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  1. Eldon Roberson Norco, Calif. i have a standing tee time three days a week at my home course which i have played for over 40 years so i know my yardages pretty well. When i play at an away course or tournament I usually use my playing partners yardage info. if all else fails i will buy a yardage book. I think technology in golf can be a wonderful thing, but if we aren't careful it can become intrusive and subtract from the enjoyment that the game of golf can provide. I use a flip phone, no photos, no texts and no cruising the internet while on the golf course. i get to pay f
  2. Would love to test the CBX irons. 1. Eldon from Californis 2. Cleveland 588 TT irons with Actionlite A Flex Shafts 3. SCGA Index is 7.5 4. Cleveland CBX Irons
  3. Eldon from California Current wedges: Mizuno forged 60 deg and 56 deg and Vokey 58 degree Short game strengths: good feel for distance inside 15 yds. weaknesses: greenside bunker play Current SCGA Index is 8.5
  4. Eldon from California Bobby Grace AMG 4 Diamond Putter 34 IN STD LOFT ODYSSEY O-WORKS BLACK #3T PUTTER
  5. Norco, Calif. Odyssey Two Ball 8 to 15 foot putts
  6. i have a SCGA handicap index of 10.0 and my driver club head speed is about 80 mph. I am 82 years old and have played golf for over 50 years. My lowest handicap was when i was in my 50's and I carried a 2 handicap. Still teeing it up 3 days a week and enjoying the game.
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