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  1. Cheers bkelley.🏌️‍♀️🇮🇪👍
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/BmyeikkHPKz/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1ex4fj7r8dzww I hope this works, it's my effort at no look swing
  3. Hi cheers fella , I've tried it and complete miss the ball, but before I knew about this guy I have putted looking only at hole , amazing how close I can get it to cup when long way away.. I'm actually going to Nottingham tomorrow for a lesson with they guy that came up with the idea of no look Danny burzstyn, Instagram @golflessonsnottingham. I will let you know how it went , do you have Instagram at all? Cheers shea.
  4. Cheers dawg!👍😏 😁🇮🇪
  5. No honest lads. He talks about forgetting trying to hit the ball...just learn where the club head is in swing and swing club, the fact the ball is in the way is coincendetial... make a sense to me...I mean we all hit a great practice swing , but as soon as I get over the ball I forget to swing club rather I try to hit back of the ball. You know what I mean guys... But this guy make a it sound so simple. Just want thoughts , no bother if you don't want to, I'm not bothered really lads.
  6. Cheers pal , can you let me know what your initial impressions are of this guy , if you don't mind that is 👍
  7. Golf swing, debunking all the b***ox , hi everyone shea Irish lad living in the UK, I know I know 😁, any one hear of this guy? Thoughts, Thanks ! Seems to have a point on a few issues I feel. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCmob9ihv8izaukO2JlSI0hA/videos
  8. Shea Coventry United kingdom 44 yrs old hcp 12.3 ( congu ) Mizuno mp25 rifle shaft project x 5.5 stiff 4-pw Thanks for considering my application. Shea meade
  9. Hello from a wet UK I'm.seamus , im Irish living in the UK, I play off 12 hcp. Being golfing since 2013. I'm 44 , like the banter...love to play golf ALOT.! I'm sure I signed up and introduced myself before about two years ago .. but for some reason.ive had to sign in again. Hope.to get on here more form.now on that I've signed in again. I currently play with Mizuno mp25 rifle shaft extra stiff 5.5 irons.. ping g15 driving iron , titleist 910fd ( wow long club 235 yrd avg ) and mizuno T5 wedges 50 54 58 Just bought mizuno st180 driver on simulator I'm carrying 270 yards ... roll out 299 ..but it's a strange club for me
  10. My strength is I use them both off tee and fairways and I get great height .... weakness is I guess I'm not able to shape them with fade and draw, or keep ball flight medium to low .
  11. Seamus Coventry United kingdom Ping g20 driving irons in 17 deg and 20 deg in stiff kbs shaft. 11 hcp
  12. Hi my driver swing speed is anything from 90 -118 depending on how far I want it to move in the air, and his stiff I'm feeling ..my handicap is 10.4
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