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  1. Happy 10th to Golf Spy......I've always loved golf but this site has increased my love 10 fold !!!!!! Keep up the good work....
  2. In Massachusetts, January 12th.....62 degrees......going golfing in Connecticut......

  3. Good luck Spy testers.......I'm still in hibernation in Massachusetts...couldn't give much of a test if I was chosen.....while I'm here Happy New Year to my fellow Golf Spyers !!!!!!
  4. Played all 3..like them all..but think i like Connecticut National the best..... Love Butter Brook!!!!!!
  5. Was one of the Snell MTB X testers. Liked the golf ball very much. Had a feel issue around the green, real or imagined doesn't matter. It was there for me. Liked the ball, wanted to love it, just couldn't. Played the Titleist Tour soft, like them didn't love them. Played the last month or so of our season with Pro V's. Liked better, I guess, still not in love. Was a Bridgestone E guy for a bit. Thought they progressively got stone like. From the original E6's to the newer ones. Played the E12's........no go for me.......Think either I'm getting fussier or senile in my old age........but I ain't giving up !!!!!!!!!!
  6. Really enjoyed testing the Snell's for GolfSpy. Would love to give these a whirl but being a New England golfer that would not be feasible. Always, looking for a ball. Was a Bridgestone guy, fell out of favor. Been playing Titleists Tour Softs and Prp V's for about a year and a half. Would love to read the opinions and test results of these new balls. Good luck warm weather testers and I will be looking fopr your results with envy.
  7. I agree on the "soft" feel. I am not discounting the "soft" feel. In fact as I have said I loved the NXT soft. Loved its feel, sound and the ball itself. Just have not found that love with its replacement. My question was and is, do your think that a person with a slower swing speed can still find success with a ball comparable to the Pro V.
  8. I think older golfers or golfers with slower swing speeds, are compelled to hit softer golf golf balls. At 62, I know my swing speed isn't what it was 20 or 30 years ago. So, all the major ball companies came up with their versions of the softer ball for slower swings. I bought it. I played the Titleist NXT Soft for years, and really liked them. Then, they rep[aced them with the Tour Soft. I don't like them as much. I was playing in a tournament with a guy who was in his early 70's. I told him my dilemma. Asked what did he play. He told me Pro V1s. I said don't you think your swing speed is a little too slow for them. He said that is pure unadulterated BS. After being a tester for the Snell MTB's, I found I did hit them longer. I found some extra spare change in the ashtray and bought a dozen of Pro Vi's. Been playing them for about 3 weeks and I must say I am hitting them longer than the NXT's or the Tour Softs. I still have 3 of the Snell's left from our tests, and they are comparable in distance to the Pro V's. What do you guys think? Do you think the swing speed is a little over rated for the use of Pro V's and/or other premium balls from Bridgestone, Taylormade and others??????????? I'm starting to think so.
  9. Good advice, on the swing tweaking and not revamping. This dog is too old for major changes and not enough time or patience to put in. I know that things "ain't built in a day". I just want to get back to where I was. Which was playing pretty steady golf, having good days and bad days, scoring wise. I have played less. And have played a little better. Short season up in New England so don't want to let too much of what's left go by.
  10. Quick question to my fellow Spysters. It is a hard question for me to talk about. Kind of like saying the word shank or yips in the middle of them. For about 2-3 weeks , right after my course's member/guest. During it's Senior Club Championship and continuing through the waning weeks of my twi-light league. I have lost my swing. I can't get an iron air borne. My driver has developed at best a large fade at worst a slice. My natural ball flight is left to right not right to left. No tempo what so ever. My brain is a total mess. I went out in the Senior CC and shot a 97, 5 balls went OB. My wife, who plays no golf, says it's in my head. I can't argue that. I played the other night, didn't score well but started hitting a few good,natural shots. I went in with the mind set of NO mind set. It seemed to help, probably not for the long run. But, short term it may be my only way back to sanity and better golf.
  11. I think the hexagon shaped dimples of the late '70's and early 80's belonged to Pro Staff (Wilson). I used them in high school. Maybe Maxfli had them too.
  12. Read all the reviews. I think there was honesty in all. I like the praise of the X but also how some found faults and short comings. I think the variety of comments gives validity and honesty to the reviews. Again, i thoroughly enjoyed doing my part of the testing. Enjoyed reading the phases and the different methods of testing by my fellow testers. To my northern friends enjoy the rest of the golf season. To my southern friends, you lucky #@$%@*&) enjoy your never ending golf season.
  13. Played twice this weekend...High heat (over 100 heat index) and humidity. I will say this emphatically, the Snell MTB's durability was much greater than mine. Don't know how you Southern boys do it all summer long. Glad the temps here in New England are modifying this week.
  14. One of the best sites I've found on anything golf is golfinfoguide.com. It will show every golf ball known to man, or woman. Nice site.
  15. I have a pair of Sketcher spikeless. Also, Addidas and Foot Joy soft spikes. Comfort wise the Sketchers and foot joy win. Spike or Spikeless, pretty much 6 of 1, half dozen of another. The exception being wet conditions. For me spikes win that battle. With constant grooming of the wet grass in the spikes. My course has the spike brushes attached to the ball washers, so that comes in handy getting the grass out of the spikes.
  16. How much longer do we have before we enter into Phase 2 ? Not rushing the process, just curious as to when I should start my final analysis.
  17. Whacked the Snell around, one day this weekend. Had a very bad 9 holes. Went back to one of the old stand bys on Sunday, had a very good 9 holes. Not blaming or crediting either golf ball. Most likely the swinger. Just saying !!!!!
  18. #5 Jimmy Walker Winning Score.....-14
  19. I have a question to my fellow testers. Out of the dozen Snell's we received, how many do you have left in play. I lost 3, and retired 4 due to wear or tree or cart path damage.. So I have 5 left. 2, I am playing now and 3 still in the sleeve.
  20. I.m older...been called cranky, lol....definitely a traditionalist......Wilson..maybe good for Wilson.....Titleist new irons look good....music on the course...is that even a question...save the music for a night club, beach or a concert....correct I voted NO !!!!!!!!!
  21. Actually I'm out before anyone is on.......what I've been doing(twice, right now) is I play all 4 balls at the same time for the 4 holes I mentioned previously. I also am logging the distances of drives, 150 shots and 100 yard shots of the 4 balls. It is a little time consuming but not bad.
  22. Nice presentation.........you got me humming the "Grand Tour"..."Step right up, come on in"..........
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