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  1. 1) 5.6 index, Asheville, NC 2) Maltby TS-1 forged irons, Wishon stepless shafts, S flex, soft-stepped, 8i = 145-150 yds 3) I have tested and made my own clubs for decades but with fewer good component companies around and the rise in customizable DTC brands like Sub70 and Hogan, I am very interested to see how these clubs perform.
  2. Mark Massachusetts Cobra Biocell, Project X 5.5, 70 gm 96 mph We could all use more speed!
  3. Mark Boston, MA Wishon Golf 565MC Forged, Nippon Pro Modus3 Tour 120 shafts, S flex 7i distance = 155 yds Love the trick of building max technology into a "player's club" look
  4. Mark Massachusetts 7.2 index Recently started playing Wishon Sterling irons (single length) Single length: Would love to see how these compare to Wishons
  5. I'm playing Vice Pro and K-Sigs (until I run out!) SS = 95 mph Index = 6.9
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