's what keeps me coming out round after round. The good, the bad and sometimes the ugly.

  4. On 4/12/2023 at 11:05 AM, ACalling said:

    So I am curious...is it always as exciting to work in something you enjoy personally? Or did it turn the game from fun into....work? 


    I would think it is 100% by each individual. You hear some tour pros say they love it and you hear some that it no longer is fun, it's as you say...work. It it's fun for you look into ways to accommodate. How about headphones and eye glasses that project a course of play instead of simulators. If it could be cost effective opens a whole new market potentially for us net hitters. Could be fun to have that on a range... possibilities?  Good luck and reach!

  5. On average I switch gloves out 3 or 4 times a season.(Apr to Nov) as they get muddy and grass stains on them. I wear them from parking lot back to the parking lot. I keep two pairs in a glove compartment in my bag and switch between rounds. As I rotate one out, it usually goes to my range bag for use. As my range gloves get long in the tooth, I send them to the minor leagues which is my hitting net in the barn.  After that out the go. I've had good luck with gloves from MG Golf. Affordable, good fit, and they last.

  6. Hip replacement for me as well. So just what exactly did they do. Did it help? You said 12 years ago so how do you feel? I had replacement of left hip 2.5 years ago. It reinvigorated my game. I walk at least 9 holes where I stopped walking 5 years ago. Very little pain now. A little but hell, I'm 69, retired from Uncle Sam's Army and chasing 6 grandkids under the age of 9, so I'm bound to feel some.

    On 4/6/2023 at 8:13 AM, DoubleBogie33 said:

    Just curious, anyone else on the community have one or both hips resurfaced like me?  Wanted to open discussion to hear about your aches and pains or limitations.


  7. 4 hours ago, Fodderdeck said:

    I've had over 10 different sets over my 50 years of golfing. Might seem a little low, but I stayed with some sets (ie blades, cavities) because they worked so good. Now I'm playing Cobra woods and irons the last 20. I've never been so accurate with any other makers. 

    Welcome to the Forums. Hope you get some great info and have some shares as well.

  8. You might also want to check out any local colleges or universities that have golf teams and query their Sports PT folks.  I also obtain some relief for lower back pain by using Rx Lidocaine 5% patches.  Over the counter ones have less strength and can be a bit pricy and are only 4x5. The Rx ones my Dr. did are stronger, 5x8 in size and last the full round. 

  9. 15 hours ago, berkeleybob said:

    What kind of Rx did you get? I’ve got progressives, and I’m not sure that’s helping. I can keep the ball at address in focus, but barely, depending on how I have my head tilted. And after hitting it, it’s a small blur.



    I have progressives as well. It takes me a while to figure how to tilt my head the right way in order to gain the best sharpness view. I'm usually good at address and I don't worry about impact and shortly after as I seem to find the ball OK in flight when it hits about 25 feet or so, good and clear and I usually can watch it until it lands. That's one of the reasons I'm in demand to play golf with...I can spot mine and the others balls as well. 🙃 Had a good indoor session today in the barn. Was able to cover all 10 shots with a silver dollar.

  10. I've purchased 4 sets over the years.

    1st set was a Dave Hill model RAMs I purchased as a young LT from the Heidlberg Four Seasons shop. After I retired from service I purchased a set of Adams A3OS. Next set a few years later I thought I deserved to move on up to Adams VTech 4 Forged and my last set a few years ago was Ping G400. For some reason I always went with the woods that accompanied the irons. Might have 1 more set left to go, but as they increase prices, not sure the true value is there any longer. Definitely will buy a couple of model years later though.

  11. On 3/28/2023 at 4:47 PM, Getoffmylawn said:

    And I should add, my wife is a rockstar...as much as we've moved being on Active Duty for 22 years, she's had to be.  This is just one of those things of trying to balance responsibilities with personal aspirations I guess.


    First off, thank you AND your wife for your service. As a senior officer at the War College, I know you realize that future assignments will only become more difficult on your time. That's the job that you appear to have signed up for. Enjoy the time now for sure with the family.  OK, that being said I know you must maintain a fairly strenuous daily PT schedule before or after classes. While doing your five mile jaunts, try to run around a golf course, hole by hole and in your mind ID areas where you would and would not want to hit into, based on where the flag is sitting today. I'm not talking about the obvious water hazard, but the actual layout. I know you only have a few seconds at each hole but that strategizing may help on your mental shot application workout.  Don't forget about your gym workouts on specific golf aspects that might prove beneficial. The backyard net is a great idea, takes minute to set up and in between flipping burgers you can knock out 3 or 4 shots. Easy to set up in a garage. You might not be able to do full shots, but chipping is always a possibility. Best of luck sir.

  12. Nice day today. Sunny, a bit of wind and 45* Was able to get to the range to work on...figuring out how my new glasses Rx was going to affect my ball striking. It appears there will be some adjustments needed. Not a huge difference from last years Rx but enough to cause some displacement. Irons were hitting about sweet spot height but tended to be more toward the tow.  Well, certainly have a good reason to get back to the range Thurs, $%#@ snow due in tomorrow AM.

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