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  1. I'm not a Titleist fan at all. I'm a Bridgestone (B330-RXS) or Chrome Soft guy. I tried a sleeve of the AVX and thought if the price point was closer to the Bridgestone, I'd be all over the AVX. I thought it was the best Titleist ball I've ever played. I was super impressed. Felt good everywhere to me. But I'm not as good as many of you. At $15/sleeve, no way I'd ever try to game these balls regardless of how much I liked them. Golf balls are ridiculously expensive and if Costco can make Pro V1 quality balls for less than a pack of Slazengers.... Golf balls don't have to cost $50-60/dozen, but I guess as long as people keep paying that price, they'll keep making a killing on them. I just got a sleeve of yellow Titleist "test" balls in the mail today, I can only guess that they are AVX's (my first sleeve of test balls!!! woohoo!!!). Gonna test them against my B330-RXS's tomorrow like I did when I first found the AVX. I did shoot my lowest round ever that first go with the AVX, but price matters, so like I said before.
  2. mgcchkn

    Ping G400

    I went to the only place in my town that sells golf equipment now (Dick's) and all they had was the standard G400 with standard stiff shaft. No shaft options, no other loft options, no other head options. Kind of hard to get fit for a new driver when they only have 1 option. My town sucks! When I get some decent time off I'm gonna track down one of those top 100 fitters and give it a whirl.
  3. In response to a couple of posts. I figured I needed a Ping fitter because they are Ping clubs and they'd already have shafts with the G adapters on them. My Dick's does have a Ping cart, but it's only for irons. Unfortunately I didn't think about this when I got custom fit for my Ping irons at the last remaining independent shop that was competent before they closed. My game is at a new level now and getting the most out of my non-fitted clubs (that can be fitted) is my next step towards improvement (other than getting my putts to sub 30's). Are any of you in the Los Angeles area and recommend any shops for this?
  4. I think you read something that wasn't in the original post. I never said anything about cost. I did say it was a bummer that my nearest fitter was a distance away, didn't say wasn't willing to go there. Are you just out to troll posts to get your post count up? You've added absolutely zero value to this post and therefore wasted mine and anyone else that read your posts time. Your input is no longer needed nor wanted on this post. Good day sir.
  5. That was pretty uncalled for jaskanski. Get over yourself. I was just at that shop over 100 miles away Friday getting a new putter. I don't have a problem driving, the main point of the post was is it a good idea to get fit for shafts.
  6. When I bought my driver and 3 wood (both Ping G), the guy just told me to hit clubs until I found something I liked. Now I'm wondering if I should take the heads down and get fit for shafts for optimal spin, launch angle, etc... What do you all think? Unfortunately, all I have in my town is a Dick's so I'd have to drive over 100 miles to find a reputable Ping fitter. Thanks!
  7. 1. Eric, Home State of Callaway, CA 2. 16.8 3. Ping G 9°, Ping Tour 65 Stiff 4. ~95, 240 5. Jim Furyk
  8. Your Handicap: 17 Your State/Province: CA Your Swing Speed & Average Carry Distance: 95/235 Your Preference (F7 or F7+): F7+ (but I'm not picky, I'll try either)
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