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  1. the easiest way to get a ball to back up for me is to drop it on a hill.. LOL I know how you feel. I did get a few crazy backups while testing the Cleveland Zipcore wedge. and a few 1 hop and stops but those shots have since past...
  2. No I play the same wedges during both the dry season July 1st through the 2nd and the wet season july 2nd through June 30.. hahahahahahhaha. seriously though I just play the 1 set of wedges.. I have Cobra F8 set wedges for PW and GW, King Black in 54* "versatile" grind, and Cleveland RTX w/ Zipcore in 58* mid bounce which is 10* I believe.. I struggle with them all when really soggy.. but am very happy when it is less soggy.. lol
  3. Welcome, Hope you find it helpful and useful.. Blake is my grandson, and is doing very well since he started really playing and making the effort..
  4. I do miss Kayak Point, it was a fun course.. Played it at least twice a yr. when i played in league.. welcome. Make yourself at home..
  5. The wife and I have a weekend away planned with some friends, I think the dates are the 24-through the 26th.. I'll touch base with SWMBO, and see if we can sneak away early and catch up with you on one of the days.. if we can she'll have to play... that's what i get for getting her into golf thinking it was a good idea so I could play more... not it just costs me more money.. LOL
  6. Well, finally got in 2 rounds this weekend, that were on decent courses.. Been a Very wet spring so far in the Pacific Northwest. Took Grandson with is to play Eastern Washington courses with his Great Grandfather.. we had a great time. Sat greens were plugged and sanded recently but were coming in nicely.. due to that the greens were a little longer than normal and slow, but rolled true. Shot a nice 89, with a few really nice shots including a drive of about 310, a chip that hit the flag and dropped for a kick in birdie.. Sunday was different course, the greens were in very poor shape had several dead spots and some Temp greens as they were having to completely rebuild 3-4 due to tough winter ( course had 6" snow last weekend.) All things considered course itself was in great shape. Shot a 94 on bad greens in the wind.. All in all a great weekend and not to bad for 1st 2 real rounds of the year.. Grandson was awful froggy before we tee'd off on sat, his John Daly approach (hit it as far as he could and go find it then hit it again) does not translate to low scores YET... 15 yrs old can hit the crap out of it just a little inconsistent ( ok a lot inconsistent) , 1st yr of really playing, and has some skill, made HS golf team 1st try and was bumped up to Varsity after 3 weeks.. But still has alot to learn.. Proud Grandpa..
  7. So evidently I can no longer play golf.. LOL... Wait is that a breathalyzer or a sippy cup?? if it's a sippy cup then I'm good.. LOL
  8. Congrats, You'll do a great job..
  9. Welcome. I live in Monroe and play Blue boy quite a bit, since its close and fairly cheap. The owner is a great guy, for what it is the course is usually in pretty good shape.. Again Welcome. we should try to meet up and play a round..
  10. It's the 1st tee, c'mon, he'll break out the Jack Daniels on the 2nd.. the Light beer is like him finishing a cup of coffee.. Jeez, I can not believe did not realize that.. hahahahaha
  11. Or just cause you can.. LOL... Love your putter BTW. they are beautiful..
  12. I have Lamkin REL's on all my clubs except putter, they are starting to get slick after 3 years. and I have a Winn X 1.32 putter girp which i love.. I clean them all regularly with westley's bleche wite. have done so for years. Just spray on a towel or rag wipe the grips 3-4 times and let dry. Works like magic.. It makes so-so grips playable..
  13. A newly wed wife on her wedding night tells her husband that she is not a virgin, but has only been with 1 other man, Tiger Woods. the husband responds "i understand he's rich, famous and good looking". after making love the husband grabs the phone and the wife asks "who are you calling?" the husband responds "room service, I'm hungry".. the wife then say's "tiger would have takin me again".. the husband crawls into bed. after another round of love making he grabs the phone. Again the wife asks "who are you calling?" the husband responds "room service, I'm hungry".. the wife then say's "tiger would have takin me another time". the husband crawls into bed. after another round of love making he grabs the phone. Again the wife asks "who are you calling?" the husband responds "Tiger Woods, I want to know what Par is on this hole.."
  14. I dont mind regripping. I dont so as much as i would like to do but I have built a few clubs and reshafted a couple of broken ones.. My putter is 20+ years old and I built it myself from Golfsmith, I cut it down a few years ago.. but have regripped 5-6 complete sets and several singles.. It's all fun for me..
  15. Yes, I noticed that looking out at the side mirror when driving It still is blurry.. and drinking while driving ( no not that kind of drinking) everything gets blurry.. Generally I am used to them, still adjusting on a few things, but I can see way better.. SO far the rifle scope while hunting and shooting, and golfing are the only times where i am having issues.. Thanks, I'm glad that its not just me.. This is one of the reasons I love this sight, no judgment, and everyone is willing to help even non-golf related issues.
  16. Thanks, following the ball in the air is not an issue.. its just when the ball is on the ground or tee. it is just outside of my normal focal plane causing it to be out of focus which is causing a minor depth perception issue.. If I tilt my head down a lot I can then see clearly out of the top of my glasses but my chin is way down which is uncomfortable.. I'm guessing this is something I'll have to adjust to. But I don't want to I want to see normally.. LOL
  17. I got glasses for the first time in Nov. They are progressives, if anyone doesn't know they have areas on both sides of the focal area that do not focus. Well my issues are simple. When I look down the ball is not close enough for the close vision, and just far enough away that my distance focus is not where I normally would look.. Also when i turn my head i'm looking through the our of focus area of the glasses. I either have to tilt my head down or pull my glasses down to get the ball in the correct focal plane.. I noticed I was hitting either fat or thin trying to correct my contact point based on what I see.. Has anyone else ever had these issues, how did you adjust?? do I need to now adjust my head to a unnatural position.. Bonus on driver shots the ball is far enough away and that its clear.. LOL, i did poke one about 310yds Sat when i played.. but really need advice on adjusting to the glasses.. Getting older sucks.. Thanks
  18. "Swing Lube", thats what we call it.. I keep a flask in my bag usually with good quality vodka as most of my local courses Just have beer on the carts.. that way I can buy a juice or gatorade and mix a drink. Father in law always kept a pint of Schnaps.. we always get something at the turn and end of the round. but on the course a quick pull might just be what I need to turn a round around or keep it going.. So I say Enjoy, but be mindful of course and their rules and local laws..
  19. Thanks everyone, I think I'll be playing around with this over the weekend..
  20. I will never be "Good" at golf. Better than when I started yes, better than 3 yrs ago, mostly. Once I came to the realization I will never be "good" at golf it became a lot more enjoyable. Better, yes I want to be better.. No-one wants to be Sh!tty at something they love, but better definitely.. I mostly want to enjoy my time playing, and getting better is more enjoyable than getting worse...
  21. I got to watch some amazing shots into that green. For the Thurs round the flag was perched on a flat spot about 3' wide and about 8' long most balls ended up off the green to players left right below us.. Sergio hit a great 2nd that one hopped and stopped next the pin..
  22. @cnosil, Thanks that will help..
  23. How do you like those grips in general? I have the Lamkin REL's and they are ok, the grips are in great shape still would rather experiment with tape then buy all new and realize they don't work...
  24. So 4 wraps is that closer to mid size then???? or is that just to keep standard size??
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