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  1. JohnSmalls

    Hip Kickers!

    Your golf game is starting to sound like my college years.
  2. Just want to raise and hand and shout reverend. This has helped me out tremendously off the tee. Not sure if it's due to playing off the rack or not. Definitely not saying it will help you @GolfSpy MPR, but I am a firm believer in ball placement for my own game. Looking forward in following your journey this year!
  3. JohnSmalls

    New from SC

    Welcome to MGS, Lungs! Fellow Carolinian here only about an hour to the east of you. Glad you have joined us.
  4. JohnSmalls

    Made where?

    I am pretty sure that most if not all Titleist balls sold in USA are made in the USA. Callaway has some still made here in USA. Taylormade assembles some of their balls here. Finally, Bridgestone supposedly makes their premium balls, plus the e-line of balls down in @ole gray's neck of the woods in Georgia. This is a few years old but I assume most of it still holds true: http://madeinusastuff.blogspot.com/2013/12/golf-balls-made-in-usa-titleist.html
  5. JohnSmalls

    Flat Tires

    Can we rename this the Flat Tires and Nightmares thread?
  6. JohnSmalls

    Whats your best joke?

    That's the truth. Now we know how/why the impractical joker boys got onto that course. You and me both. Maybe we just need to steal other people's Top Flites?
  7. JohnSmalls

    MGS Naughty or Nice list

    Copy and pasted from the comment section: Ben Hogan Golf 1 hour ago Hi Jackson – We couldn’t accommodate MyGolfSpy’s testing schedule. Our new products will be launched after they have been thoroughly tested and are worthy of Mr. Hogan’s signature. MyGolfSpy needed products on 1/1/19 for testing, and we weren’t going to submit any product that we didn’t believe was ready for market. Reply MyGolfSpy 49 mins ago The actual response we got from Ben Hogan Golf for not participating is below: 1.Their new product launch schedule is fluid. 2. They were very concerned and disappointed by the editorial coverage and negative comments in the Ben Hogan Equalizer wedges in our recent wedge review.
  8. JohnSmalls

    Would you be interested in MGS Virtual Golf League

    I have been toying with this idea for a few months now, but never tried to put rubber to the proverbial road. I am in!
  9. JohnSmalls

    Whats your best joke?

    I'm with you. That would have made for an extremely frustrating day on the golf course!
  10. JohnSmalls

    Dots above Forum names

    Well considering they put up with our shenanigans...I am going to have to lump them all into the same pot.
  11. JohnSmalls

    Dots above Forum names

    Ps. Love the veteran tags, nice touch guys!
  12. JohnSmalls

    Flat Tires

    Those things just look and now act like nightmares. I could think of a few herbicidal remedies to try, but I wouldn't be telling you guys anything new. Just remind me to keep my shoes on the next time I am west of the Mississippi!
  13. JohnSmalls

    Dots above Forum names

    @revkev @Kenny B, I'll catch up to you codgers when you take the next 50 years off from posting. Or just let @Shankster take over my account for a day...errr day and half.
  14. JohnSmalls

    Dots above Forum names

    Ehhhhh don't get too close, the mods are a funny bunch
  15. JohnSmalls

    Flat Tires

    @Kenny B whoa those are some nasty looking things. They look way worse than the sand spurs we get around the coast.