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  1. Rodney - Coleraine / Londonderry (Hopefully this competition is international !!!) Right Handed Hybrids – VKTR+ 18* - Recoil ES 95 F5 X-Stiff 2nd Choice Fairway Wood – GS53 3 wood – 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram X-Stiff Handicap - 5 Currently playing Titliest Hybrid
  2. Thanks guys for giving us the opportunity to enter such a fantastic competition. Cannot wait to get my hands on the head covers and the money going to charity is amazing. Thanks and look forward to any other design competitions you do.
  3. I have an old skool blade and the minute and cannot wait to get it on
  4. To be honest I was shocked at that myself. I just kept entering designs in hope I may possibly win one. But hey i ain't gonna complain, up to the guys choosing. To be honest I love the sock idea, hopefully it translates well to the putter cover.
  5. Amazing! Thanks for choosing mine, I actually cannot wait to see them. Amazing!
  6. Aagh crap just read it was US only. Shame. Absolutely loved the revolutions when they were around. Last maxfli I really played with. Haven't really like anything since
  7. Rodney Moody Northern ireland Driver swing speed 122mph Current ball: Vice Pro Prefer the Tour option.
  8. I looked at this design as a free shot at a mad design. With the machinery available to companies like PRG, printing onto leather and complex embroidery is achievable so I decided I wanted to push the boat out and design something that I think would really stand out in my golf bag. I was leaving it up to the guys at PRG to decide what aspects were printed and which to embroider and make the designs stand out. Design wise the only thing I had to think hard about was for my alligator head design and whether this would work in an actual sample. I'm sure if there was a problem with it these guys could find a solution. But as I've always been told, go bold from the start and it can always be toned down. I think your tie dye idea would have been cool. You should have fired it in regardless and just saw what happened. I know that they will be higher manufacturing costs than their standard head covers but I think as its a limited run and some of the proceeds are going to charity people will pay more for which ever design is chosen. This is why I didn't tone a thing down. Just wish I had more time to design others. Would be great if this was my job.
  9. It's fun to see all the designs on paper but even cooler to see them made up. Can't wait to see the results. Good luck guys.
  10. I have been wondering that for days now. I just decided to do anther two tonight as there is no sign of it closing. They said 2 weeks but that was Monday past so when the actual time is who knows?
  11. This one is a favourite of mine. I have attempted to do the alligator from Happy Gilmore. My alligator has some features added to it to correspond to the movie like the missing eye that Chubb's took, Chubb's Hand and the golf ball that Happy attempted to retrieve in the end up. I didn't want to add any text as I don't think there was anything to add to make him better. A nice menacing addition to any golf bag I think. R.I.P. Chubby. I hope that my image is correct and the effect that I was going for can be achieved.
  12. Ok so this one is from one of my favourite movies Caddy Shack. The old Billy Baroo putter with the beautiful purple sleeve over it is the inspiration.
  13. Being Irish does not mean Im lucky which is why I designed this last one. Sometimes you need to make your own luck on the golf course, it wont just come your way by chance. Practise practise practise.
  14. Im a massive fan of the pressure on the 18th green with all the money on the line so I find it fitting that we use the term putting for dough an awful lot.
  15. I spend a lot of the time in the bunker so I though a wee beach themed one with some of my bunker thoughts added.
  16. For all you men out there that get the dreaded call on the course after you have finished your round.
  17. Who doesnt like dropping bombs from across the green.
  18. Has to be one of my favourite animals and I think the shark on my putter would be cool.
  19. I love smashing in a good eagle so why not have a putter cover with the iconic bald eagle on it.
  20. This one is for all the bandits out there. there are plenty of you.
  21. So as every amateur golf knows 3 putts are a pain in the arse but some one has to be the king of them so why not me. Why fight it, embrace the 3 putt.
  22. Bought myself some metal stamps to add my initials to my irons and I'm now wanting to add some colour to the letters. Up till now I've been using acrylic and a bit of nail varnish but does anyone have any paints they use which are better? My technique doesn't last very long.
  23. I've become a big fan of Vice Pro balls. Worth a shot if you haven't tried them.
  24. First name: Rodney State/Province/Country: Northern Ireland Your current iron/shaft/flex: Mizuno mp5s, project x 5.5 Your 7-iron distance: 185yards
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