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  1. Another thing I've thought about with the link - I'm not sure it's really even useful. I find myself taking the phone out of my pocket for each shot to get all the data, or recommendations for club selection, I need to have it in my pocket. I check the yardage from the tee, and then on approach shots, I laser the flag then see what the plays-like distance is reading and make my calculation off of that. I can see using the link in tournament play where I'm not allowed to use the full Arccos features, but still want to be able to do shot-tracking. Leave the phone in the bag so I'm not even tempted and just use my rangefinder like I have for years. Also the Caddy suggestions are incredibly conservative. I played a round and I planned to hit whatever Arccos recommended off the tee. Not once did it recommend driver. 430 yard par 4? Hit a 3-wood. 475 yard par 5? Hit your Hybrid. There were only the 5 holes I disagreed with it (two 400+ par 4s & 3 reachable par 5s). It was a short course with all the other par 4s in the 330-370 range, so hitting hybrid & long irons into the fairway wasn't the worst play, as they still left me in wedge distance. Never hitting driver seems to be the opposite of the SG approach though? After that experiment, I make note of the suggestion, but mostly ignore it. It is good to know what my backup club should be when I have a day that the driver isn't working.
  2. The Z-Star is my gamer, been playing it for the last 3 years. I play them in yellow, and while I've found and tried a few of the Divides, I can't look at that ball. I need solid colors.
  3. Good marshalls would be important. Too often have I been in this position where I'm the 3rd or 4th group from the slow ones holding it up, and we're the ones getting told to speed up. Cleveland has the metroparks which are all very busy courses. I never see the rangers do anything or say anything to anybody. And they are out there driving past 4 or 5 times a round. The worst was at the most notoriously busy muni in CLE we weren't even done with the 1st hole when a ranger drives up, drops a group off at the 2nd tee, then comes over and tells us we need to speed up. Well first, the course is busy, second you just put a group in front of us, so where are we supposed to go???!!
  4. I know Wilkshire down off 77 used to do something similar. If you came off 9 in over 2:15, they would be handing you a refund for the back 9 and telling you to leave.
  5. I vote Sasquatch, never heard anything else that sounded like it.
  6. I've switched to Srixon Z glove. I get about 15-20 rounds before they either rip or stretch out and the velcro pops loose during my swing. I bought a 6-pack off eBay (just last years model) for $75. I will note that twice I've had this glove rip in less than 5 rounds. Both times I contacted Srixon customer service and they sent me a new glove, last time they actually sent me 2. To keep a glove from getting crunchy, I hang it on my bag. I have a Ping stand bag and it has two velcro tabs where I can hang the glove with the fingers pointing down, this allows it to dry out and I think it helps them last a little longer. I'm not sure what glove you use, and I know some of the Titleist gloves can be expensive, but $175 does seem like a lot to me.
  7. the pace of play issue is the biggest for me, but I've seen just as many seasoned golfers that don't give a $h!! as newer golfers that were never shown and don't understand. Just on Friday when I made the turn I got stuck behind a 4-some of older guys moseying at their own pace, not letting anyone go thorugh. Also in front of me was a twosome about my age. They also did not let me go through, or ask me to join them. Finally I skipped 14, and didn't have to wait until I got to the 18th tee, where a 5-some was already chipping up on a driveable par 4. While I find the 2-some annoying, the 4-some is downright unacceptable. Not letting 3 players go through when there were 4 holes open in front of you. It would be great to have everyone understand the basic etiquette before heading to the course, but you can't depend on that. However there are things I think courses can do to help this. -Starters & Rangers that are actually good at their job and professional. Checking tee times, recommending tees, and enforcing speed/moving groups up that fall out of position on busy days -Turning away walk ups. Too many courses just take the money and tell people to get in line when they show up. You want to play? We can add you to the tee sheet in 45 minutes, as that's the next opening. But you're not going to jump the people who booked in advance. -Enforcing tee times. and I have a buddy who notoriously does this. An 8AM tee time is when you are to be standing on the 1st tee, not pulling into the parking lot. If you're not on the first tee at that time, you lose your spot and have to wait for the next opening. And by that same token, the 9AM tee time doesn't get to go at 8:30 just because they are all there and ready.
  8. I think my drive went 210, and I hit a 7i still missed the green.
  9. Played on Fri & Sat as we are having some gorgeous 70+ degree weather right now. Friday I played an easier course, because my MIL gave me a free pass I needed to use before season end. It's called Creekwood, and I do play it occassionally as the people are nice, it's affordable, not crowded, and the greens are fantastic. I shot 37-37 for 74 with 4 birdies. Got hung up on the back behind a 4-some, so I skipped #14 and just played 18 twice. That 4-some was 3 holes behind a 5-some, as I caught them on the 17th green. Saturday was probably the last round of the year at Sleepy Hollow (Stanley Thompson, top 10 muni in US) with @MaxEntropy. I couldn't do too much right with wild drives, chunked irons, and 3-putts aplenty for a +9 44 on the front, one of my worst 9-holes of the year. However, I figured something out on the back for a 38 with my lone birdie. so overall an 82 isn't the worst score ever. The 40mph+ winds probably didn't help either. But I really drove the ball poorly for almost the entire day. Finally hit decent drives on #10, 13, 16, and 18. The focus on my game for next season - driver consistency & wedge proximity. Maybe I get to play 9 more before the weather turns on Friday.
  10. Mass Effect Trilogy is a great series and BioWare did a great job with the crew interactions. Don't play Andromeda
  11. Sweetbriar - Legacy Course Gross: 77 +5 Course Hcp: 1 Net: 76 +4 Long Drive: 283 Birdies: 2 total 1 legit & 1 net
  12. I am still wanting to pick up a Switch more than anything. I am happy with my PS4 and X360 as I'm still finding great games to play. I just finished the Tomb Raider reboot from 2013(?) It was a decent game, very comparable to the Uncharted series. Raider has much better combat, Uncharted has the better story & voice acting. Platforming and puzzle solving is fun in both. What I don't like about these games is that they are short & for me, there is zero replayability. Now I'm jumping back to The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings on 360. I didn't even know this came out for consoles, and no one talks about it. Given the love for Wild Hunt, I would think more would want to play this game? I'm still in Act 1, but it's a good game so far. I played the first Assassin's Creed and just couldn't get into it. It was super repetitive and the controls were wonky. I've heard they improved almost everything after that one, But I'm not sure if I want to go back to the series yet.
  13. Yes, I understand things will get better as I input more information. Also I was looking at the individual strokes gained for each club and the 5-6-7 iron are some of the best clubs in my bag, but the 4 is one of the worst. The 4 is also the club I use for 90% of my punch outs, so that would be why Arccos shows that it is a poor club for me, and my distance with the 4 is shorter than the 5 or 6 irons. Don't know if any ShotScope users are following along, but if so, do any of you know if SS has an option to mark shots as punch out or "positional" plays?
  14. I've dabbled with the Velocity on and off over the years. The problem is that, as you said, Urethane balls are getting to be the same price. However, I think this is probably the best Surlyn ball on the market. It is also one of the firmest (most are marshmallows for my swing speed) I get great distance with it, and have no problem holding greens, though it is a bit lower spin than I prefer. Overall a great option at the price and should help those with slower swings pick up a few yards.
  15. So I was playing Saturday and looking at my SG stats. My approach stats seemed to be off. Then I was looking and saw that it was counting a lot of punch outs as negative strokes gained. I wonder why this is? I don't know a ton about SG, but this seems odd. Does all it count is that my second shot hit the green or not? I mean I put my drive into the trees and have to play a positional shot because I can't go at the green. In reality, this isn't a bad approach shot, I am just blocked from the green because my drive was terrible. I mean, shouldn't this count against my driving stats? Or does SG only care how far I hit the ball? Arccos can't identify that I'm hitting a punch shot. All it knows is that I hit a 4 iron 120 yards when I was 170 yards from the green and records that as a lost stroke in the approach game. But the stroke was lost because of a wild drive. This seems backwards to me a bit. Does anyone have insights on how this works? Also, the caddie recommendations are pretty bad right now. It'll tell me to hit a hybrid off the tee, but then show I need to hit that shot 255 yards. I don't hit this club that far, 230 tops is my distance. Or it will show me 3 options but all of them are the same club off the tee, but then a 7-8-9 iron depending on flag position. Also on a 440 yard par 4 it recommended I hit 3W, but then on a 320 yard par 4 it recommened driver. This also seems counterintuitive? I am hoping that I need to add more data before it really starts to work. Also, most of my rounds have been in cool weather and wind. I am hoping that this is also a negative short-term impact and as I use the system next season, it will show my true distances over the course of the summer.
  16. Course looked gorgeous though. I took this pic on #15. The old box car is a bridge that leads to the 16th tee. Really cool feature IMO
  17. Course: Sugar Bush Par 72 Course Hdcp: 5 Birdies: 1 legit, 3 Net = 4 Total LD: 294 Gross Score: 82 Net score: 77, +5
  18. Ok I'm playing Saturday so I will try that. And it's supposed to be in the upper 60s & sunny so I shouldn't need a pullover.
  19. Overall I really like having this on my clubs. It's working great (with the phone in pocket) and I'm not overwhelmed by the data. I actually find myself reviewing rounds at night on the couch. I still don't totally get strokes gained, but I think it's showing me about what I expected to see. It was a breeze to set up and once it's set up you don't need to do anything, just turn the app on and go play. But I do have two issues with it 1. The link does not work well at all. I played the first 3 rounds with the link clipped to my belt. The first round wasn't bad, but the other two I had to input 20+ shots after each round. The last two rounds I played I left the link at home and had the phone in my pocket. I only had to adjust the distance on maybe a handful of putts. 2. The course display is almost impossible to see on a sunny day. Even with brightness turned all the way up on the phone, it's still so dark that if there's any sun I can't see anything on the screen. They need some sort of contrast to lighten this up.
  20. Got out yesterday afternoon for another round, but it wasn't quite as good as my Tuesday round - 39/38 for 77. I birdied the first hole, but that was it for the highlights. I just kept totally blowing a shot every couple holes. There was a lot of luck down the stretch to help me save some pars. Like on #7 I pull hooked my drive into trees, but then put a 3W on the green. Next hole I put my second into a bunker on a par 5, and missed the green short escaping it, but ran in a 12 footer for the par save, just odd stuff like that. Still nothing wrong with +5 (Net +1) They have 3 nines, and the holes 5-8 on my second 9 is a really tough stretch. The yardages are 425-435-410-595 and they always play into the wind.
  21. So even though I graduated in 2003, my first car was a 1970 Chevy Impala. My great aunt died at 102 and it was the last new car she bought (she lived in Southern Ohio where it doesn't snow near as much as CLE) Her son sold it to us, and I drove it for 2 years. I found a pic of one, and this is the same gold color it was originally, but we painted it dark green to match the interior. Of course it was half bondo, so I couldn't drive it in winter. I bought a 1990 Chevy Beretta for the cold months. It was so much fun to drive, it had the bench seats still, and looked cool. Some guys had I-ROC Camaros, but no one else has classic cars at my school. The 1970 wasn't overly popular and the only notable thing about it was '70 was the year GM switched from the 400 to the 350 in the Impala. I know the '64 is what's popular but I always liked the '60 the best, and the '62/'63 I also saw at a lot of car shows. Oh and it was awseome when Baby showed up in one of my favorite TV shows (It's a 1967 4-door on Supernatural)
  22. Yes, I do like this driver. Though that was wind and hardpan assisted. We haven't had substantial rain in close to a month, so courses are very firm right now.
  23. The glove comes off after every shot. I don't wear it while putting, hitting punch shots, or any wedge shots (GW/SW/LW). Putting the glove on has become a sort of a trigger to start my preshot routine. Also, I think it's weird when I watch the old Masters replays and see Jack wearing a glove the entire round.
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