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  1. Reviving this thread. Has anyone found a company that can do a DLC refinish on irons? And price for a set? I've got an old set I'd like to renew with that finish.
  2. Titleist TS3 driver with a Project X T1100 75g 2016 Taylor Made M2 Deep Face 13° w/ Project X T1100 95g Titleist 818H2 17° hybrid with Graphite Design DI-105 X 3-PW National Custom Works bespoke set w/ Dynamic Gold X7 54° and 60° National Custom Works wedges w/ Dynamic Gold X7 Lamont Mann 6266 in TeCu billet and leather I'd miss my 3Deep the most...
  3. My last round with a vintage set was about 5 years ago. My venerable Tommy Armour 986 Tour persimmons and blades. Granted, they have been upgraded since the late 80s with DGSL X-100 in the persimmons and DG Tour X7 in the irons, which fit my swing. Playing against two buddies with their regular equipment, I was able to hang in there with them off the tee. The modern balls help tremendously. Had I had to play a wound balata in the wind we were playing, I would have gotten killed.
  4. Is this a tour played driver? Or did they pull one from store stock and have SG sign it? Does the head have a TC serial?
  5. From the 975D to the 983E, you couldn't get a Titleist driver out of my bag. Then came the aluminum hoseled, high spinning heads. The 983E was about as low spinning as anything out there, but it finally got beat by the TM R510 TP. IF Titleist is going to go back to being competitive on distance and are willing to put out a truly deep faced monster like the 983E was, I'll give them a shot. I haven't seen the TS3 in person yet. We'll see if it has a chance. The TS2 looks like too many drivers today: flattened pancakes.
  6. Just curious about what you thought about the sewn Gripmasters? Was looking at a set in the yellow.
  7. Just play forged blades. Most still have a PW closer to 47-48° and haven't gone as strong as garlic on their lofts.
  8. I don't understand this modern fascination with trying to tear down everyone's heroes. This modern, TMZ fueled newscycle combined with a relentless pursuit of making sure everyone knew you were a secret b@stard. Why not let people be remembered for the good they did? Yes, Palmer was a known womanizer. The press knew. From the stories I have heard, pretty much everyone knew. But it wasn't talked about, similar to JFK's indiscretions. But now, we can't like Washington and Jefferson because they owned slaves. Ty Cobb was a racist. Tiger knocked up a stripper...twice. Pete Rose was a gambler. What these people did was extraordinary. And quite often extraordinary people have some shade in their past. Or as the joke says: You can give to charity, be a good neighbor, but screw one goat and you are permanently known as "Bob the Goat-f*cker!" I'll remember Palmer as the man that brought about the modern game. He helped define the four modern Majors. He gave huge to charities. He also was extremely diligent about returning letters to fans. He rarely turned down someone wanting an autograph. He essentially helped turn IMG into the powerhouse that it is today. A lot of athletes owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Palmer for getting them paid at the level they are now.
  9. Currently in SW PA, but will be moving to the DC/Alexandria VA area in about a month. Definitely interested if anyone ever wants to get a game in.
  10. A lot depends on how they were installed. 2" grip tape? Easy with a needle and injector. 3/4" spiraled tape, good luck!
  11. I'd take that bet. I know plenty of people on these sites that are good enough to take on someone like RF. Especially if he gets handicapped with 15-25 yards off the tee with persimmon and (your own qualification) grips from a thrift store set. Give him a set with grips as hard and slick as whale sh*t at the bottom of the ocean and he's not going to be able to perform. I've also seen some of the custom stuff out there for touring professionals. When you start looking at the reduced offsets, grinds, and specialty shafts, there is definitely a difference.
  12. At $500, which has been the retail benchmark going back to the GBB and 975D, yes. But the recent $800+ drivers? No. It's too easy nowadays to shop last years models at $300 and get 99% of the performance benefits. Plus, you have a year to examine what is getting turned over in the used market. I try not to buy into the hype, though I must admit spending an awful lot in 2016 on the M1 only to find minimal performance advantages over the SLDR 430 it was replacing. I haven't played enough with the Epic Sub Zero to quantify it yet, but it definitely feels and seems to be better shot for shot compared to the M1.
  13. I have two. They are the oldest tenured clubs in my collection. 1) Tour Issue Titleist 585.H 17° hybrid with Diamana Thump X. I am currently trying a 915Hd/DI-105X and a 815 alpha/Thump X trying to unseat it, but currently, nothing can dethrone it. It is a predictable, boring club with excellent flight and great launch off the deck and the tee. It creates a perfect bridge between my 3 iron and my 3Deep. If I could find a place that could apply the black ion finish to the face and sole and have it refinished, I'd probably keep it forever. 2) 1998 Tad Moore Tour Classic. Of all the 8802 putters I have, this one checks almost all the boxes. Bettinardi milled, a perfect half shaft offset, dark finish, and a buttery soft copper insert. Tad did a hot bend on the necks to set the loft/lie/offset perfectly on these. I have sexier 8802s in my collection, but this one has been a great performer for many years. Of course, the ho/idiot in me can't keep me from rotating putters.
  14. Haven't seen one, nor have any from the Bay Hill stash turned up on the usual club sites. It's a shame he chose to make it in stainless instead of carbon.
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