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  1. You might also want to check out any local colleges or universities that have golf teams and query their Sports PT folks. I also obtain some relief for lower back pain by using Rx Lidocaine 5% patches. Over the counter ones have less strength and can be a bit pricy and are only 4x5. The Rx ones my Dr. did are stronger, 5x8 in size and last the full round.
  2. I have progressives as well. It takes me a while to figure how to tilt my head the right way in order to gain the best sharpness view. I'm usually good at address and I don't worry about impact and shortly after as I seem to find the ball OK in flight when it hits about 25 feet or so, good and clear and I usually can watch it until it lands. That's one of the reasons I'm in demand to play golf with...I can spot mine and the others balls as well. Had a good indoor session today in the barn. Was able to cover all 10 shots with a silver dollar.
  3. I've purchased 4 sets over the years. 1st set was a Dave Hill model RAMs I purchased as a young LT from the Heidlberg Four Seasons shop. After I retired from service I purchased a set of Adams A3OS. Next set a few years later I thought I deserved to move on up to Adams VTech 4 Forged and my last set a few years ago was Ping G400. For some reason I always went with the woods that accompanied the irons. Might have 1 more set left to go, but as they increase prices, not sure the true value is there any longer. Definitely will buy a couple of model years later though.
  4. First off, thank you AND your wife for your service. As a senior officer at the War College, I know you realize that future assignments will only become more difficult on your time. That's the job that you appear to have signed up for. Enjoy the time now for sure with the family. OK, that being said I know you must maintain a fairly strenuous daily PT schedule before or after classes. While doing your five mile jaunts, try to run around a golf course, hole by hole and in your mind ID areas where you would and would not want to hit into, based on where the flag is sitting today. I'm not talking about the obvious water hazard, but the actual layout. I know you only have a few seconds at each hole but that strategizing may help on your mental shot application workout. Don't forget about your gym workouts on specific golf aspects that might prove beneficial. The backyard net is a great idea, takes minute to set up and in between flipping burgers you can knock out 3 or 4 shots. Easy to set up in a garage. You might not be able to do full shots, but chipping is always a possibility. Best of luck sir.
  5. Nice day today. Sunny, a bit of wind and 45* Was able to get to the range to work on...figuring out how my new glasses Rx was going to affect my ball striking. It appears there will be some adjustments needed. Not a huge difference from last years Rx but enough to cause some displacement. Irons were hitting about sweet spot height but tended to be more toward the tow. Well, certainly have a good reason to get back to the range Thurs, $%#@ snow due in tomorrow AM.
  6. In the barn chipping into the net. Light coat of snow this AM.
  7. I don't play any organized tourney's to require the need to mark. When I play in leagues or with friends I just ask what they are playing and change mine if need be to something else.
  8. What?? He didn't yell "Incoming"?
  9. Bekgolf, welcome if you had not been welcomed. Enjoy and just play with it. I'm not a tech person and still trying to figure out how to take a selfie and place it on my profile. Someday it'll happen. Hope you get some enjoyment and information from your "lurking". Have fun.
  10. Like many, my bag has 15 places. I also have those plastic tubes for each shaft. Each club has its appropriate head cover. Every space has a determined purpose and I buy my bags based on the purpose. I need to know where everything is located. Compliments of Uncle Sam's Army, my bag is organized just like my ruck sack was and Butt Pac. Reason for tubes and head covers is I HATE my clubs rattling and banging around making all that noise. My game is done with a purpose and as quietly as I can. Some things just stay with you.
  11. Winter has a crush hold on mid Michigan. Zero rounds yet. Hopefully in 2-3 weeks a couple of locals will open. In my dreams...1 each night.
  12. Nice, double nice actually. Will be fun to follow the process. Don't forget to get the soil checked for acid content. With that pine so close it may impact the Bermuda a bit. If MPR could ship down some of that snow from the UP that would help compress and level...but may also keep the soil cooler for a while. Never mind. Good luck and have fun.
  13. Just be careful dude. See if you can't contact a "Sports PT" organization for some advise in this matter. Can't be too safe. Good luck in your healing.
  14. 100% concur. Slow and easy shots, no longer than 100yardsor so. As you start to hit the center more increase speed, feet still together and you'll be out to 150. Then after that confidence builder, start to widen your stance a little at a time and slowly increase your swing speed. That will help get you into a confidence level to look at things like shaft type and length and such variables. Good luck and smiling.
  15. I don't and am not a fan of music on the course. But, as long as they keep it low and respectful I will just suck it up and play on.
  16. Man, it sucks getting "older". I think you have the right approach. Swing with in yourself and "enjoy" the game. You have earned and deserve it. Enjoy. I remember my dad telling me when I was a small golfer that I spent almost as much time chasing butterflies as I did watching my own balls fly. I'm starting to catch myself stopping and watching butterflies or the geese. What comes around...
  17. I think it will be a hit. Especially at that time of year. Wish them all luck.
  18. I've been playing since I was 10 or so. I believe that as I have gotten older, I have taken the game more seriously. I have the time to practice more, so I do. I concentrate more on my short game and approach shots. Even if I'm not on the course, I enjoy hitting balls. At the local park I hit unto unoccupied ball diamonds from 100-150 yards away and pick targets such as 2nd base then 3rd base. Pick trees out and use their shade outline to be my target green. I take myself seriously but don't try to get too excited when I blow a shot. I have to admit I do enjoy the game and the ability to just go out and enjoy God's world. I've lost the ability to see as well as before and certainly hit as far as I used to. Thank goodness for the concept of moving up on tee boxes.
  19. I hear ya but I really hope that you do continue to enjoy the game and just play for the fun and for the memories that were provided.
  20. Well first of all, sure hope you are doing OK after the 7 month layoff. If you are just looking for a good second hand 5 fairway metal, for practice before buying a more current club, you might consider Adams Tightlies 5 metal. Found on many used club sites and very reasonable. Very easy to hit and ease back into it. Good luck.
  21. Yeah, pretty much feel inside 50 yards. I use a Swami GPS for raw distance as I really only take full swings until I'm inside my lofted wedge full swing distance. Still watch wind direction, topography etc but then it's how I feel.
  22. If you have the bucks go for it. I drive a 2011 PU with 157,000 miles on it and it stills works fine. I drive with a G400 that is 6 years old and my fairways hit % still in upper 60's as is my age. I'm comfortable with that. I have accepted that my distance has seen the best days past. Goals now are to enjoy tomorrow's round more than today's round. I'm not embarrassed to purchase second hand or past years models if I need to.
  23. Fixing ball marks on greens. The proper way. Playing music too loud. If within the group all are ok with it fine. But hearing loud music from 4 holes over is annoying. Cigar or cig ashes on the green near the pin. Many who take junior lessons or clinics seem to get the basics explained and they do well learning. The annoying part most is done by people who should know better. No manners anywhere so why would I expect them to honor a golf round?
  24. What's a guy to do?
  25. I don't know, what I don't know. I don't believe all the intricate details are necessary for me. Just dumb it down so I get the general idea and I am learning something. What scares me the most is being pushed toward a brand that I won't want in a million years. Yes, I have biases and I don't want to go up against their profit biases if they have any.
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