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  1. I've taken my clubs on 5 trips (one international to Ireland) over the last 2 years or so with layovers on every trip. I haven't had any issues with my setup so far. I have an Ogio soft bag and use the club glove stiff arm (which I feel is the big reason i haven't had issues). I throw the stiff arm in my bag, usually try to center it between all my clubs, and then take my towels and a rain jacket and wrap it around all of my club heads and the club glove. I do this to get a little extra protection, but to also to keep the heads from be loose if my bag gets tossed around. Once in the bag I get the club glove extended a couple of inches above my driver. As I said, this has worked for me on multiple trips. The big reason I like the soft bag is that you can fold up the bag and make room in the car if needed. I had a trip to Las Vegas earlier this year and I was able to rent a convertible. Had to take my clubs out of my travel bag to get everything to fit in the car. Don't think I would have been able to do that had I had a hard case.
  2. 1. Richard from Wisconsin 2. 13.5 3. Taylormade Burner Superfast 2.0, stock shaft, stiff flex 4. 95-100mph, 230-240 yds 5. Phil
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