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  1. I have always been largely a blind buyer. I know enough to know my swing speed is average, average height, length, everything. I also know that my swing is not very consistent, and I have been taking lessons to improve so my swing keeps changing. I like to play with different clubs and tinker but have found that I like the look and feel of Titleist stuff. So I hadn't seen too much value in fitting. Last week, though I went and got fitted for irons at Club Champion (because my wife is going to buy me new ones for Christmas). The best fit turned out to be (shafts fit first and more matched to your swing) 65g Aldila R flex graphite shafts and Callaway Apex (not Pro) heads. Overall, I enjoyed the fitting experience and know that I got a good fit. Definitely better than trying to get a spot with everyone waiting in line and getting time dedicated to me at the PGA superstore. The fitting cost $175, or what I have spent on the used driver, fairway, or hybrids I have in my bag so it was somewhat of a splurge for me. The cost of the irons that we came up with was even more exorbitant, with upcharge graphite shafts, the recommended SST puring, etc. Not something that I can find on eBAY. But I can take the specs and have a different club builder go and build them for me. Standard length. Lie angle turned out to be .5 degree upright. (Not even sure it's worth messing with if I had to pay extra to bend each club such a small amount but it won't cost extra with the builder that I am going with). One other option that I would recommend is that you can sign up for FREE demo days for your favorite manufacturer. I did a Titleist one a few years ago. I didn't buy the new driver that that they fit me for, but I learned that they recommended a light shaft for me and I also hit a 3 wood that felt amazing. I later found a used version of that 3 wood that I have in my bag now and a similar used driver.
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