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  1. I think it's a little more normal than you think. There's only a 1.5* difference between my "3W" and Hybrid. I have a Titleist 917 set at 16.5 and an 18 Adams. There's about a 20-25 yard difference between the clubs.
  2. Love this and looking forward to more in 2022.
  3. There's going to be a big difference in forgiveness between modern irons and 40 year old ones. Also you could probably find a shaft option that fits you better than whatever is in your old clubs. You don't need new clubs, just something new-er. Get on eBay and you'll find plenty of options of irons from the last decade for a couple hundred bucks, rather than the thousand+ a new set would run.
  4. Lol no...glad I'm not the only one with this train of thought.
  5. As you've been on the other side, do you mind explaining the process a little bit?
  6. Lol you are correct, and I've kind of done my own on course testing. I'm planning on ordering a Snell test pack, and maybe some Vice over the winter. I have ProV1, Z-Star, Z-Star XV, and Maxfli on the shelf at home. I think it's all about short game performance. I know I lose distance with anything less than 75 compression, even if it's urethane, so those balls are out. I know the X balls are not going to go exceptionally further than the other tour balls, so it all comes down to iron control and greenside performance. I'm not knocking the ProV1x or TP5x, I just know they don't perform the way I like a golf ball to. I did get to try a Tour BX this year and I had two great rounds with it, one was 14 GIR with lots of rip on the iron shots, and two poor rounds. So I know not all X balls are created the same. On the other hand, it's convenient to go get fit because there's a Golf Galaxy about 5 minutes from my house. It's going to be a boring winter, so why not. They charge $70 for the fitting and I can test anything on their shelves.
  7. I've not had a ball fitting done but I think I'd like to. Based on the combination of ball lab info provided by MGS and knowing the parameters of what I like to play, I can narrow down to what I want. I play the Z-Star now, and the ProV1 for years, both of those are considered medium launch-medium spin balls with Firm compression. The Z-Stars are almost $10 less per box, plus Srixon runs BOGO more often so I switched. I imagine any other Medium-Medium ball between 85-90 compression would work fine for me as well. Maxfli comes to mind. I know <75 compression is too soft and I will lose distance so I can throw out the Chrome Soft & Tour B RX. I know I don't like the way TP5x and ProV1x perform in the short game, they are much too clicky. But all of the above are why I want to do a ball fitting. Maybe there is another Medium-Medium ball I haven't considered that will perform just as well as Srixon or Titleist for a better price. Maybe there is a different X ball that gives me the short game performance I am looking for. Maybe I am in that niche market that actually should play AVX. Just put all the questions to bed and figure it out. Peace of mind is worth the price of a fitting.
  8. 100% 15 year old irons can compete. I have a set of Ping Eye2s in the garage, I bet I'd shoot the same with them once I figured out the distances.
  9. Just called and found out GG does an agnostic ball fitting. Has anyone done this? Looking for experiences. I know I'd be limited to the major manuf. they carry, which is fine because I play ProV1 & Z-Star currently. The closest PGASS is in Columbus, which is a little over 2 hours away. Luckily the only GG in Cleveland is about 5 minutes from my house. After reading today's MGS article on the Titleist fitting, and the fact that new clubs aren't in the budget I think this is the next step to take. Any insight is much appreciated spies!
  10. 2nd!! Luckily there a public one in CLE, just made that best munis in the US lost that came out. Columbus has a public one as well, and in Youngstown there's 36 holes of Ross run by their metroparks.
  11. Ball #2 had the best deviation so that's the most consistent. Ball #1 spun the best, which I think is the most important number on wedge shots.
  12. There are a ton more simulator places now than ever before in Cleveland, so those are a popular option. Though I felt like going to the sim last winter screwed up my swing for a few months of the season, till I went and got a lesson. I was coming across the line something terrible, but the sim read all my shots as straight and the the driver as a push. My driver setting has an open face and I swing a little inside-out to promote the draw so I think the sim was just picking up the club path only. Maybe they were jank and I should try a nicer place. Problem is an hour of sim time costs as much as 18 holes around here. Anyway, I bought a BirdieBall mat for indoor putting practice, and a lot of the goat pastures stay open all year. My plan is every time it's over 40, no snow on the ground, and I have free time is to go get 9 holes. I think that even though I may be hitting 2+ more clubs, I can watch the ball flight and still know exactly what my swing is doing.
  13. I was about to vote no, but this is a great point. Vice and Cut are easier to purchase than Maxfli. There's only 1 Dick's by my house, but there's 2 Targets and a Wal-Mart that are even closer. Plus Vice is also on Amazon.
  14. Imposter syndrome? Just believing in myself, knowing that I'm so close to that next level and can really hit a golf ball. I carry a 3 hcp, feel like I'm pretty darn good. Thoughts I've caught myself having this year: Should I really enter this tournament? Why am I playing Titleist CBs? Should I really be on the back tees?
  15. Played a chilly open scramble with @MaxEntropy and two of his buddies yesterday. It never got above 40 degrees and there was basically a constant. 30+ mph wind. The round took 6 1/2 hours as we were sent out in 8-somes to prevent cheating. We shot -5 which was middle of the pack and far from the money, I saw a -13 on the board. The highlight was actually a hole in one by a guy on the other team. The course was in great shape still. It's called Grey Hawk, it's in BFE Ohio and probably one of the 5 nicest courses in Cleveland area. Partly designed by von Hagge, I'm guessing it was supposed to be a club, but the 08 recession killed that idea. So we lucked into an awesome public course. A few years ago they almost lost the whole property, a bad greenskeeper had the whole place a burnt out mess and it was going for less than $20 on golf now. New owners and the course is back to what it's supposed to be.
  16. Took the day and played at home. Temps started in the mid 50s, but the sun came out and I ditched the pullover with upper 60s on the back. I shot 38-40 no birdies and only 2 leaf balls. Played the Kirklands, it's a solid ball.
  17. This season was back at it. After the last two years preparing for, and having, the been of our first child and COVID, I didn't play much. This year I've gotten 55 rounds - wanted 60, but there's still time. I wanted to push for scratch, and ended the year at 3.5. I started at 5.4, went up to almost 7 and lowest was 3.3. I shot my lowest round in years, firing 74 three times on my home course. I wanted to play in several tournaments, but I only completed 1. First, my handicap went up so I wasn't able to qualify for the big tournaments. Then I got sick and had to WD before even playing. A third one I had to WD on the second day due to a family health issue. At least the 1 tournament I played, I broke 80 for the first time shooting 79. I know for next year I need to drop more weight in the off season, get back to a stretching routine, and find a way to keep the swing going till March.
  18. Lol "NEW" spikeless shoes. Yes, they work great in any conditions. I swing hard and don't lose any footing. I have 7 or 8 pairs and only one has traditional spikes.
  19. In the morning rounds, or cold, I have coffee with almond or oat milk. I usually stick to water, carry about 64 oz. Food is Clif bars, beef jerky, nuts. Of course there's beer days...
  20. That's good to know. I know there's an Anser kicking around in my garage, but I'm mostly looking at TM Spiders. I game an Odyssey #7 now.
  21. I caddied at one of the nicer clubs in Cleveland for the better part of a decade. While I maybe only looped for the women 2 or 3 times a season, it was always a good round. Outside of the Women's Invitational & club champ, they weren't as serious as the men. They would talk to you more, most of them didn't hit the ball far enough to lose it, so I basically just walked down the middle of the fairway and handed them clubs, and they would buy snacks at the turn too (men were always good for a Gatorade, but a hot dog or chips you were on your own). I really liked it, and I was done fast enough I may get a second loop on the day too.
  22. Which is funny because the women golfers I've met, my wife included, can't stand pink. But hey, let's put it on everything to denote Women's gear.
  23. Thanks that's what I thought. I've never heard a LPGA pro mention she uses a specifically women's putter. When I worked in sales I never saw the big OEMs release something with WOMEN stamped on it. Just curious if anything changed. As far as grip goes, it won't matter because I'm putting a SS Fatso on whatever I buy. I'm looking at TM Spiders and those have the weight ports.
  24. I use a 32 inch putter currently. I've been thinking about swapping out flat sticks though. Because I am comfortable with such a sort putter, I would have to cut down or custom order to get one I like. I am seeing a number of "Womens" putters on eBay, etc. that are already 32 or 33 inch. Is there anything that specifically makes it a Women's putter other than the shorter length? Like is the putter made differently or balanced differently than the men's? And I'm not talking about a little bit of pink paint fill, I'm comfortable enough in my masculinity that it won't bother me . Especially if I make more putts.
  25. It was something similar with my fitter. I ordered the driver at the fitting, and I think the cost of the fitting went from $100 to $20.
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