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  1. Just tagged you and Dan on a giveaway post on instagram. Most of the news coming from Penfold comes from their instagram account. Thought you might like to see it---and just ordered a dozen Hearts as a quarantine gift for my brother. Will report if we ever get a chance to use them!
  2. Happy birthday, Sam! Hope you have a great day!
  3. Brady to Carolina. You heard it here first.
  4. Good gracious what happened to all of the Ping clubs in the bag?
  5. Happy birthday guys! Hope it’s a great one!
  6. Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a fly-by. The review is up! Photos will be added in the next couple of days.
  7. My thoughts exactly. They supposedly have a new ball waiting to be released, too
  8. Penfold golf....ah where do I know that from? Oh that's right, my name is Bond...James Bond. Penfold is the ball that Bond played in the movie, "Goldfinger". Long story short: I was playing golf a couple of summers ago (surpise) and overshot the 8th green (also surprise). While I looked for my ball I found a practically brand new Penfold Black Heart ball. This actually was a surprise---who has heard of Penfold? And when is the last time you saw a new Penfold ball? So, in my search I found that Penfold was very much still alive, but only for sale in the UK and not easily found in brick and mortar shops there. Being a massive Bond fan, I really wanted to play a Penfold ball but shipping was prohibitively expensive. As this story goes and luck would continue it's fortune, I saw a post from Penfold on Instagram a few weeks back. That post happened to be from Penfold USA. With a little bit of back and forth on Instagram I learned that Penfold is starting up distribution in the good old USA and new golf balls will be available in the next month or two! For those of you that are Bond fanboys and are interested, below is their website. https://www.penfoldgolfusa.com/
  9. Welcome from a fellow walker! Welcome to the forum! You've found a good place to land.
  10. Alright alright alright!
  11. I am coming to Florida to steal that. Wow great find! I can’t wait to be able to get into that range
  12. You got it. I learned the hard way and then from curiosity found that some custom retailers didn’t know the difference.
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