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  1. Your Handicap - 9.3 Your State/Province - Maryland, USA Your Swing Speed & Average Carry Distance - 115 & 290yds Your Preference (F7 or F7+) - F7+ In the market for a replacement for my i25, have played Cobra in the past would love to test them out! Cheers
  2. Not too far, I am North of Baltimore, Pasadena is south, 30 miles or so of highway driving, lots of nice tracks in this part of the midatlantic, got to get your son playing!
  3. Love the work done here, figured I had to come and sign up! Played my first round of the year over the weekend at Queenstown Harbor - Lakes Course, not in bad shape for the time of year. Hit some good shots and I am looking forward to honing my wedge game this season, what's everyone else working on?
  4. 112-114MPH 9.2 index Heard a lot about these balls, would love to test them!
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