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  1. I'm considered an essential worker in a work space that usually has 2500+ daily and now we're down to 300 so music is a must. Right now it's the Dave Matthews Band channel on my Sirius XM app. Dave rocks but so does the Sirius app, anything and everything is available.
  2. 1. Justin Rose 2. Braden Grace 3. Thorbjorn Olesen 4. Chris Wood 5. Kevin Na Score: -7
  3. 1. Dustin Johnson 2. Tommy Fleetwood 3. Ian Poulter 4. Shane Lowry 5. Steve Stricker Score: -6
  4. Taylormade P770 4-AW, Standard L/L Shaft: KBS Tour FLT 120 - S Grips: Lamkin UTx Cord (4 rounds on these grips) First thing I did was regrip them and then gave these beauties a tryout for a couple of rounds but couldn't replace my gamers. Price: $625/obo and I'll cover Fedex 3 day shipping.
  5. Tier 1: T. Woods Tier 2: L. Oosthuizen Tier 3: Z. Johnson Tier 4: W. Simpson Tier 5: V. Singh Winning Score: -11 Low AM: +3
  6. MGS Group 2... 50 people in the group, we're into the the final stretch and it appears there are only 25? people still really making picks and that might be stretching it. Why do people sign up and take away spots from others if they are just going to stop playing? Any other groups like this? I wish there was a way to consolidate the groups this far along so we could all play against each other and finish out the season together. Then not allow those that didn't finish back in it next year.
  7. You da Man Bones!! Thanks for setting this up again and looking forward to another great season.
  8. Thanks! Pretty excited I finally put together a lineup and played them on the right day.
  9. It's been awhile since I've posted anything but this has me stumped... golf shoes are insanely expensive! I just saw that UA released 3 models of shoes and the cheapest one is $160 for spikeless and the highest is $220, do people really pay that amount for golf shoes? These are golf shoes, not some Italian leather loafer, golf shoes that a majority of regular amateurs probably wear 1 to 2 times a week. For me, last years model on ebay for $40-$50 gets the job done, my feet are going to be just as stable as the person next to me who spent 4 times the amount I did. Heck I don't even spend that kind of money on sneakers or dress shoes that I wear everyday! What performance boost is $200 shoes going to give you? I know this isn't the first pair of shoes to retail for $200 but you would think with UA coming into the shoe game that they might offer something that is a little more affordable. Look at Adidas, they have shoes that range all of the map as far as price. I know people buy them and that's why prices can be so high but it just baffles my mind, spend that $200 on a hybrid instead I'm pretty sure that will improve your game more so than shoes will. I'd love to hear peoples thoughts on this, why do you buy $200 golf shoes?
  10. In group 2, ready for the new season. This fantasy league is always a good time and thank you for setting it up!
  11. I've been fantasy with MGS for a couple years now and I enjoy Yahoo but whatever gets chosen I'll play. My vote is Yahoo and if we all could get in one group that would be a bonus.
  12. Be sure to post when complete Bogey! It started as just a fun project and become an obsession of mine to work on these courses and try to get them all completed before the season started. Good luck.
  13. Hi all, I'm looking for some help... I'll be heading to Charlotte in May and my cousin is in Hilton Head, we're looking to meet up and play some golf. I can't drive to Hilton Head and he can't drive to Charlotte so we need something half way, about a 2 - 2 1/2 hr drive for each of us. Does anyone have suggestions? I'm looking for a better course, we only get to play once or twice a year so I want it to be a nicer place. Has anyone ever emailed a Private Course asking to play? I Found a few around Sumter, SC that I was thinking of trying to get onto. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!!
  14. Dave, I checked out the other DIY post and your books are slick, I like that you used CAD and all the detail you incorporated really makes the holes pop off the page. Yours put mine to shame, haha. I like to use land marks as well for yardages as long as I can determine which trees or bushes I used in my drawings once I get on the course. I plan on adding some sprinklers or other fairway markers once I can get out on the course and then probably next winter I'll finish these books off and add everything I've gathered. I'm with you though, I'm a yardage book junkie, I love collecting them.
  15. Yea I'm not ready to drop more $$ on a new set of grips just yet, need to at least get a few rounds out of the Pure's. I was thinking about going with some glue and seeing if that will help my cause. Thanks for the responses!
  16. Well that's interesting, I've had it happen on 3 different irons and haven't hit nearly has many balls as you have. Right now I'm gaming Pure Pro series grips and they are brand new this winter. The tags were a pain to get in but they seem to come out rather easy. I doubt it will be a problem on the course since I will only be hitting say my 7 iron a couple times but I don't really want to remove them if I am just going to the range for fear that I might lose one. If I wasn't hitting into a net the first few times I wouldn't have even noticed the tags came off.
  17. Great set up! Question about your Game Golf tags, have you had any issues with them coming out of the grip ends? I've been hitting balls at the range and my tags keep popping out on me after several shots.
  18. I live in upstate NY so in the winter there isn't much to do when it comes to golf other than dream about summer days, especially this year!! So while bumming around the golf forums I came across a post on yardage books and how to make them. In the past I've messed around and made a few for my home course but it was just a bunch of random notes and nothing at all like what the pro's use. There was a link to 3up golf and a very good tutorial on how to make a professional looking yardage book with two simple programs, Inkscape and Google Earth. Well several and I mean several hours later I've created yardage books for 6 of my local courses and I am currently workings on 3 other out of area courses that I play a few times a year. It has been a lot of work but it gave me something to do while the wife was watching her Bravo reality shows. Not all of these have yardages in them because I am waiting to get on the course to use my bushnell and gps to map some of the holes and then compare to what google earth gives me for yardages. These may not be exact but it's always nice to be able to write down some notes and have them available come tournament time. Attached are some pics and also here is the link to 3up. http://3upgolf.com/blogs/create-your-own-golf-yardage-book Come on warmth, it's time to golf!!
  19. 6 weeks in and there are already people not making picks, why sign up if you aren't going to play?!? In Group 1 we've got 2 that I can see, bcbone & happy gilmooore. You're just taking spaces away from people that actually want to play. I understand as the season goes on people fizzle out because it is rather long and that's fine but 6 weeks in and nothing, no picks, come on. Oh well, less I have to compete with in the end I guess.
  20. Thank you Global Golf!! These are great prizes, hopefully I can get my hands on one of the them
  21. Everything in my bag has been upgraded except for the driver and putter, very excited to get out and play but being in NY that isn't going to happen anytime soon. I got fit for Apex pro's in November, just ordered them as a Christmas present to myself. Surprised the wife with those, Santa knew just what I wanted! Got rid of my hybrid because I'm going with a traditional set of irons this year 3-pw. Bought a new set of Nike Vr Pro wedges, playing a 58 degree this year, haven't had that much loft on a wedge in a long time. Lastly, hooked myself up with a new Big Bertha 3 wood to replace my razr fit. I'm sticking with my i25 driver which I bought last year and my trusty Odyssey putter.
  22. Awesome, I'm in. Thanks for getting this up and running, looking forward to a fun season.
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