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  1. Yes. That is along the lines of what I want. The big tour and mini drivers are on my list. Thank you for the all of the suggestions
  2. What current fairway woods have the largest cc's? I am looking for a 3-wood to possibly replace my tried and true Tour Edge E8 Beta. I love the look of this club and want something similar. Some of the new stuff I have tried are very small and seem more geared towards hitting from the fairway. While I want that feature, I usually hit them off the tee box.
  3. Zach Ohio Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Notchback FRONTLINE ELEVADO SINGLE BEND PUTTER
  4. 1. Zach, Dayton, OH 2. 3.5 3. Cobra King Black Wedges 4. 50-f, 56-a, 60-m
  5. Zach Ohio 1.4 Callaway xhot pro project x 95 flighted 6.0 PING i500
  6. Zach, Dayton, OH Cobra Bio Cell, Stiff Flex MFS Graphite 110mph/ 3.1 9.5 loft with Stiff Shaft
  7. Zach, OH Cobra Bio Cell, Graffaloy Blue Stiff Swing Speed: 110mph/265yrds carry Handicap: 3.0
  8. Zach, Ohio Cobra biocell driver, cobra utility iron, Callaway xhot pro irons, Cleveland rtx 2.0 wedges, Scotty putter 3.0 handicap My goal for the season is to get my handicap to 2 or under and improve my short game.
  9. Zach, Ohio Odyssey V-Line white hot pro 2. 34" mid slim 2.0 counterbalanced super stroke grip. O-Works 2-ball red
  10. 1. Zach, Ohio 2. 3.5 3. Cobra Bio Cell, Project X Shaft 4. Swing Speed: 107mph Carry Distance: 265 5. Phil the Thrill
  11. Zach, Ohio 3.3 handicap I have never used a GPS watch, just apps on my phone I have also never used a shot tracking application but would love to try one out.
  12. Zach Ohio 3.5 X Hot Pro irons My biggest strength in my iron game is distance control. My biggest weakness is a two way miss.
  13. Handicap: 3.6 State: Ohio Swing Speed & Carry Distance: 107mph, 268 carry Preference: F7+
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