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  1. I've played in a few leagues. The most recent ones I had two issues. 

    The first was run by the course so no one was ever interested in getting to know the other players. Everyone showed up at their time, played 9 holes and left.

    The second league was much friendlier guys, but I was in my early 30s and about 75% of the golfers were over 65. They would have out both before and after, have a few beers, play team events, and have 2 big cookouts. Though only 1 guy was interested in playing more than 9 a week. So I left.

    I was also in a traveling league one year, and those guys represented everything wrong with golf. Every round was an 8-9 hour day. Overly complicated games every week, 6+ hour rounds, and most of the courses were an hour drive. Also most of league were reported as single hcps, but maybe 3 guys of 40 would break 90 in a given week. And everything played under strict USGA rules, hole out everything.

    The best league was the one my dad brought me in, in high school. These guys would be there on time, play a serious round in under 2 hours, and then all hang out and a group of us go for dinner and beers (coke for me) after. There were a few guys my dad would play with on weekends and other outings too. Every week there were 2 games and skins. This is what I thought league golf was supposed to be, this is it manifest.

    I've been disappointed with every experience since and I'm happy to just play with my friends. I joined these leagues looking to make contacts and find like minded and similarly skilled players and went 0 for 3. I'm done with leagues and will just play with my friends.


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  2. I think part of it is that there are so many more models of Scotty than other brands. Yes, his putters win a ton on tour, but if you look at the staff players, they all have their own model (I expect someone on MGS to prove me wrong) and many have "PROTO" somewhere in the title.

    Compare that to TM where all their tour wins are Spiders.

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  3. 18 hours ago, TheJones said:

    If you have not tried the Quarry near Canton, put it on your list, www.quarrygolfclubggp.com/

    Some other gems in this area:
    Chippewa is very nice -www.chippewagolfclub.com You can rent Finn scooters, is a fun time for 3-4 holes then is meh
    Zoar Golf, www.zoarvillagegolf.com great greens that can be very challenging. 


    The Quarry is on my list to finally play this year. 

    Chippewa is fantastic conditions, but it has 4 of the worst designed greens I've ever seen and that keeps it from being one of the absolute top courses IMO.

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  4. 4 hours ago, Tom the Golf Nut said:


    I was trying to figure it out myself. I'm seeing the opposite. Out of my 20 rounds used in GHIN my average score is 70. So if my average is under par why does my handicap come out to be .6? Dave replied to my query a few weeks ago and said it uses the course rating. My course is 68 for my tees so that made more sense. 

    Sounds like it makes sense. My home course is 72.1/126. Next year I'm not going to have a home course, but I usually play the tips at any course. There's less than a dozen Northern Ohio courses that touch 7000, so most course ratings should be right around par.

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  5. 8 hours ago, PMookie said:

    87, then the last 6 rounds ranging from 74-79. 80s drop-off, so now the majority of scores are in the 70s. GHIN is what can potentially shoot, so not an average, which you know already. I’m shocked I’m at 3.4… Seems like it should be 6.

    I'm in the same place you are. I also have a 3.4, and I pulled up my GHIN stat tracker and over the last 20 rounds my average score is a 78. So in a way, we are 6s.

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  6. So my goals were:

    Play 60 rounds - I got to 56

    Handicap to scratch - got down to 3.2 from a high of 6.4

    Play in more tournaments - I played in 1 1/2

    Those these weren't goals other things I was proud of:

    Broke 80 in tournament for the first time.

    Broke par on the back 9 of my home course for the first time.

    Shot my lowest round in years, multiple 74s.

    So for 2022:

    Putt better, this was the only part of my game that went a little backwards.

    Practice more. Those 60 rounds came at the expense of almost all practice time. Rather than try to play 36+ a week again, I'd rather get more practice time during the week and then make that 18 on the weekend really count. It might be blasphemy but I'm actually planning on playing a little less this year.

    Lose 20 lbs before the season starts in March.

    Set up more golf with the Northern Ohio Spies!



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  7. Currently watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, almost finished but it's been a great show. Probably do 30 Rock next. I've also heard Letterkenny is worth checking out.

    I'm looking forward to Witcher season 2 and Book of Boba Fett. The two HBO shows I never watched were The Wire and Deadwood, but my wife doesn't want to watch those so it's hard to find time then.

    I was pumped for Cowboy Bebop but weeb outrage killed that already. Netflix has done that a bunch now, they've released a show and then cancelled it before I've even got to watch the season and I've got zero desire to watch it now.

  8. Still in the 50s in Ohio and got out for 9 holes yesterday. I had a birdie, and overall played well, hit 6 greens. The birdie was a terrible drive I got away with having a clear shot to the green and hit my gap wedge to 8 inches. I have next week off, so maybe one more round before Christmas if the weather holds.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Haggerty said:

    Manakiki is an amazing old donald ross layout.  Valley eagles is a good course played it twice, has a few difficult holes.   Boulder has a the best layout in terms of difficulty but I feel the condition of the course went down this year, greens were brutal a few times i played it.   Sleepy i live down the street from, I feel its over rated but thats probably because i take it fore granted as I have such easy access to it and have played in many times.


    On the east side try out fowler's mills and stonewater also.

    Sleepy they just need to slow the greens down a little bit. There's no flat spot so even short putts can have a lot of break. I've been playing Seneca a lot more since the Metroparks took it over, much easier to get a morning tee time. I actually grew up near Fowler's, but I've only ever played it once, would go to Punderson & Chardon Lakes a ton as those courses were 1/3 the price 20 years ago. Fowler's was $60 and had to take a cart. I could walk the other Geauga courses for $25. 

    Anyway I live on the near westside now, just a few minutes from Big Met, and I'm always looking for guys to meet up & play if you're interested.  

  10. 14 hours ago, Solon Golfer said:

    Cleveland area Munis on my list:

    Boulder Creek

    Manakiki (Donald Ross design)

    Sleepy Hollow

    Valley of the Eagles

    Did you just move to the area or are you just starting out? Sleepy & Manakiki just got put on a top 25 munis in the US list, so play them. Boulder is an awesome course, just play the right tees. Valley I've not played since the redesign, but I've heard mixed things. They lost 2 greens in the rain n over the summer so I think the course is having some issues growing in.

    I grew up just east of Solon in Geauga, and now live on the near west side, always looking for local golfers to meet up.

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  11. On 8/20/2021 at 6:22 AM, Bohnson said:

    Avalon Lakes (Avalon Golf and CC) 



    This course is elite. It hosted the Ohio Am this year. About all you can handle from the back tees! Some demanding tee shots and you can never sleep on any shot out there or Pete Dye will get you! Definitely a great course in Ohio. 

    Avalon Lakes is one of the premier golf courses in the world designed by legendary golf course architect, Pete Dye. The Lakes offers 5 sets of tees that range from 4904 yards to 7551 yards. Offering a variety for all skill levels, this par 72 golf course features undulating greens, beautiful terrain, and plenty of “lakes”. Our signature hole is number 8, a majestic peninsula par 3 that plays from 128 yards to 244 yards. The usual pin placement is located only steps from the water’s edge.

    I've heard this place is awesome, it hosted some LPGA events in the 90 too. and there's a few Youngstown area courses I want to visit - Mill Creek & Kennsington.

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  12. On 8/10/2021 at 1:41 PM, Bohnson said:

    @juspooleI agree! 

    The virtues is an 8.4/10 because it a great layout. Easy to get a tee time because it is not near a big city and it is public.

    Eaglesticks is close by and has some stay and play packages! I think The Virtues is a better track but both were in great shape and had good character. 


    I've heard Virtues is usually considered the best public course in the state. I played EagleSticks once on a group golfer coupon for $25. That course was in awesome shape and a ton of fun. Also I think it's a Hurdzan design so another famous architect.

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  13. So far on the ball lab data, the softest urethane ball they reviewed is the TaylorMade Tour Response at 71 compression. I believe TM makes a soft version of this ball too, so maybe check that out.

  14. On 12/7/2021 at 9:33 AM, RickyBobby_PR said:

    Not sure if this is a typo but the left dash isn’t a high spin ball. Both the left dash and avx are lower spin than the Prov1 and prov1x.

    I meant that the firmer X balls are higher spinning on full approach shots. Thank you for clarifying for OP that the left dash is low spin ball, I did slightly misspeak.

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  15. On 12/9/2021 at 7:40 PM, Tom the Golf Nut said:

    I say you should move. 🤣

    Part of the bonus of moving to my area of TN. Im at a private Robert Trent Jones course, get to play 10/11 months of the year or 12 if you really want to. Full family membership $3,000 for the year paid any way you want. Monthly, every 6 months, in full for the year. Includes golf, pool, tennis, pickle ball, and restaurant access. Wait for it...... a whopping $25.00 food minimum per month. Thats like two burgers and a beer a month in the pub or one dinner in the restaurant. Oh, if you don't want to walk it is $6.00 to rent a golf cart. I haven't had to make a tee time in 16 years. So that's the private route.

    Public memberships at a course range from $800 to $1,200 a year non goat track. Includes golf only and walking. Cart rental is about $1.00 a hole. 

    Didn't mean to rub it in! Just showing the differences between areas. 

    I understand you're not trying to rub it in, but it still makes me jealous. At my current club I pay $650 for a 7 day walking membership, I have to pay $10 per time if I want to take a cart, which I did about a dozen times. Even still, it worked out to less than $20 per round. The next least expensive public courses near me is over $2000, and that's only 2 courses where carts are required because they run through developments and you can't walk them. There's one public course that to get full access is $4700!? There's some courses I love that are around $1000, but it's a 45 min+ drive, don't think that would work 2-3 days a week. 

    The next best option is the Cleveland Metroparks. https://www.clevelandmetroparks.com/golf/courses They offers a players card for $50 and it works out that every 6th round would be free. The courses include 2 of the courses named to the top 25 munis in the US - Sleepy Hollow (Stanley Thompson) & Manakiki (Donald Ross). They also have 2 other Stanley Thompson designs - Big Met & Little Met (Little is only 9), and Seneca which is 36 holes. Seneca isn't famous but it's 7000+ yards and a course Arnold Palmer was known to frequent. There there's a handful of other shorter courses and 9/par 3s.

    The lowest price private I found was around $3200 all in with initiation, but that was only the first year. After that it jumped into the $5k range with everyone else. Luckily, the courses I'm checking in on have mostly removed food minimums or they are low like yours, under $100 a month. Depending on the course, you are allowed to walk for no extra cost, but others require a cart or caddy fee. And as a former caddy, if I joined a club with a caddy program and didn't use it, I would feel awful. So the biggest deterrent for me is having to shell out the money for a club I'm not going to use for at least 3 months, that's about a quarter of the price and it's a sunk cost. That math doesn't work out in my book.


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  16. Cost is the issue for me. I was able to play 36, and sometimes 54 holes a week this past year. However, that's because I bought a membership to a less than quality (but still good layout) course for the year. A decent course in Cleveland is around $50 for 18 on weekend mornings. Even a lot of the goat farms are pushing up over $40. Short game practice is free, or a range bucket is under $10. I'm trying to find a side hustle for this, well it's more than a habit.

    I've already contacted a number of country clubs in the area, but I can't find one under $5k per year. I'm too old for junior memberships, and some courses have introductory rates that are lower for the first season, but then they jump up to the above number in season 2. I don't know of a club that offers in-season only memberships, so I'm stuck paying for 2-3 months plus dues, that I won't be using the place. I'm thinking my best option to may be actually pull back on my number of rounds in 2022, to make sure I have funds to play the top quality courses more, and then spend that extra time practicing or playing 9 holes during the week.

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  17. I have a driver swing only a few mph slower than yours and I don't lose anything with the AVX. It's when the balls get below 75 compression that I start to notice a distance loss, and I believe the AVX sits around 80 compression.

    You're not going to pick up a ton of distance by switching to a firmer ball, maybe half a club tops. If you are looking at performance benefits look at shots into the green and chipping. I play a medium spin Z-Star/ProV1. I play to the front of a green and let the ball bounce once and stop. If I switched to a high spin ball like Left Dash, I could have problems keeping the ball on the green. It could spin too much and rip back off the front. Or I need to change my approach and get the ball back there. If I play a low spin ball, maybe it helps me reach a few more back pins with a little more release.

    I'm trying to give you advice I should listen to. Ever since MGS released the ball lab data this summer, I've been going around and around trying to find THE BALL. And I just can't come to any strong conclusions. Stick with one ball so that you can trust the way it performs. All the major OEMs offer such high quality product in their top of the line, your not going to be disappointed with what you choose. Actually you may not like the firm feel of the X balls after playing the AVX for so long.

    If you want something more actionable find a Golf Galaxy or PGA Superstore to do a ball fitting. Or maybe, look for something that performs like AVX, but costs much less than $50/doz. Help the wallet out a bit.

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