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  1. Always good getting to see you when we make it down to the Myrtle Beach area! Looks like you’re healing up well and not too far away from getting back to normal. Hate we couldn’t get back up for another round before we left. Thanks for the recommendations though. Blackmoor is one of my favorites now!!! Hope the pup heals up soon Guys if you’re on the SC coast go see Stu! Or at least get course recommendations from him and then go see him.
  2. I don’t have a bullseye nor an 8802, but I do have an old school OG Ping Anser. 73 staff blades and Ping Eye 2 woods are going in the bag!
  3. The guys beat me to it with the 5.5 vs 6.0 flex. The case of the rights could very well a lie issue. If they messed up that one shaft, I would be very intrigued to check if loft and lie were correct to spec. Who knows and @revkev I think is on to something, get the lie situated on that 8 iron, 5.5 flex'ers might be your distance potion and accuracy potion---and goldilocks has found her honey hole...er shaft.
  4. @sirchunksalot thank you for taking this on!!! Count what in. I’ve got to get my Staffs around the course a time or two before it gets cold!
  5. I am surprised. What shaft did you end up going with in the Sim?
  6. Always interesting...(ipad died and apparently posted this prematurely) to see what results come from long game tests. Good luck righties and enjoy!
  7. Another great group! Congrats fellas!
  8. Just see how many different ways you can say those 5-10 seconds. Then elaborate on each of those different ways. That should get you 25-30 seconds, easy.
  9. Happy belated b-day Rev!!!!
  10. Another call out to @BIG STU and @deejaid. What do you guys know about these?
  11. John SC, USA 18.8 Odyssey 1W I use a putter on every green.
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