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  1. 49 minutes ago, JPDELGADO said:

    3W-5W-4h set up for me, but I could see myself testing out a 2h and 3h down the road. One of the guys in my Sunday crew has driver and irons only.

    Have to admit, the 3W isn’t my “best friend” but I generally do OK with it and really need that gap filler.  Welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy. Welcome.

    21 minutes ago, ttasty83 said:

    I always struggled with woods off the deck. I now play a 17* super hybrid with a right handed adapter (I'm left handed) so playing at 15*

    On that note I need callaway to bring back the 17* lefty options on their new super hybrids.

    Have to admit, the 3W isn’t my “best friend” but I generally do OK with it and really need that gap filler.  Welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy. Welcome.

  2. I understand the need to know the distance to a target. I also see many people abuse that need to know, which does slow the game down. Some people take 3 or 4 readings, march and get a club, take another reading, I guess the flag must have jumped in the last minute. I use a Swami 6000 which gives me straight line distances. I like the front, middle back yardage aspect. I can't honestly say I'm accurate enough to warrant the use of a range finder. But I am decent enough to know I don't like to guess about distances. I hate doglegs because I have to guess how far I need to hit to clear the corner. Down side to the Swami.

  3. League play is over for the year. Since I turn a year older before next years league play I'm supposed to move up one set of tees. Decided to play from those tees yesterday to start looking at course strategies. There is about 200 total yard difference between my old tee and the new ones. Yes, there is an interesting angle vantage difference between the 2. I'll play them once or twice more before they close the course down next month. I need to plan my shots differently for sure. I did notice I only used my driver 3 times, 3 metal 4 times., 6 iron and 4 hybrid.  Very different from this past year.

  4. 2 hours ago, WAF4011 said:

     but I hate Dicks Sporting Goods politics.  I am a hunter and shooter too, so when they buckled and closed their Field and Stream stores because guns are scary, I took my money elsewhere.

    I hear ya, I did the same years ago when DSG got rid of all their PGA folks from the golf dept. But...I've mellowed over time and they have done some good things locally so...I don't totally disregard them anymore.

  5. Usually I don't play on a Sunday afternoon. But weather was perfect in Mid MI. Sun, 72*, little breeze. Next 3 days are predicted rain, so I figured what the hay. Started out playing very well but ran into a major slow down at the 7th. Caught up to 2 groups of knuckleheads who were playing whack a mole. Behind them 2 groups waiting their turn to tee off. I just hate waiting around. Boogied the last 3 holes( 2 with stupid 3 putts). Just stupid head space and timing issues internal. Ended with a 40. Bright side was 5 of 7 fairways hit, 6 out of 9 greens hit. Hit the best 4 hybrid shot ever and it actually held the green. But the weather for early Sep was just perfect. 

  6. Have not, zero, none in the past 10 years. Early on in my getting serious about practice' I looked at lots of "on-line" sites and email videos. Some helped a little, but I agree, lessons are the best. I find it hard to assimilate what I watch in videos to doing for real. I need to ask questions in the middle to fully understand what I should feel.  Welcome to the forum. This a great place to ask and receive feedback. Sometimes very helpful other times maybe not so much. But what does not click with me...might for someone else.

  7. 5 hours ago, Sluggo42 said:

     heartbreaking loss of our beloved pooch Jacob,

    Glad you were able to get on the links. So sorry to hear about your pup. Family is family.  Something tells me Jacob had something to do with the 18th.  Most will say I'm a sap but hey. I believe what I believe and I'll own it.

  8. 13 hours ago, clubber said:
    11 hours ago, RTH1 said:



    Welcome to the forum folks. Great questions and a great place to get some good answers. I can't add any technical advice more that already mentioned.


  9. On 9/6/2023 at 7:43 AM, Wheelieb said:

     gapping from my 58 to my 5 wood is pretty good. But my 5 wood has a huge gap to my driver. Anyone have any suggestions?

    Ditch the driver, problem solved. 

    Sorry, couldn't resist.  You could try the 4 wood? Just go to some demo days and try a couple of different combo's.

  10. On 9/6/2023 at 5:34 AM, RTH1 said:

    Question is for boa users, 

    I'm old fashioned. I still pound nails out the soles and use fencing wire for laces. Never wear out.  Welcome to the forum. As you can see there are many great thoughts. Welcome, welcome and great question. 

  11. Beautiful day today in mid MI. Low 70's, lots of sun and gentle breezes. We've had 3 days of no rain so things are starting to dry up. Only spotted 3 'casual water"  spots. I missed them all.😀 Shot 37 for my normal 9. Nice walk for sure. Only hit 4 GIR but 4 others were all within 2 feet or less so striking was doing OK. Went back to using the lines on my ball for putting. Putted much better today. Only 14. The 2 birdies I made helped for sure. Wanted practice with my 3 wood off the deck so put the driver away for this round. Still need to practice or keep practicing. Just not getting much height. Onward and upward ho.

  12. On 8/24/2023 at 5:26 PM, ottawap said:

    Thanks, I guess that's good news. The idea of giving up my nippons is equally painful though. 

    Welcome to the forum. This is "da" place to ask those questions. Most of the time you'll receive sincere info based on experience. You did get some of the "best of the best" responses thus far.

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