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  1. On 8/22/2023 at 11:12 AM, JellyRollBeBop said:

    Hello All,

    This is my first time on the forums so I apologize in advance for newbie ways.

    Wow now that is a name in a half. Pish posh on your apology. Welcome to the forum. This is the place to ask and receive answers to your questions. Many of us have the same ones just no gumption to ask. I personally have found many good tips and have received help as well. Welcome. Enjoy and Participate.

  2. Welcome to the forum. You found the right place to ask questions and quiz for their best advice. Don't be surprised when you try something that sounds really cool and should work, when it doesn't. Everyone is different in what works and what doesn't.  If you can afford, some lessons would be a good place to start. As well as finding out what would be the best setup for you at this time.

  3. 8 hours ago, max31man said:

     One of these days I’d love to play a round only teeing off with the 3H every hole just to see how well I can shoot with the added consistency.

    First off welcome to the forum. I think you'll find info interesting and thought provoking. Good luck in your gap search. Sooooo, just go out next round and do just that. Tee off with your 3H just to see. Make it happen.

  4. First off, welcome to the forum. This is the right place to ask your questions. Trust me you'll get answers and opinions. Your job will then be to decipher.

    For me I generally hit my driver 210-225. Depending on wind direction and firmness of fairway I can sometimes get it out to 240. My 3 wood is a 16* 2012 Tightlies from Adams. On average it is a 190-205 club for me. If I need a little less I choke down. My Adams 5 wood Tightlie 19* is a 175-185 club for me. Then I drop to a 4 hybrid at 21*. That combo has served me pretty well. Maybe not orthodox but it works for me.

  5. The day before we received 1.8 inches of rain on top of already saturated ground. Yesterday was a beautiful day. Sunny mild wind mid 70's. They were only allowing walkers out. Teed off at 1PM and wished I had brought my waders. Lots of standing water in fairways. Frustrating to watch a decent drive splash down in the middle of the fairway. Wasn't my best striking day but chipping and putting saved the day. Finished slogging around 9 holes and looked like a wet spotted owl. Didn't hit any water penalties but plenty of water shots. All in all was a good day. Still managed to shoot 37 so I was happy all things considered.

  6. Come to think of it. Grandboys and I attended the LPGA Dow Classic in July. Some of the swag that Dow was handing out were divot tools and tees made from plastic gathered and recycled from last years tourney. I need to really check them out to see. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. I use both. Just happens when I grab what and when. I do prefer plastic tees for chewing on during my rounds. Never golf without one and never ones used to tee the ball. Don't trust the fertilizer and pesticides on the turf. Wood is a renewable resource, and biodegradable if lost or broken. Easily broken whereas plastic tends to last longer unless lost. 

  8. 12 hours ago, AWagner7 said:

    Also curious left and right instead of just head on. 

    You can interpolate the chart that cnosil posted to help. Welcome to the forum and I hope that you enjoy the information that you'll gain. and we look forward to hearing your input and experiences as well.

  9. The closest course is generally too far to drive very often to putt. But then the general manager comes out to check that you have a tee time. He doesn't like to allow people to practice at his facility unless they are going out. Soooooo. I don't go there. I bought some remnant rug pieces indoor outdoor that rolls balls pretty decent. I also use my net in the barn. For short game I often (2-3 times a week0 go to a local park and hit balls to different trees at different distances from diff grass lies.

  10. 12 hours ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

    1. What does MGS Forum mean to you?

    2. What has been your favorite thread of 2023?

    3. What testing opportunities have you followed the most?

    4. If you were to explain the MGS Forum to someone who never heard about it what would you say?

    5. Of the new "features" what have you enjoyed the most (ie: MGS Virtual Tour, Community Calls, Live Q&As, Classifieds)

    6. What brought you to join the MGS Forum?

    1 &6 are very much the same to me. I joined originally to follow a group of "like" individuals that really appreciate the sport of golf. It allows me a place to seek out answers to questions I have and helps me to learn. I hate asking "dumb" questions so this forum helps me with that. I don't feel embarrassed about seeking info.  I learned that it was really fairly simple to re-grip my clubs.  Was actually able to do just that this spring.

    2.  The general question and answers is always a fav. But really there are others, How'd you play? What did you practice? Also really was hoping to see Tom's hard work on his backyard putting green come to fruition. Maybe next year.

    3. Push carts is one I'm interested in. I was surprised at the RR gloves they seemed very positive but I also looked and quickly discovered they are at a price point I can't entertain. Same with Sugar balls.

    4. You can find almost any information your desire about golf. Lots of opinions and biases for sure, but lots of info. Hard not to like.

    5. Have not really delved into it yet.

  11. At some of the local courses I've paid and played at rain checks are granted for the full 9 or 18 that I paid for if... Playing 9 and I completed 5 holes no rain check. on 18 if I completed 12 same goes. But never have I seen come back and comlete 3 0r 4. 


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