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  1. Thanks as always for providing members this opportunity. Rawley, Missouri 12.3 HCP, 95 MPH avg Titleist 915 D2 Ping G400 Max
  2. 1. Rawley, Missouri 2. Titleist 915 D2 (Diamana Blue S+60), 915 F2 (Diamana Blue S+), 915 H (Diamana Blue S+), 816 H (Diamana Red): 714 AP2 5-AW (XP95 S): Titleist Vokey SM5 54, 58: Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2. I have Game Golf classic but I am currently not using it because I don't like having to tag shots and correct my rounds on the computer. 3. 13 handicap 4. Get more GIR with better iron play, I currently struggle with my mid-irons on approach shots. I've been considering trying game improvement clubs which may provide a little more distance. My main goal is to break 80 at my home course. A stretch goal is to achieve an eagle. Thank you for the consideration
  3. I picked up a putting alignment mirror from AMZ last week with the intention of it helping my son. I've been using it every time I go out to the range to practice, and I was amazed out how it helped me get into proper alignment and a comfortable position. My biggest issue was not L/R alignment, but not having my eyes properly aligned with the putting line. Once I used the mirror to get aligned I felt like my stroke was much more stable (and straight) going back and through. The brand I got was made by "Eyeline", but there are several out there that look similar in features/function. It's a tool that is portable, quick to setup, and works to boost confidence.
  4. My son found one of the black and yellow on the course and it's been the only ball he has played since (past couple of weeks). He confused me last week when he looked like he was lining up a putt during a tournament with one of these balls and I wasn't sure how that was going to work, but I found out later the "Chrome Soft" lettering is setup as an alignment aid. As others have said, the main benefit seems to be the visual aid it provides around the green.
  5. 1. Rawley; Missouri 2. 13 HC 3. Titleist 714 AP2 4. JPX Forged I gave these clubs a few hits at a spring demo day. I liked the feel but couldn't judge if I was picking up any distance or accuracy. I'd love to see how they perform on the course.
  6. I'd like to get a different 3 wood. I don't think the TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 "tour" that I use has ever been right for me. It can be a rocket off of the tee but Id like something easier to launch and something I'm more consistent with off the turf. Blending in better with my bag full of Titleist wouldn't hurt either!
  7. I wanted to thank everyone for their comments and provide an update. I agonized about this decision way more than I expected I was going to. I ended up purchasing the Sun Mountain 5.5 LS in Gunmetal/Black/Red. I ended up deciding against a 14 way divider and I liked this color combo the best. I spent a lot of time looking at these bags in the store and while they are expensive I don't think you can go wrong with any of their models.
  8. 1. Rawley, Missouri 2. 13 3. Titleist 915 D2 (9.5) - Diamana S+ Blue 60 4. 90-95, 220-230 5. Stenson
  9. Just saw the story from MGS about this. I was tempted to bench my gen1 Game Golf and give Arccos a try until I read that it's a subscription service. $19.99 per month or $99 per year, ouch.
  10. That's why I felt the stand would be useful. When practicing at the range I also don't always have a stand convenient and I'd rather not throw the bag on the ground. Thanks for that feedback on the C130 though.
  11. Yes that makes sense and might be a consideration. Since walking with the cart is not a frequent activity though it is not too concerning for me. They do have some serious available space. I don't know what I'll do with all of the pockets the bag has.
  12. My OGIO stand bag is on its last days and with a birthday coming up I wanted to give my wife a good bag idea. When golfing I use a cart 90% of the time and when I walk I use a push cart. I am strongly considering a cart bag rather than stand bag this time. I do have to transfer my bag from my truck to the cart, and from my truck to the range when I practice so I can also appreciate something easy and convenient to move around when not on a cart. Some of my other considerations are that I prefer a non-club brand of bag rather than a branded (Ping, Titleist, etc.) bag, and I wanted something that has a 14 way divider. These considerations and my research has led me to be interested in the Sun Mountain C130 series of bags. I looked at a gray one in a store on Sunday and I had decided that it would be my choice. But then I stumbled across the 130S models which seem to combine the cart bag features with the convenience of the stand. I'm wondering if anyone is or has used these series of bags? There seems to be limited feedback online about them, other than the colors may not match the pictures.
  13. I could use some of the consistency that the One Length are marketed as providing. My bad misses tend to come with irons 6 and up. If these irons can provide consistency for those irons and with predictable distance gaps, they just might be a winner for someone like me. Rawley Missouri 14.2 714 AP2 One Length
  14. Rawley Missouri 13 Titleist 714 AP2, 4-GW Weaknesses: Shallow and inside aoa sometimes causing thick or thin contact. My miss is usually short, not directional. Also struggle to get proper distance with longer (> 6 iron) clubs. Strengths: Wedges and short irons. I hit a straight to slight-draw with my irons. I struggle with distance loss with slight mishits.
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