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  1. Eldon Roberson Norco, Calif. i have a standing tee time three days a week at my home course which i have played for over 40 years so i know my yardages pretty well. When i play at an away course or tournament I usually use my playing partners yardage info. if all else fails i will buy a yardage book. I think technology in golf can be a wonderful thing, but if we aren't careful it can become intrusive and subtract from the enjoyment that the game of golf can provide. I use a flip phone, no photos, no texts and no cruising the internet while on the golf course. i get to pay full attention to the game and my environment during my round.
  2. Would love to test the CBX irons. 1. Eldon from Californis 2. Cleveland 588 TT irons with Actionlite A Flex Shafts 3. SCGA Index is 7.5 4. Cleveland CBX Irons
  3. Eldon from California Current wedges: Mizuno forged 60 deg and 56 deg and Vokey 58 degree Short game strengths: good feel for distance inside 15 yds. weaknesses: greenside bunker play Current SCGA Index is 8.5
  4. Eldon from California Bobby Grace AMG 4 Diamond Putter 34 IN STD LOFT ODYSSEY O-WORKS BLACK #3T PUTTER
  5. i have a SCGA handicap index of 10.0 and my driver club head speed is about 80 mph. I am 82 years old and have played golf for over 50 years. My lowest handicap was when i was in my 50's and I carried a 2 handicap. Still teeing it up 3 days a week and enjoying the game.
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