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  1. I've played the Trust ball before, but a version for a step-up in swing speed, the Bison X. I decided to try them when I saw the deal they had going of $20/dozen and needed a decent ball for fall golf in WI but that I wouldn't mind losing (disappearing balls in the leaves gets expensive!). My thoughts on it are that it performed well for a very inexpensive ball, but it has a very firm feeling. I got the yellow ones and am not a huge fan of the color. Its not a bright yellow, but more a of a muted yellow. The spin and flight were good for me (I spin the ball too much with a Pro V). Worth a shot and worked for what I needed it for, fall golf. Another DTC one that I tried and do like more than Trust that you probably never heard of is the Saintnine U-Pro Tour. They have 4-for-2 deals throughout the year to take advantage of. Great ball, IMO.
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