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  1. Michael - Orlando FL RH 14* FW in stiff Driving Iron 18* in stiff (backup) 11.4 Yes I play a 21* driving iron, no hybrids
  2. Michael Orlando, FL Taylormade SIM Max 12.2 101 mph TSi2
  3. Michael - Orlando, FL 14.1 New Level MODB-1 with TT Elevate Tour S300 (Just switched out from Taylormade PSi w/ KBS TOUR C Taper Lite s)
  4. Michael, Orlando FL Currrently play Taylormade Hi Toe wedges in 54 and 58 Would like to try the 58 degree
  5. Michael - Orlando, FL 105mph Bridgestone Tour B RX Tour X
  6. Michael Orlando, FL 105mph Bridgestone Tour B RX Never played a Snell
  7. Michael, Florida 13.7 - 104mph driver Bridgestone Tour B RX I have played both and enjoyed them, especially the XV Yellow
  8. -Michael -Florida -Wilson Staff 8883 BLK -Not a weakness or strength which is kind of frustrating
  9. Michael, Florida Talylormade M3 9* Mitsubishi Tensei White stiff 13/105, No use of launch monitor for data collection I have not played a Tour Edge driver before, but currently play a 3w from them and it is excellent
  10. 1. Michael - Florida 2. 12.6 handicap, 105mph SS 3. Taylormade M3 4. G410 Plus
  11. Michael Orlando, FL 13.1 Taylormade PSi 4-GW w/ KBS TOUR C-Taper Lite Stiff i500
  12. Michael from Orlando, FL Current Wedges: Taylormade PSi 50*, Wilson Staff FG Tour TC 54*, 58* Desired Set: Dark 50*, 54*, 58*
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