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  1. Here is the link to the 699 Pro. Will be released late February https://www.golfsub70.com/sub-70-699-pro-irons.html
  2. Like many others I used to play Lynx clubs back when I 1st started playing golf. I like the looks of the VT irons. The Black Cat leave a little to be desired from a looks standpoint to me. Looking forward to reading the reviews.
  3. I am in the market for new irons but can't find anything I like well enough or hit good enough to force out my 4 year old Srixon 745's. So far the leader in the replacement contest are the Srixon Z785 irons. I cannot afford PXG 0311's but the 0211's are at a price point I can afford. I do like the look of the 0211's. I believe PXG does make a good product and am willing to give them a chance if they were to suit my eye and game I'd still need to see them and hit them before I'd make any buying decision. Finding a fitter that now carries the 0211's in my area is the challenge
  4. Jesse Georgia 16.5 Nike Vapor Flex Mitsubishi Diamana Blue S-60 Stiff 95 mph 225 Carry Phil Mickelson Thanks and Good Luck All
  5. Been Playing the MyTour Ball. Have wanted to try the VICE Golf Ball for a while yet.. Handicap 16 Driver: 94-98
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