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  1. It's been a crappy couple of weeks here on the Wet side of Washington.. Spent Christmas in Cabo, came home to VERY cold weather on Christmas day. the 26th we got 12" which is way more than normal and earlier than usual.. Rear ended a gentelman as he was trying to avoid a lady stuck on a curb.. Good times.. it has been snow and rain off and on since.. Now we are getting Pouring rain and will end up with Flooding.. AND i am waiting for results from a covid test as 2 of the 3 other people I worked with last week tested Positive, before know that I was at my in laws where they both are mid 80's.. great.. lets hope for a better 2022, 2021 sure went out crappy...
  2. Welcome Victor from North East of Seattle. Make yourself at home and Enjoy..
  3. @Kenny BI just noticed you have a Shot My Age badge.. Very cool.. SO when did you shoot less than 60.. hahahahah.. That is awesome..
  4. Congrats guys. I'll be following along..
  5. Thanks Just something that I was thinking about.. Your thoughts were kinda what i was thinking but wanted validation and you gave me that.. Thanks
  6. I'm intrigued, by the idea of using a ribbed grip. I saw a video about using a piece of string down the back of the grip taped in place and the grip installed over it giving a rib.. Has anyone done this?? do you like them? Thoughts??? Thanks
  7. MIke: first off thank you for all you do at Cobra, Your products are Amazing.. As a former aerospace engineer, how much does aerodynamics come into play when desiging clubs i.e. Drivers. Or is it more, yes a factor but not as much as say Calloway claims or Ping with turbulators and dragon fly technology.. Drivers have long been the same "basic" shape for the most part for a very long time. The shape seems to have changed only slightly as the size has??? Thanks
  8. I feel your pain.. LOL.. Gotta love the guy Hitting 3 from 250 yds out on a par 5 and watching it like a pro.. LOL
  9. SWMBO and I had a sat morning Tee time, we were going to have a nice round just the two of us.. Then the grandson found out and he wanted to go. So we decided to make it a nice day with him, play golf and have a nice lunch in the clubhouse. it was a great day. I played very well this is a course I have never played great but like the course. I shot an 84, that included a bogey on 17 (par 5) for a ball OB off the tee, and a triple on 18.. ERRRR, we were moving along great until the 15th. I'm pretty sure the waiting took its toll as I started getting a little stiff causing me to turn over early since both tee shots on 17 and the one on 18 went left.. Prior to that I was killing it off the tee and playing solid with the irons.. my 2nd into two of the par 5's hit the green and trickled off the back and 1 other I missed just short right still only 20 ft away.. So I am very happy with my game right now.. Last 3 times out I am 6 over on 18, 3 over on 9 and 12 over sat.. I would say I'm definitely playing solid golf..
  10. @jlukes thanks I have been waiting for it and based on previous years should have been underway by now.. Enjoy it is one hell of a good time..
  11. Am i missing it somewhere, I cannot find the cobra Connect challenge anywhere other than the "Pre-Challenge Chatter"... I always follow along..
  12. Congrats fellas.. I will be following along.
  13. @fixyurdivot, I have over the years built several clubs and repaired a few.. the only thing that i have purchased to help are a golfsmith ruler, and a vice shaft clamp.. everthing else I mostly already had. I use a propane torch and vice for pulling and re-shafting.. I hope you enjoy it as much as i do..
  14. Got out wife the wife and Grandson yesterday.. Mental note to self, Drink more before going out with those two again LOL... My grandson thinks he should be Tiger woods after playing 4-5 times and driving range a couple of times.. but he has decided that he wants to play HS golf.. SO I'll take him and help him play.. it is a local 9 hole course par 34 ended up shooting a 39, which I am happy with, but doubled the 9th which i am not happy about.. slightly uphill par 3 playing 125.. hit it dead right into the crap had to drop on a burned out strip of grass beside the cart path and hit it to 15 feet and 2 putted.. other than that had a good round.. damn near drove 1 par 4 green sitting at 310.. over a pond slight dogleg right.. landed 5 ft short of the green birdied it.. Wife played really well, dangit... LOL
  15. Thanks, After a long round, which is frequent these days my hands tend to feel tired.. That might be me getting old, but maybe Mid-size might help..
  16. I am looking to regrip, I have Lamkin REL's on now.. they are ok, just starting to feel a little slick... Living around Seattle would you recommend PURE grips?? and how does going to Mid size help over Standard?
  17. we are supposed to get a "Chance" of rain on Sunday.. and be back in the 70's by monday.. these 90+ days are torture..
  18. You my friend are a sick individual.. LOL
  19. Looks like a great place to pick up a little Venison.. lol
  20. Yeah here on the WET side, we will be hitting 100 in some places... Seattle broke the record for most days without rain, at 56 days.. House does OK with A/C but get out of the house and it sux..
  21. Very cool.. I would have those somewhere on display.. LOL.. still waiting for my first one..
  22. Hey Harry: As mid-higher Hdcp player and someone who just tied a personal best with a 78, it was a tale of 2 9's. -2 34 front and a +8 44 back. How should a higher handicap Any player keep from Blowing up the back 9 after a great front? Or gather it back in after a terrible start? Also after things started going off the rails what should I someone do to stop the bleeding? Play defensive, Stay aggressive, ect... Thanks
  23. Mt SI is right there as is Blue heron.. both a pretty good course.. Blue Heron is a little rough in places but is usually easy to get on and will test you for sure.. it is very fun to play..
  24. WOW, my apologies for not welcoming you all sooner.. @ooojonooo, @pjb3, @Lowcapsonly, @Mr. Mushball.. I am from the Monroe area.. Welcome, make yourself at home, enjoy a beer, BUT please cleanup and refill the fridge.. Hope you enjoy it here as much as the rest of us.. WELCOME..
  25. Thanks @Kenny B, Next time i get a chance to get over for a couple day we should figure it out.. Sounds good.. I Played great, with my son. But had a 10 stroke swing from front to back.. with 3 lip outs.. so I left plenty on the table.. LOL. and it was 97*.. DAMN.. thought I was going yo melt.. hahaha How do you do it.. Tri-cites is hotter yet..
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