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  1. Scott Harrisburg, NC TA No. 3 Same (No. 3). Would like to see if there were improvements.
  2. Scott Harrisburg, North Carolina Cobra LTD 7.4 GHIN 96 mph TSi3 10.5 w/Regular Shaft
  3. Scott / North Carolina 7.8 Srixon 785/585 150 yds
  4. Scott - Harrisburg, North Carolina Currently using a Leupold GX-3i
  5. Scott - Harrisburg, NC Swing Speed - 92 MPH Driver Current Primary Ball - Snell MTB Black One of the early users of Snell balls. Have tried Get Sum, MTB, MTB Black (original), MTB Red, and now the 2nd generation of MTB Black. Would like to see how the new "X" compares to the Black and Red.
  6. Scott - North Carolina 7.8 - 98 mph (Driver) Snell MTB-Black I have played both and found the XV worked better for me
  7. First Name/State of Residence - Scott/North Carolina Current Drive specs Model/loft/shaft/Flex - Cobra LTD/10.5/Elements Chrome/S Your handicap and driver swing speed, and do your regularly use any sort of LM for data collection - 7.6 hcp/96 SS/No LM Have you played a Tour Edge driver before, and what was your experience. - Not driver but have used their hybrid and found them very solid and easy to hit. Regretting ever getting rid of it....
  8. 1. Scott - North Carolina 2. 5.7 HCP - 95 mph 3. Cobra LTD 10.5 with Chrome Elements (S) 4. Epic Flash please
  9. Timing couldn't be more perfect. Looking to upgrade from LTD and G410 is on the top of my list because of the features of fade weighting PLUS flatter lie adjustment. Perfect for me. 1. Scott - North Carolina 2. 5.7 handicap and SS of 98 mph 3. King Cobra LTD 4. I would like to review the G410 Plus
  10. Oh, man! This is one I've been waiting for. Really wanting to put these in the bag as the old Mizzy's are starting to show their age. Crossing fingers...and toes. Scott - North Carolina Age 58 - 4.5 handicap Mizuno MP-32's with KBS $Taper Regular (+2 deg upright/1/2" long)
  11. Scott - North Carolina Two sets - Mizuno T7 and Titleist SM, both in 52/56/60 Black - 52/56/60
  12. Scott - North Carolina 5.7 MTB I am a low spin player so I would like to test the MTB "Red" and see if has better spin characteristics than the original MTB for my game.
  13. Stage 2 Review Well, it's been about 6 weeks now since installing the $-Taper's and I've had a chance to play about 20 rounds with them. Some casual rounds but also one under tournament conditions….more on that later. General impression is that these sticks are similar to the other KBS Tour products I've used (KBS Tour and KBS Tour-V). Not boardy, not noodly. A nice smooth feeling when struck well. My experience is that the V has a softer feel at impact than the $-Taper, and the $-Taper softer than the Tour. I suspect the special KBS shaft balancing has something to do with the feel. At least that's what I think based on the different swing weights I've had to use when switching from True Temper and Nippon shafts. I don't know if they're truly counter balanced but the feel with KBS shafts is definitely better than the other shafts I mentioned. For me, this shaft launches higher than either the Tour or the V. Not sure why as the KBS chart says it should be somewhere between the two. But I'm definitely getting a higher trajectory ball flight. As I said in my first post, I'm getting less spin with this shaft, so to me that's the best of both worlds - high flight with no ballooning. I'm not able to measure spin but I'm judging this by not spinning balls on the green as much as with the Tour shaft (the highest spinning KBS shaft I've played). And it appears that's translated into a bit more distance, maybe 3 yards. Not a huge gain but nothing to sneeze at either. It's hard for me to characterise dispersion since that's such an ambiguous term. To me a that means that a shaft with good dispersion has little lateral variance with shots hit with a good swing. If that's the definition than I'd say that the $-Taper is no better or worse than the Tour or V models. Shot that I hit straight might vary 2 to 3 yards from the target. When hitting a deliberate fad or draw, I say the same variance. So very consistent. At this stage, I'd say this. If you're trying to decide among these three shafts and you're a feel player than I'd go with the Tour-V. If you want a little more distance and higher trajectory and will sacrifice some smoothness than the $-Taper is for you. I don't see that the Tour model really offers anything special when comparing these three. I plan on doing a bit more testing between the Tour-V and the $-Taper for the final Stage 3 review so stay tuned. Now, about the tournament play. Our club has a Wednesday night 9 hole match every week during daylight savings time. Somewhere between 15 and 30 players show up and we are paired randomly by handicap into 3 or 4 man teams. Total team score determines each week's winner and each man has to get a certain amount of points based on his play the week before. Points are awarded as such: 3 points birdie, 2 points par, 1 point bogie, 0 points otherwise. So if say I got 14 points one week and then 10 points the next week, my points for the following week would be adjusted down (in this case (14+10)/2 = 12). So to conclude the year, we had a 5 man, 4 hole playoff made up of the top 5 money winners for the year. Yours truly was in that top 5. One man eliminated on each hole either by score or if tied then a chip-off or putt-off. Now, I never win these things. I always fold up like a cheap lawn chair so I'm basically playing for fun and a beer at the end. The first hole was a par 3 and I was the first off. 154 yards down hill, slight breeze into and from the left, pin middle left, hands trembling. Factoring in elevation and wind I would normally go with a 6 iron (my 160 club), but knowing the $-Taper was flying longer for me, I went 7. Smooth swing produced a nice little fade that started at the pin and rode the wind to about 10 feet, pin high. Put made. Par four next. Nice drive puts me 172 from a middle pin, a little down wind. Again, normally I'd go with a 5 iron but with these shafts chose the 6 and hit another nice fade pin high just off the green. Chip and one put. On to the next hole which is another par 4. Drive it into a creek. Just my luck and I'm sure I'm out of it now. Take my drop and get a decent lie but 192 from pin. Using my magic 5 wood (Titleist 909f), smack a low bullet that hits short of the Donald Ross false front green and bounds up to 15 feet. The golf gods were with me. Two putt and now it's down to me and another competitor at the final hole. We move to a par 3 which this time is up hill and across a creek that fronts the green. Pin is front and measuring 155 with a little wind off the left. Pick the 7 again and hit it solid but drawing a little to the left, towards a trap. Luckily, we get a little gust at the right time and I'm past the pin about 10 feet, just catching the left side of the green. My foe is on about 10 feet short of the pin. What happens next? Stay tuned for Stage 3…...
  14. The Five Questions 1. Will this product go in your bag? Why or why not? The shafts will stay in my MP-32's. I don't see a lot of difference between these and the Tour shafts that were previously in them so to be honest, the reason they'll stay is I don't want to spend the extra time and effort to re-shaft. 2. To whom, if anyone, would you recommend this product? Why? While I play to a 4 handicap, I'm not what I would call a really good, consistent golfer. I think this product is for the plus handicap individual who can really control their ball and swing; someone who has command of their shots and has repeatable results. I could not see an appreciable difference in performance between this shaft, the Tour, and the Tour V. I'm sure KBS tweaked the design to provide some improvement over the Tour shaft, but I honestly couldn't see or feel the difference. 3. How, if at all, did this product change your overall impression of KBS? As said previously, I've played TT and Modus shafts and the KBS products still feel and perform better for me. I perceive their quality to be a step above the rest. 4. What feature would you change or eliminate from the next generation of this model? Couple of things here. If you call this a "taper" shaft I think it should be truly tapered. I was a little disappointed to get a pseudo-stepped product. So if at all possible I'd like to see this incorporated. I'd also like to see a matte or duller finish added to the options. Lastly, I don't see the reasoning for the higher price in comparison to other products. There is no vast improvement over other shafts in this category so I'd be puzzled why I paid so much more for no real benefits if I actually paid for these. 5. What feature do you really like, and would most like to see continued or evolved in future models? So, I'm wondering if KBS has taken the metal shaft as far as it can. This product may have some subtle differences I can't discern, but do we really need a shaft that has 100 rpm less shaft then their next model? Is one half degree trajectory change really valuable and is a golfer willing to pay two or three times a "normal" shaft price to get it. I think KBS needs to see if it can take its engineering and design talent and look to other materials and geometries to provide products with more speed and improved feel. They've taken a step towards that in their graphite hybrid product. Let's see if they can bring that knowledge to the iron shaft world.... P.S I'm an engineer by trade, so by definition we aren't a very talkative bunch. I'm a little embarrassed my reports haven't been as colorful as the rest of our group. So I hope some of you appreciated my brevity and concise responses! If you have further questions please feel free to reach out to me directly. Thanks to MGS for allowing me the opportunity to try and report on this product.
  15. MGS Review by Volgolfer – KBS $-Taper Shafts Stage One - Introduction & Interview Thread Echoing my fellow reviewers as I appreciate the chance to test these new shafts and offer some observations to fellow golfers. MyGolfSpy is arguably the leading voice in unbiased product reviews, and sponsoring tests like these with "real" golfers proves that point. I'll use the MGS Template to tell you a little about me: Handicap: I currently have a GHIN handicap of 4.0. I started the year as a 5.6, shooting a low round of 73 and high of 89 with an average of 78.4 on a par 71 course. Strengths of your game: I would say that I have a consistent putting game; I rarely three-putt. I'm also pretty good at getting out of trouble and try to play conservatively (I tend to chip out than to attempt the hero shot). Weakness of your game: I struggle with an overly inside takeaway. I tend to be very handsy in the backswing and pin my right arm to my side which are both ingredients for pushes and flip hooks. I'm working on maintaining "the triangle," keeping my right arm straight in the backswing, and coming back straight from the ball for 18". Seems to work....until it doesn't. Typical ball flight: My ball flight with all clubs is middle trajectory. I don't impart an overly high amount of spin to the ball so I don't see much ballooning. Typical miss: My misses flow from the inside takeaway so I generally push the ball right or hit what I call a straight hook - one that starts straight and then moves left. Swing tempo: My tempo if fairly slow and I do not load the shaft at the top. I'd call it a 1,2 count. I tend to take a shallow divot with the irons and sweep my fairway woods. Swing Speed: My driver swing speed ranges from 95 to 100 and my 6-iron speed is 84 to 86. What makes you love the game: I am analytically minded so I love the fact that you can never master the game and that there is always something to figure out in the golf swing. I also like the fact that no two rounds are alike, there are different types of courses, and it's a game you can play with friends or strangers and have a good time regardless. How long have you been golfing: I started playing a few years out of college and been at it around 32 years now (I'm 57). What's your story: I am infected with the golf bug. I watch countless YouTube videos about the swing (big fan of Mark Crossfield), read all I can about equipment, am a Golf Channel addict, and the list goes on. My wife is officially a golf widow. For years I have been the "commissioner" of an annual Myrtle Beach golf outing with 11 other golf nuts. After years of playing public courses I decided to join a private club which has intensified my desire to play and vastly improved my game. What is in your bag: I have two sets of clubs and rotate them periodically: Set #1 · Cobra LTD Driver w/UST Mamiya Elements Chrome Stiff Shaft · Cobra BioCell 3/4 Wood w/UST Mamiya V2 Regular Shaft · Titleist 909 F2 5 Wood w/Diamana Blueboard Regular Shaft · Mizuno MP-32 4-P w/KBS Tour Regular Shaft · Vokey 52, 56, and 60 w/KBS 610 Regular Shaft Set#2 · Cobra BioCell Driver w/Aldila NV Stiff Shaft · Titleist 909 F2 3 Wood w/Diamana Blueboard Regular Shaft · Taylormade V-Steel 5 Wood w/UST Mamiya V2 Regular Shaft · Mizuno MP-60 4-P w/KBS Tour-V Regular Shaft · Vokey 52, 56, and 60 w/ N.S. Pro Modus Wedge Regular Flex The $-Taper shafts are now in my MP-32's. How did you choose them: I'll keep this related to iron shafts. I had previously played True Temper Dynamic Gold Superlites in both sets of Mizuno's. After learning more about shafts I thought I'd look at other options and after testing several brands from the Mizuno fitting cart settled on the KBS Tours for my MP-32's. These had a much smoother feel than the TT DGSL's and more consistent flight. A few years later I tried Modus 3's in my MP-60's since I'd heard so much about them, but didn't find that they brought any improvement to the feel and consistency I got from KBS, and in fact were a bit shorter in distance. I decided to switch those out for KBS Tour-V's based on them being similar to the Tour model but lighter. What region do you play out of: I live near Charlotte, North Carolina and as I said play out of a local country club. I also make my fair share of trips to Myrtle Beach and the mountain courses in North Carolina and Tennessee and have had occasion to play overseas as well. Are you a tinkerer or a set and forget it type: Definitely a tinkerer. I shaft and grip my own clubs (picture of homemade shaft puller attached). Love changing variables like swing weights (currently D3) and lofts on drivers and fairways to optimize my equipment. First Impressions: Looks: These are not like C-Tapers that are step-less, which was what I was expecting to see. They are a cross between the Tour and C-Taper IMO - some stepping but muted. I cut my shafts with a beveled tube cutting tool and for what it's worth the thickness at the cut was very uniform indicating to me that the tolerance on shaft thickness was pretty consistent. These look really nice with my Pure Grips DTX grips. Feel: I've played about 5 rounds with these now and I can say that the $-Taper feel is comparable to the Tour and Tour-V that I play. It's a tad softer than the Tour and translates to a nice sound off the MP-32's. In order of softness I'd say Tour-V softest followed by the $-Taper and then Tour. Not whippy nor is it boardy.....just right. Performance: What I noticed immediately was that this shaft launches higher for me than did the Tour; the Tour-V launched lower than both the others. To my pleasant surprise I lost no distance despite the gain in trajectory. There hasn't been any ballooning so I'm assuming my spin numbers are lower. Dispersion seems to be the same as the Tour but I need to do more testing there. Back for more at Stage 2.....e-mail me with questions or if want more pictures.
  16. Scott - North Carolina MP-32/KBS Tour & MP-60 KBS Tour V 90 Regular Yes, +1/2" 155 yds
  17. Scott - North Carolina Cobra Amp Cell/UST Proforce V2 - 21.5 degrees- Your current hybrid and shaft combo, with lofts Not Custom Fit Strength - High Flight/Weakness - Pulls and Hooks
  18. Scott/North Carolina 4.5 Handicap Mizuno MP-60 JPX-900 Tour - own MP-32 and MP-59. Would love to see how JPX line stands up to MP line.
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