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  1. Hello from Germany. Hope to have the chance to be part of this raffle. Your first name & home state or province: Frank Schuhmann; Bavaria, Germany Your current driver/shaft combo: TaylerMade Burner 2.0; RH; regular shaft Your driver swing speed and average distance: Round abut 90 Mph; about 200yards Your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram names: Twitter: Frank E. Schuhmann ==>> @bavariangolfer Facebook: Frank Schuhmann ==>> https://www.facebook.com/frank.schuhmann.98 Instagram: Frank Schuhmann ==>> f_schuhmann Your Smart Phone type (iPhone or Android): iPhone (7 plus) Now crossing my fingers.... Choose a German user... Puma & Cobra need a Germn player !!!
  2. Your first name - Frank Your home state or province - Bavaria / Germany Your current handicap - 13.8 Your current distance measuring method (laser, GPS or eyeball) - Laser & GPS-Garmin S4 Hope a Germans will get also the chance to test your new laser
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