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  1. Case close I believe, it looks to be the original putter that is still in production after all those years. http://www.mortongolfsales.com/PING-Manganese-Bronze-Anser-Putter-p/ping_manganese_bronze_anser.htm Yeah, but I delete the picture of the head while transferring it.
  2. As every Wednesday, me and my coworker go to golf town on lunch. I've been searching for a naked putter for quite a bit and could never come up with something in my price range and a nice feel. Today I've found a bronze Ping anser putter that look exactly like the original, but brand new and I simply can't find anything on it online. The putter is cast and rocking a wingman grip, there's a slot in the bottom and nothing engrave there. I have no clue how the putter feel or roll, the putting green is awful and the put rock for you to test putter. Also, the face was flat, not like the vault.
  3. That's only the tip of the iceberg, this is only the bullpen, I have a complete AAA lineup also! I feel like a hoarder admitting this! My two favourite putters are the Squareback(First tournament win) and the #4 ( I really love the B shape). They both have a sight line on the flange, which work great when I'm fully confident in my set up and my stroke, so one of those two is the starter depending on how I feel. Now when putting goes to s*** I drop the sight lines, either the #8, the 2-Ball (I don't consider it as a line, I'm weird) and the #1 (I also don't consider line on the top as
  4. Hello world, Brand new on this site, I'm coming back from an injury trying to get back on track! Here's my setup, so you can get to know me a bit: Titleist 910 D2 - Project X Tour Issue 8B4 (9.5 set in C1) Titleist 910 F - Project X Tour Issue 8C4 (15 set in D1) Cobra Baffler Pro - Speeder tour XS in yellow Taylormade R9TP (4-PW) - S+ Vokey design (51, 56, 60) Putter list: Odyssey Black Series Tour Design #4 Odyssey Black Series Tour Design #8 Odyssey Protype Black 2-Ball Odyssey White hot XG #1 Scotty Cameron Squareback #1 You probably guessed right that I'm no
  5. Your Handicap: 1 (Not official, I've been injured last season, handicap from 2 years ago) Your State/Province: Quebec, Canada Your Swing Speed & Average Carry Distance: 123 mph, carrying 295 no roll Your Preference (F7 or F7+): F7+ Current driver: Titleist 910 D2 with a Project X 8B4 Thanks for the opportunity
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