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  1. That was fun. Missed it by that much. Congratulations, winners!
  2. Tier 1: Jon Rahm Tier 2: Tony Finau Tier 3: Zach Johnson Tier 4: Charley Hoffman Tier 5: Cameron Smith Winning Score: -9
  3. Mark, Colorado USA Cobra Fly Z+ Matrix VLCT-ST, S Flex 100+, 265 yds. Non-Programmed, Twitter Android Thanks! Always ready to tee it up.
  4. Mark, Colorado Distance Master PureTrack Model No. 402 Custom fitted Queen B 9 I'm a former newspaper reporter, current professor of composition, and avid golfer. I'm well up to the task of researching, testing, reporting, and answering questions! Thank you.
  5. Mark Colorado Springs, CO 17 handicap Current set: Mizuno JPX EZ Forged Want to test: JPX 900 Tour My current Mizunos replaced my custom-made Maltby forged irons, which had little offset. So while my Mizunos allow me to get the ball up in the air easier, the offset makes it more difficult for me to fade the ball. And I never needed any help drawing the ball. I'd like to test the Tour model. Thanks!
  6. Mark Colorado Springs, Colorado Currently 17.6 Haven't used a GPS watch, but I've started shopping for one. I currently use the Sky Droid app on my Android phone. Haven't used a shot-tracking device. I would be excited to text this device because I recently took my first golf lesson in years from my club's head professional, who straightened out my driver swing. And the last round I played was 10 over. A huge improvement as a direct result from my modified swing!
  7. Hi All, I'm from the South, where the fishing is easy, and golf is cheaper(er) than those things are in Colorado. I love golf, but if I could play it every day, I wouldn't. It is, however, one of the few athletic activities I engage in wherein I expect NOT to injure myself. I just wish I was a better putter!
  8. I like testing new golf balls. My driver swing speed averages around 115. (My carry distance ranges between 250 and 280.) I'm currently an 18 handicap, but I hardly play anything but skins games through the winter. In the summer when I play more sensibly, for an entire 18 holes, my handicap is a 14 or so. I just had a golf lesson that helped me quiet my lower body and take most of my right hand action out of the swing. It straightened out that driver.
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