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  1. I quit when I went to college and realized I would be totally embarrassed to even attempt to walk on to the course and try out. After graduation went directly into the Army and stationed overseas for 4 years. No real opportunity there. Was able to start up a bit when stationed back stateside for 3 years then stopped again when deployed back out. Didn't pick up the clubs again until after retiring from active duty. Civilian jobs allowed me a chance to start again and now that I'm 100% retired it is a key component of my life. I don't play great all the time but every now and then I do hit a shot that says...just like a pro. Then I take my next shot and bubble busted...but for that one moment.

  2. 1 hour ago, MarkMac said:

    Am I the only one on here who'll never be really happy with their swing? 🤣

    I try to catch up with a golf pro once a month to make sure I'm always improving my technique... but no matter how many times I do this, there's always room for improvement!

    @MarkMac I hear ya. As an old fart, I'm happy with my swing but...I always continue to practice to try and get better. That's why when there's 20 inches of snow out, I'll be in my barn hitting "cold balls" into a net to keep working on that movement.  BUT my real reason for this post is to welcome you to the forum. Welcome and hope it helps in any way you like. Welcome.

  3. On 10/15/2023 at 7:35 PM, Mr Orange said:

     I agree it’s definitely different going from insert to no insert but the feel is still really good I’ve felt.

    @BallsLeongreat data collection. Is that provided by the course or a club collection data source? @Mr Orange I agree with you 100% on going from insert to a milled face. My @GolfSub70 004 mallet to me is a bit easier to hit on longer shots also. Not as much effort needed. One thing I like about the milled face it is very easy to clean grass and mud from the face. 

  4. On 10/14/2023 at 2:34 PM, Golf2Much said:


    Will I continue to play from the gold tees?  Yes, I will.  Once I experienced the gold tees, they will have to drag me back to the white!  Knowing some of our players, they most likely would enjoy helping me go back!

    Lots of pro's and cons. I subscribe to the "if it ain't fun...then #@$% it program. I don't play much competitive golf, just not a lot around us really. Next year I'm required to move up one set of tees because of age. I'm looking forward to it. There are enough different angles between the white and gold( senior tees) that there will be a learning curve for sure. @Golf2Much glad you have found some of the fun again my man.

  5. 11 hours ago, Blaine Dye said:

    Went and got me some new wedges finally getting some proper gapping so i went a dialed them in at the range last night and was hitting them pretty good a few thins and quiet a few chunky shot but i  feel like my short game is going to be so much better now but we will see how my round goes this weekend 

    Hell @Blaine Dye, don't keep us in suspense. What pray tell did you get?

  6. Our season is winding down here in Mid Michigan. We still have a few weeks left, albeit chilly, before courses close.  One thing I've noticed is for the past 7 or 8 years my score usually started to get worse in the Sep-Nov timeframe. Not 100% sure if it can all be weather related. But happily so far this season my score/index has been steady and or dropping a couple of tenths. I attribute this to more directed practice and trying to maintain some semblance of record keeping. Two goals I set early on was increase my GIR's. So far this year I managed to hit 44% of greens compared to 29% last year. I wanted to increase the % of rounds breaking 80. Last year it was 20% and so far this year I'm at 31%. My driving has remained steady at 62% no improvement but no degradation either. As far as putting my only goal was to eliminate 3 putts. Problem is I never developed a plan of attack to fix what might be the problem. I know I usually had at least one 3 putt each round of 9. Since being involved in the @GolfSub70 putter testing I have been tracking my 3 putts better. Rough estimate of 11% of putts were 3 putts. Since tracking my 3 putts, they have dropped to a tad over 7% currently. Will need to quantify goals for next year a bit better once I figure out where I stand at the end of this year.


  7. Had a chance to get out on the course after a week of weather shut-in. 55 and sunny. Little wind which is always nice at that temp. Biggest issue was all the courses that I have access to have completed their greens aeration process. To the say the least, they are a tad bit rough. Even the practice greens. Hoping another week will help to smooth them out so I can continue my outside testing process on the @GolfSub70 004 mallet. After @snoopy79 comments on feeling the weight of the mallet I paid special attention to that today.  You really can sense that weight going back and thru. One thing I noticed on the aerated greens is that I didn't find myself rushing the thru stroke to gain momentum for long putts as much as I need to with my OD. I'm hoping that smoothness translates into more made putts.


  8. First off, welcome to the forum. I think you'll find most, if not all your questions answered, at some point. Sometimes it might take a week or two until the right person reads your post. I have not heard any updates lately to Ping's supply chain issues. What has your fitter told you?

  9. 18 hours ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

    How does the shaft feel? That is something I am very curious about as I am a big believer in non traditional Steel shafts.

    Does it balance well, do you think this is a true upgrade at first glance?

    I have to admit that I'm glad I tried the steel/graphite shaft. On my mishits it is noticeable but not as bad as it feels on my all steel shaft. Now don't get me wrong, I like my OD but the feel of this @GolfSub70 004 mallet shaft combo is very good as well.

  10. Just a quick update from Mid Michigan. Yesterday the temp was mid 80's and partly sunny and today it's raining to beat the drum...All Day!! and 61 degrees. Moved testing of the @GolfSub70 004 Mallet to my indoor facilities. Not high tech but the main barn door does have an elec opener. I'm using a 9 foot putting mat on bare concrete floor. Checked the levels and both were level. Tracking how many consecutive putts I can make down a 4 foot metal measuring stick alternating between putters. Also capturing putts from the 3 foot and 6 foot distances. Not as much fun as being on the practice green but hey!

    Level test.jpg

    Rainy test site active.jpg

    Rainy weather back up.jpg

    Yep, level.jpg

  11. 23 hours ago, Love2Golf526 said:

    Looking to replace wedges.  I've read plenty of conflicting info regarding shaft weight of wedges compared to irons.  Some say keep the weight the same, with same flex.  Others say heavier no more than 10 grams, but soften the flex.  Or, heavier but keep flex the same.  Confusion!  Any input would be helpful.

    First off, Welcome to the MGS Forum. There are a lot of folks here, smart folks, that will be able to offer info you can absorb or discard. That's the beauty of it. You get to decide. Welcome and I hope you find it useful in your golf endeavors. Oh yeah, wedge shaft weights? Beats the heck out of me. I'll let the smart folks answer.

  12. 2 months ago I tested and purchased a Caddie Tec pushcart. Easy rolling, good price and it folds easily and into a 24x28 rectangle and fits in my vehicle nicely. Weight is very easily handled, even for an older fart. Well worth the effort and the cash for sure. Good product.

  13. First Impression (cont) @GolfSub70 004 Mallet Testing

    - What I found cool was the embroidered headcover for the putter. Well branded for sure and did I mention they use a velcro closure. Works and fits nicely.

    -I may have mentioned my current p is a Od Versa Works 7, in silver. Never appeared to shine in my eyes but the Sub 70 004 Mallet is 100% black with a specialized coating to protect it.

    -The entire putter head is milled in a different pattern than the face and seems to deflect or dull any shine from outside elements. What stands out to me is the white aim line. I NEED A STRONG AIM LINE. This putter has it. I hope the self look view of the putter shows that. That caught my eye. 

    -On to some testing after I get my chores done.

  14. First Impressions- @GolfSub70 Sycamore 004 Mallet Putter (bulletized format)

    -Ordering is generally straight forward.

    -You should have a good command of the golf language so you know what you are ordering.

    -I had to reselect due to being out of stock on a shaft. Web site stated in stock.

    -Fully understand the supply chain issues but keeping web site current is important. Received the putter within 10 days of order.

    -As posted earlier, the box arrived in pristine condition.

    -Sub 70 offers 100% money back guarantee and you have up to 60 days to try out according to their web site. They also offer a demo program and in over 20 locations they have what is referred to as a "fitting cart location".

    -Make an appointment to visit and try out many of their combinations. 

    - As shown in previously posted photos shows the box, the putter a thank you card, cool head cover and assorted weights to try. All in all a great package. I have graded them so far as 18 out of 20. The con was the ordering issue.

    -Oh yes, don't let me forget to pay attention to the CNC milling process. 100% solid 1045 carbon steel billet. The milling pattern is top notch. As a former purchasing manager for an aerospace parts manufacturer, I can say their machining is quality is superior.


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