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  1. John C. WA state 12 handicap Mizuno JPX 800 Pro Mizuno JPX 900- Forged Would love to share differences and provide reviews comparing these irons. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. John- home state is Washington Ping Scottsdale ZBS Your Huntington Beach putter of choice- Mine would be the HB3 putter thanks for the opportunity! I love my Cleveland wedge and 3-wood. Interested to see how the putter stacks up.
  3. Would love to try out these new irons. Have always been curious about the new PINGS. Used to play the eye2 years ago. John C. Washington State- USA 12.0 Current irons: Mizuno JPX 800 Pro
  4. Hello, I'm a 12 handicapper with an avg swing speed with the driver of 110 mph. thanks! John
  5. Hello, I'm new to the forum, look forward to sharing and learning within this community. I'm a mid-handicapper from Western Washington. True- the ball does not fly as far here as other places! The greens tend to be a bit bumpy, however, there is often no grain to them! best regards, John
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