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  1. I played Sat morning, with SWMBO at Highlander Golf Course in Wenatchee, WA. I had moments I was very happy with, and others not so much.. Windy but fairly nice, low 50's but the sun was out. The Greens are still not perfect, but rolled nicely. I on the other hand could not read a break to save my butt. must have 3 putted 4-5 times.. a couple of chucked chips and 2 lost balls added up to a nice easy 96.. not thrilled but had a lot to be happy with.. SWMBO on the other hand had 3 pars on the front 1 on the back, and shot a very nicely played 103. mind you she has only broken 100 1 time. Her Best round at this course is 102.. She wants to play better but her priority is being out side getting exercise and having fun.. So all in all it was a great day..
  2. Well I played yesterday with My Grandson @Blakedagolfer, It was cool and Damp here in Western Wa.. Started out Terrible. Tee shot on 1 was topped and went 30ft. Screw it I reloaded on the tee and blasted one into the brush on the right, Lost ball.. I finished hole 1 with a nice easy 9.. OMG it's gonna be a long day.. lol.. Parred 2 and 3, damned near drove the green on 3.. Had some struggles, but put together 4-5 pars.. Shot a nice easy 100.. knee started getting uncomfortable, on about 12.. Not bad for just over a month out from Knee surgery. 12 is about where it started raining. so now it is cold and wet.. All in all a good day with the grandson. but not how I wanted to play.. I just could not shift the weight to the left knee, YET. it will; come hopefully soon so I can trust the knee will hold up..
  3. I have two that stick out, the first I played in a golf league when I worked at Boeing. Every year we would go away for our Championship tournament. I was playing well enough to be seeded into the 1st division (lower Handicap Flight). For the Tourney we played 2 different courses, we all throw $20 bucks into the pot for Long drive, KP's, Low Net, and Skins. and those are played by the 2 divisions. So after Day 1 I am sitting in 2nd place, Mind you I am a 15 and some change handicap, but low enough to be in the 1st division. We are Playing Suncadia in Cle Elum, Washington, nice resort course. Day 2 we play based on place like the pro, 1st group out is 2nd division lowest 4 players, 2nd is 1st division lowest 4 players ect. So I am in the last of 5 groups with 3 of us. the 3 of us are within 2 stokes and 6-7 clear of the next guy. I am playing well and keeping tabs on where I stand in our group, still 2nd after 9. On 10 the leader loses his ball trying to dive the green, instead of going back a re-teeing, he picks up , WTF.. that ends his tournament. It comes down to myself and our league Secretary. In the end I win the tournament, and $220 buck in games. My buddy who I rode with was trashed in the clubhouse when i got done, so I had to drive his drunk Butt home after He made me buy drinks.. lol 2nd one Myself and Swmbo, go with another couple (Buddy from story 1 and his GF)on a golf weekend every year. we both play about the same, he'll win by a stroke or two I'll beat him by a stroke or two. So we plan it so it warm and we try to get in two rounds 1 with girls on 1 day and 1 with just us as the girls go shopping, etc.. Day 1 we are playing a nice resort course in Eastern Washington I crap the bed, after an opening round par I end up shooting a 117. I could not have hit water if I had fallen out of a boat. we have a great weekend.. Fast forward 1 month, and family vacation All the guys go play golf to the same course. I end up playing the front in -2, and shoot a 78 total.. best round of my life.. how can i shoot a 117 and turn around and shoot 78 a month later? Gotta love Golf..
  4. Both scenarios are flawed IMO... Here is why, 1) how many players don't carry a handicap? or are willing to admit what their scores are. 2) IF I played from the "recommended tees" in the 1st Scenario @EasyPutter's Post I would be playing from the Gold Tees as I have not been Scoring well, but it would put me into a situation that I am not playing to my abilities, i.e. to short based on my length . In @RickyBobby_PR's post I would be playing possibly to far back, I do not currently carry an official handicap but do know where I am or are pretty close which based might put me into a situation where its just too long for my length.. and 3) We all know "that Guy" the one who will never admit they are not skilled enough or their abilities have slipped to a point where they should be playing up 1 or maybe 2 tees.. i.e. EGO.. In the last scenario perfect example is my FIL.. great guy (makes me golf and drink beer) Has Always Played decent golf (mid to low 90's). So he has always played the White (middle tees, not counting Champ-Black tees) well the last few of years his game has sharply fallen off, mind you he is 85 and since has only played 1-2 round the last couple years.. A long drive for him would be in the 180 yds range, which at a course we play frequently make it hard for him to clear some forced carries. Both SWMBO and I have tried to get him to move up and play off the Front Tees with her to make EVERYTHING playable.. Nope not having it " I'll be fine". So we let him play where he wants to.. I think there should be some ability evaluation For ANYONE, who wants to play from further back than the middle/ Second Tee box. This way if your willing to take the time to show you can or should be playing from other tees Than by all mean knock yourself out.. but if your not than you are stuck with playing front 2 tees. the Courses can allow people with a Ghin card access to other tees based on Handicap, OR if you belong to a club, your club can sign off you to play back for other coueses if warranted. but then we will end up with people playing a 9 hole course and getting Signed off to play the Back tees that have no reason to be back there except They think there cool.. Just my .02$.. Thanks
  5. @cksurfdude, I like this one.. LOL
  6. Very true, I know how Fast the golf gods can slap you back to reality.. Thanks
  7. So back in Oct. i tweaked my left knee jumping out of the back of my Truck. Long story short torn meniscus. was supposed to get surgery mid to end of Dec. well Insurance would not approve it until 12/23. I am pretty sure they drug their feet until I would roll over to the next yrs deductible. But anyways, had surgery on 1/10. One of the tears had a piece floating inside, so the Dr. cleaned up both trears, Cleaned up the cartilage under my Femur, and removed so old scar tissue. All went well, LAst Monday had my post-op follow up and was giving the all clear to resume normal activites, just 2 weeks after surgery.. He did recommend the driving range and to let my knee dictate how much I can do.. So I told the Grandson @Blakedagolfer that we would goto the range as soon as I could.. Time to test out the knee and get in some time with my New TSR3.. the weather was beutiful clear day with a temp of right at 28*, great hahahah.. first few hit with wedge were not pretty, as I was favoring the knee not sure what to expect. Then I just stepped in and hit one without thinking, and WOW the knee felt good.. after that it was game on, LOL. once i worked my way to the driver, I was nervous. the only time I have hit it since getting it was on a bad knee.. I only hit maybe half a bucket ( not wanting to push it) Total. and about 8-10 were with driver. I wish i had picture of the face because all the strikes were center face and only 1 of those would not have hit the dead center with at least a portion of the mark.. it was just slightly high and towards the toe. and OMG that ball just launched, long high and with a slight fade. I could not be happier, considering it was freezing cold and just 2 weeks out of surgery.. Bring on Summer..
  8. Reesedw


    Alright, Friday I went Hunting.. we ended up with 4 quail. So Sat I made Quail breast in the air Fryer.. I rubbed then with olive oil, then seasoned with Salt, Pepper, Onion powder and Garlic Powder. then Air fried on the "Chicken" setting for 15 min.. Better than I could have imagined, and throw in Mashed potatoes, and Stuffing.. Me and Father in Law enjoyed ourselves..
  9. @Kenny B, that looks amazing.. I'm sure Martha (i think that's right) will enjoy her new bathroom as much as you your man-cave..... Oh wait she golf's also.. I'm sure she'll love her new She-Shed as much as Her new bathroom.. hahaha.. Everything looks great, congrats..
  10. Heres a Novel idea, What about a card that you scan at the tee box on each hole.. Like a keycard and reader, each group has 1 card, if anyone group gets to far behind course marshal addresses it.. Not to come off like the speed police, but it would allow slow play to be addressed. If one group starts lagging behind and has not let the group behind play through it'll show up when each punch in at the next hole.. Granted people will be pissed but at least the course will be able to keep it's core players happy with sub 5.5 hour rounds.. Just a thought..
  11. That is amazing.. Love it.. My daughter just turned 15 holy crap I'm old.. When she was about 5 my grandson was 6. they were watching Bambi.. at the end when "the shooting" occurs, my grandson calmly asks "who shot Bambi?" my daughter without missing a beat says "it was probably my dad and John that's what they do." and they watched the rest of the movie like normal.. for clarification I am an avid Deer hunter and John is my hunting partner, we both have Deer on the wall, along with antlers.. just they way they interacted was so damn funny.. Like everyone else has said Enjoy every minute and every moment Good, and bad they all will pass WAY to fast.. Godspeed my friend..
  12. I did play with the adjustments a little, but figured I would wait to make changes until I get a little more time with it.. It is beautiful.. LOL
  13. I got out yesterday and hit a bucket of balls with it.. Got a nice little mark on the top edge near the Toe.. WTH... lol With 80% balls I was consistently carrying 200-210.. which puts me in the 240ish range.. rolling out to 260+.. The was a typical Seattle Fall day.. cool 52* with range balls.. so I'll take that all day... my SLIGHT fade seems to be a little more exaggerated.. fading now about 15yds.. from the normal 0-5.. might just be take a little getting used to, also I know i was holding back a little staying off my left knee which I tweaked which I know contributed to the Toey strike location.. .. so All in All VERY happy.. Based on the previous numbers and the numbers with current driver I gained 12yds, of carry and appeared to be more consistent with that distance.. Mind you it is a little more than 1 bucket of balls.. but Loving the driver..
  14. I recieved my TSR3 Tuseday evening and was able to get some pictures last night.. I could not be happier with the driver, Mind you I have not hit it and played with adjustments but it is Beautiful.. Take a look... I will post my thoughts later in an Unofficial test post after getting it out to at least the range.. I hope you enjoy.. Dave
  15. The Cobra F8+ was the best driver I have ever played, then again I am not a club ho.. LOL.. When I am playing regularly I can still get fairly consistantly 240-250 with the occasional 270+. When i played last time (3 weeks ago, due to Hunting), I 3 drives in the 270- 280 range (total distance carrying 250ish.. So when i went for the fitting I was a little flustered that the TopTracer was only showing 200 carry.. but the ball flight with the TSR3 was beautiful, Straight and High carrying over the 200yd sign easily.. my strike pattern was slightly toe side (half a ball toward the toe), with all strikes in a verticle line with the highest one just slightly above center.. The fitter reiterated when I expected that it was my swing for the day, as the strike pattern on my own driver was slightly toe side ( not quite as much).. @chisag, if nothing else Try it.. I loved everything about it immediately..
  16. After winning the Presidents Cup give away. I went to A fitting for the TSR line of drivers. My current Driver Cobra F8+ Hzrdus Red shaft went with me.. I was at the Puetz Golf in North Seattle (they have a driving Range). I explained why I was there (I wanted them to tell me which club would be best not me tell them what I thought I needed) and I was set-up in a bay and given some balls (Titleist Range balls) to warm up with. It is a TopTracer Range. SO I hit a few balls with current driver and the TopTracer was off, I know faily close my distance's.. On the range they have a sign at 200yds (used range finder to check) and I was consistently flying over it.. It was showing carry of 198-203 total distance of 212-216 as my balls were clearing the Sign on the fly.. That is when Beckett (who helped) me also said I would lose about 5yds from the Range balls and are losing about 10 from TopTraceras we can see it flying over the 200 yd sign.. 1st off I hit the TSR2 with a Hzrdus Blk stiff shaft 60g, felt good but ball was Ballooning and I was losing about 10 yds. with the same ball speed (134ish avg) as with MY club. Then I grabbed the TSR3 with same shaft. 1st ball was "carrying" 210 with a total yds of 228, Strike was a little toward the toe... hit a few more, club felt great, then the wind picked up a little cutting across the range left to right.. after about 5 more balls all carrying 210-215 with total yds from 228-235. He told me to hold on he had another shaft to try based on what he was seeing from my swing and my ball flight.. So I try the Hzrdus Red CB 50g to try to get more carry and speed. I hit 3 balls all carrying right at 213 total yds in the 224 range, BUT all 3 shots were 20yds to the right. He then grabbed Tensie 1k Black and still was not getting the carry as i was with the Hzrdus Blk.. so we swapped the Hzrdus Blk back in and lofted up the club to try to gain more carry, in the 205-212 range but all were to the right.. he then adjusted the club and had me hit a few more. Boom right off the bat 220 carry dead straight total yds at 238.. next 3 shots were 225 carry 242 total, 224 carry 238 total, and 227 carry 245 total.. I then grabbed My cobra driver hit 3 with it and best I could do was 221 carry and 234 total.. It was shocking to see the difference. All in all I gained 4-6 mph ballspeed (140ish avg) (with Range balls) approx. 10-12yd carry.. at the end I asked him if there is anything different he might try, his reply was "honestly I think the only thing I would do is tweak the club head AFTER You have gotten used to it and know what it will do with my swing and speed. I do not think there is a better combination for you right now.." SO that is what I went with TSR3 9* Head, Hzrdus Blk 4G 60g Stiff shaft, with CP2 Pro grip.. Hope this help others looking at these clubs..
  17. Love the Mustang, I had 2 both coupes. my second one had a 302 that I built up to 350-375 hp.. Way to Fun... would run as low as 14.1 in 1/4 mile.. and Top out around, Hell I have no idea as the speedo stopped at 120.. lol
  18. I love turning 16 in the 80's.. we still had access to all the good cars of the 50's and 60's for cheap.. and we were past the early to mid 70's when cars were crap.. What can i say, i owned 2 Mustang 2's.. All my friends had Early Mustangs, Camaro's, El Caminos, ect.. IN about 1988 I think.. We knew a guy getting divorced and had to sell his car collection.. I was Offered a 1969 Boss 302 All original mustang with about 25,000 miles AND another complete Boss 302 motor still in Original crate All for $7000... But back then it was "just a 1969 Mustang" and no banks would loan that much on a car that old at the time.. and about a yr before that The Body Shop my Dad ran had a 1967 Thunderbird 4 door, the owner offered me for $4000, this thing was loaded leather, console, suicide rear doors, and the cherry on top, the 429 Super cobra jet motor.. Again noone would finance a kid for that much on a car that old.. Just like this only White with black vinyl top. it had been sitting in the body shop for about 10yrs, the owner got a new truck and just parked it with 55,000 miles.. OMG it was fun.. just with I could have bought it.. and Not just drove it once..
  19. Ok I'll bite.. Beat this one.. 1974 Mustang 2 v6, Literally bought off a little old lady. she was hit in the rt front fender and it was totaled... My dad managed a Body shop and was a 50's era hot rod guy so we rebuilt it and I drove it all through High school. My next car was a 1975 mustang with a 302, it had like 150 hp.. I drove it 3 weeks, when it tossed a timing chain , So i did what every 80's kid that was into cars did, I built a 375hp 302 and shoved it in it.. turned it into a serious sleeper.. would do 14.1's in the quarter mile.. back than that was pretty damn quick.. this is not my car, but looks close, mine was corvette yellow with mag wheels and Black striping..
  20. I usually buy new, Which i have not done for a few yrs.. Hence the 4yr old clubs in the bag.. Have never played better, and still play consistently better than before the Cobras.. Prior to a few drivers mostly new, 1 exception was, I played with a guy in league who bought a brand new driver Taylor made Super Tri, that he used 2 rounds and 1 range session, and could not keep in on the course he would slice or hook it like crazy.. anyhow he offered it to me for $150.. So after i used it for a round and loved it i bought it.. 2 weeks later at league he brings the matching 3 wood, could not hit it either so he gave that one to me.. those are really the only used clubs i have bought..
  21. Great topic @McGolf, heck i made a mistake this season.. I installed New grips, no biggie, but i forgot to take into account the added weight of the Arrcos system. Fortunately i was able to get used to the higher swing weight.. But could have been real bad if I couldn't get used to it.. Also luckily I used air so if needed I can remove them easily.. 1) measure length, weight and size of EVERYTHING.. 2) use enough solvent and get the grips fully on.. Duh.. 3) ask for advice prior to if you have ANY doubts. This will save lots of time and money..
  22. Yeah he thinks he getting my old driver now.. He Probably will.. lol
  23. Got out on Sat with SWMBO, Grandson and My Father in Law, who drove SWMBO'd cart.. Absolutely great day, I did not play so well, tweaked my left knee a week ago and figured I'd give it a shot.. By the End of the front 9 was playing 1 legged trying to minimize the twist and force on that knee. between 9 and 10 i grabbed a knee brace out of the truck and tried it.. That went from Bad to worse... lol.. so it came back off .. i ended up with a 96 not great.. But I had the pleasure of watching my grandson @Blakedagolfer Who has only taken golf serious for a little over 9 months, not only break 90 for his 1st time he shot a very solid 85.. He played a very smart consistent round.. Watching him play made me very proud of how far he has come in the last few months.. Hey i did drink a few beers and enjoy a gorgeous fall day in Eastern Washington. Bonus.. LOL
  24. First and Foremost I'd like to thank the Academy, My Family, and everyone else along the way.. Oh wait, my bad.. Thanks to all of you, the My Golf Spy community (the best on the Web).. I plan on getting fit and will share my thought about that experience and the clubs with all of you.. @Golfspy_TCB, Congrats I will be following along closely as you choose and get fit for your 2+ wood.. As I said in the messages between Myself, @Golfspy_CG2, and all the Mods.. Thank you all for doing such a great job making this place the place to come and hang out regarding Golf, and our lives.. And for @ole gray, @BIG STUand our Other Southern Brothers, I'm happier than a dog without fleas..
  25. Foz: You'll use that to your advantage.. it would be the 1st time in years you get 300yd drives, wind aided of course.. hahahaha
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