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  1. Either "Inglorius Basterd" or "The ShawShank Redemption"
  2. Congregation paid for your golf??? How'd you swing that? That is a nice gift. Subliminal sermon messages?
  3. I played Torrey South for $128 this year, and two rounds at the Ocean course for around $600 (including caddie). Torrey is a muni, while Ocean Course is a public course owned by a private resort company. This explains some of the price difference. Torrey was incredible, but it was not as nice as Kiawah. Torrey was completely booked with foursomes. I was hit on from 110 yards out, and I had a group of guys jamming techno from the adjacent teebox. Ocean Course was barely booked (not fantastic weather), with only twosomes, caddies required in the morning ("watchdog effect"), and Ocean Course was in perfect condition in every area on every hole. The pro shop was much more expensive too. I think this explains why some public courses cost as much as they do, or why some don't.
  4. Last week my brother and I were having an excellent round at Torrey with two gents from the U.K. While on the green, a ball strikes the green just paces away from us. Someone from the group behind us hit onto our green from 110 yards out! We were clearly visible. The course was a bit backed up, but we weren't slowing anyone down. Our new playing partners taught the offenders new vocabulary for the course. I've never heard "wanker" used in so many different combinations. The group never apologized but they backed off quite a bit. Makes you wonder how that is handled over there.
  5. Only fair way is to cut an Epic straight down the middle
  6. Hey guys, Callaway is giving away a $500 gift card (probably to buy the Epic). Spoiler alert: I get extra entries at this link, but feel free to search on FB to find it. https://wn.nr/r8qcht
  7. Torrey Pines South and Coronado earlier this week.
  8. Had a blast at Torrey and played Coronado the next day. Weather was 45* and rainy until Monday when it was 65 and sunny. Fantastic course and we got a twilight time using the
  9. In town for vacation a few days with my brother if anyone wants to hack on Monday. Would love to twilight Torrey
  10. Thanks PAgolfer. Think I may play the 8th or 9th with my brother. I may give them a call too. If it's too difficult I may try to walk on the North Course.
  11. How long was the wait? I didn't know you could sign up for a walk-on twilight, in the AM. Trying to figure out how to get one of the first twilight times out.
  12. 1. Tee shots that force you to angle your body in a way that isn't parallel to the tee markers. 2. Late golfing partners 3. Losing a ball when you saw where it landed
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